Top Ten Armies: 07/21/13

With the Legends Cup in full swing and many wars being fought across armies, it’s time for another Top Ten. 

Top Ten Armies


1. Nachos [+0] [96.88] 

2. Ice Warriors [+3] [89.88] 

3. Army Republic [+1] [86.75] 

4. Water Vikings [+1] [79.88] 

5T. Rebel Penguin Federation [-3] [75.88] 

5T. Army of CP [-2] [75.88] 

7. Black Rebels [+1] [68.75] 

8. Doritos [+2] [65.88] 

9. Dark Warriors [-2] [63.88] 

10. Special Weapons and Tactics [+5] [58.75] 


Close to the Top Ten:

11. Shadow Troops [-2]

12. Watex Warriors [+2] 

13. Underground Mafias Army [+0] 

14. Water Ninjas [NEW!] 

15. CP Police Department [-3]  

1. Nachos: The Nachos have held on to their top spot for the second week running, after losing it to the RPF, with consistent sizes of 40+. They claimed to have won every battle against the RPF this week, with the RPF disagreeing on several claims from the Nachos. Claims of victory came on Ice Box and White House, while the RPF also admitted defeat on another battle. They also had an easy victory against the Snow Ninjas, who barely hit 3 on CP, with sizes maxing 40+.  Nachos easily achieved the top position this week, with little or no challenge from the armies bellow them for the spot. Today they have the defense and invasion of Tuxedo, due to the defense taking place at AUS times.

2. Ice Warriors: In a large rise for the IW, they managed to take the second spot with sizes hitting 25-30+. They started the week with a recruiting session, in which they achieved sizes of 20-25. This was followed by another recruiting session and U-lead session, which both hit sizes of 25-30. Their fourth event came when they raided the Shadow Troops, who did the same to the IW only a week ago, as they managed to again hit sizes of 25-30+. All of their events were consistently good, which put them in a much higher position than last week, when they fell out of the top five armies. They face Chaos in round one of the Legends Cup later today.


3. Army Republic: The Army Republic moves up one spot to 3rd this week in our Top 10. In a gruesome war with the Army of Club Penguin, both armies finally met a “cease fire” on the 15th of this month. In a U-Lead on the 19th, the Army Republic maxed an astonishing 30 troops. They managed to max of 35 troops for the week’s high in a Recruiting Session. Also, the Army Republic recently have had 3rd in Command elections, which was won by Sanmiasha. Now, the Army Republic awaits their rival in the Legends Cup, the Black Rebels, to see who shall move on to the next round.

4. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings score fourth place this week. A U-Lead event began WV’s week, where they averaged 20-25, along with a recruiting two days later. On the 20th, the Water Vikings faced off against CPPD in the First Round of the Legends Cup, where they reached sizes of 20-25 once again. The army is scheduled to face off against ACP next week in the Quarter Finals of the LCIV.

5T. Rebel Penguin Federation: The RPF has been taking a slight fall, but still manages to remain in the Top Five. On the 16th, RPF faced off against the Nachos on Ice Box as the war raged on — the result of the battle remaining disputed. That same day, a respected RPF soldier, Chapa23, made a post detailing what was wrong with the new RPF. The next day, Red Gush24 retired from the army, promoting Lord Pain to leader in an extremely controversial decision. Following this, Dj and Snaily5 retired from the army which some harsh words for it. Yesterday, the Nachos re-invaded their capital of Tuxedo from the Nachos, claiming victory with sizes of 25. The army is scheduled to face off against the Shadow Troops in the first round of the Legends Cup IV.

5T. Army of CP: The ACP has given another nice showing as their war with the Army Republic continues. The week began as the army defended Caribou from AR with sizes of 15. That same day, the AUSIA divison broke a record, claiming to get sizes of 35. Over the next few days, a plethora of battles were fought on servers including Avalance, Snow Bank, Ice Shelf, and Yeti. On the 19th, the army held a Recruiting Session on the server of Breeze — following this, the army ended the week with a “Fun Event”, with impressive sizes of 30. The ACP defeated SWAT in the First Round of the Legends Cup, and are bracketed to face off against the Water Vikings next weekend.


7. Black Rebels: Their week began with a victory in the Qualifiers of the Legends Cup against the Pretzels, where they maxed 16. They continued their great form, maxing 25 in an unscheduled event, with pretty good tactics. They held a tactic session, where they had sizes of 20+, with near-perfect tactics. For much of the week they were in preparation for the Legends Cup battle against the AR; although 2 leaders announced that they would not be able to attend. Their week concluded with the firing of Taco, who remade the Fire Warriors, threatening to steal BR troops.


8. Doritos: The Doritos had a very good week, continuing from where they left off last week. Their week began with the 3ic elections, which are still in progress. They started their week off with a battle with Chaos, were they won; achieving sizes of around 25 with amazing tactics. They then had a practice battle with the ST, where they maxed 20 on CP. They are currently holding a recruiting contest, so that they can improve for next week.

DCP likes making egg shaped objects

9. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors had a fantastic week, showing signs that they could return to their sizes of late 2012. Their week began with a training session, where they managed to max 22 on CP, with near-perfect tactics. They held another training session on Frosty, this time maxing 15 on CP, getting perfect tactics very frequently. They had one more unscheduled event, and another training event, getting maxing 23 and 16 respectively. They have a battle against the UMA in the Legends Cup today.

10. Special Weapons and Tactics: SWAT’s week began with Reece’s return, although he was unhappy with the ownership from the previous week. In their first event of the week, they achieved sizes of 15+, with decent tactics. During the middle of the week, Dom retired from the SWAT Ownership, joining the Black Rebels. They held a recruiting session on CP, with sizes of 15+, although their tactics were extremely poor. A couple of days ago, Reece announced that they would not be helping the CPPD or the UMA in their war, following accusation by the UMA. They held another event on Icicle, getting sizes of 15+.



So, what do YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Comment with YOUR opinion!


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70 Responses

  1. First, ha.


  2. Wow.. Usually when I first see this post, there’s like 60 comments.


  3. Nice Top 10.


  4. The Top 2 are half of what I prefer.


  5. This top ten is actually pretty good.


  6. 6th and awesome top ten.


  7. What the hell? ST should be top.5. ST had 3 events where they maxed 25 in this week.


  8. WV has now been in the top 5 for 9 weeks straight ;D


  9. Can we have just ONE post without any arguments in the comments section?!


  10. What happen to Water Ninjas being so low.


  11. Doritos Should be Higher Up


  12. Dark Warriors should NOT be number nine -_-


  13. DW 9th, fantastic week? I think not. DW not being in the top 5 is a bad week for them imo.

    Also, they’re not even 10% close to where they were in December 2012, so I question whoever wrote that description


  14. smexy top ten.


  15. How is DCP above DW? They only had 2 events with 20. Meanwhile DW had 2 events with 20, and 2 other events with 15+




  17. Blue edit this Chaos should be in here since we beat Iw today 😉


  18. Nice top 10!


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  20. Gotta like the Top Ten, no denying that. Good job, Bluesockwa.


  21. A way I think that you could greatly improve the top ten is by adding a slideshow of about three or more pictures for each army. It would be showcase what the army actual did throughout the week through pictures that would match the descriptions. It is much better than just one picture you picked off the very first event post you saw in my opinion.


  22. biased

    u are writing this top ten just to serve ur hidden agenda!!!!!!


  23. biased acp shud be 1st


  24. good job wv

    -jed the chef


  25. I bet you Capncook is thinking this Top Ten sucks because they aren’t higher than AR, or because they aren’t first, biased.


  26. biased dw should be first


  27. Biased BR should be 1st.


  28. biased kfc shuld be ferst


  29. Wait Reece or Reeces?


  30. Go IW and BR and DW woot!


  31. Were are the Romans


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