The Rebel Penguin Federation’s Easiest Win Yet

TUXEDO – The Rebel Penguin Federation get the easy road out as their opponent in this war, the Nachos, did not log on Club Penguin to meet their rival for the battle of Tuxedo.

For the Rebel Penguin Federation, this battle was easy for them. Their opponent, the Nachos, decided not to log on to fight for Tuxedo. The Nachos have decided to re-invade the server of Tuxedo from the Rebel Penguin Federation tomorrow since the Nachos had a tournament battle the same day as the battle on Tuxedo.

On the other hand for the Rebel Penguin Federation, they managed to max about 25 troops on Club Penguin throughout the whole event. When they started in the Town, they formed a circle with about 25 troops. After some time being there, the Rebel Penguin Federation decided to move to the Iceberg, and yet again were able to circle the room they were in. They did fall in their size though, from about 25 to 23 at the Iceberg.

The Rebel Penguin Federation
Circle Around the Iceberg
E+8 Tactic

I interviewed Lord Pain, the Rebel Penguin Federation’s newest added Leader, for more about his first battle again leading the Rebel Penguin Federation and more on this battle on Tuxedo.’

Me = Red || Lord Pain = Black

Why do you think the Nachos did not log on for today’s battle on Tuxedo?

They’re probably preparing for their Legends Cup battle, that would be my guess.

How big of a change has it been leading the Rebel Penguin Federation in the past, and now.

The big change has been, that the veterans are returning, we are for more effective at recruiting, and every member of the RPF is active everyday.

What did you think about the Rebel Penguin Federations’ performance in today’s battle even though the Nachos did not show up?

Excellent, it shows true loyalty when troops log on regardless if the enemy shows or does not.

As the newest Leader in the Rebel Penguin Federation, would you like to end this war with the Nachos?

No, war is a part of the purpose of the Rebel Penguin Federation. We shall continue.

If this war is going to continue, what do you want the sizes to be in the future battles?

35 – 50+.

I also interviewed Beeky, Nachos Leader/Legend, for more about why they did not log on for this battle of Tuxedo with their rivals.

Me = Black || Beeky = Orange

Why did the Nachos decide not to log on to battle with Rebel Penguin Federation on Tuxedo?

It’s pretty pathetic to invade an army on the day of their tournament battle. Needless to say, we are doing the same to them, but hey, they started it.

Why did the Nachos decide to re-invade Tuxedo the same time the Rebel Penguin Federation have a tournament event?

Two can play at that game.

As a Leader of the Nachos, do you personally want to end this war with the Rebel Penguin Federation?

I personally would rather see RPF die painfully, but yes. I would like to eventually end this war.

What do you think about the war? Could Lord Pain put an impact on the Rebel Penguin Federation? Could the Rebel Penguin Federation change their act around and start rising again? Yes, we want YOUR opinion!


20 Responses

  1. Second (actually 3)


  2. no because troops are evacuating that reminds me join LPF


  3. How pathetic is that circle they made. lmao


    • Looks pretty decent to me, for the amount that were there. Need glasses?


      • I think what he means is that, circles are usually made up of about 30-35+ penguins, and obviously RPF just stretched out all their troops to make sure they were able to boast that they “circled the iceberg” even though they only did so with about 23 troops.

        It’s pathetic compared to a circle the Nachos might make, which is pretty much with every gap filled with a penguin.

        I think you understand what he meant anyway since you said it “looks decent for the amount that were there”


        • First world problems. Oh shit, there aren’t enough penguins in the circle, RPF lose!! We win!!! Now time to make a rage post :@:@:@@@


  4. “It’s pretty pathetic to invade an army on the day of their tournament battle. Needless to say, we are doing the same to them, but hey, they started it.”

    Didn’t the Nachos do the same thing to the DW?


    • But I embraced my hypocrisy by saying that we were doing the same thing. Gotta learn to read, Dj.


      • I know how to read, dipshit. It’s irrelevant what you said. You act so high and mighty, yet you guys did the same exact thing before. You guys doing the same thing in retaliation isn’t what I’m calling you out on.


        • Lol, I wasn’t trying to incite any PMS rage from that comment, and I didn’t mean to sound like I was saying that The Nachos are better than any other virtual army that ever existed.Yes, we did the same thing to DW, and I wasn’t denying it, [as you would say], dipshit.


  5. 25, that is only a third of what they were getting.


  6. This wasn’t exactly a clean war to be begin with. Underhanded ploys like this are to be expected from BOTH sides. War is war. At least the Nachos admit they lost Tuxedo, and are retaliating. This war is actually getting interesting, if you ask me.


  7. This is pathetic. and 25 is excellent for RPF? What happen to the 70+ THAT is excellent. Pain needs to learn what excellent is for RPF. Lol Nachos are just waiting for RPF to surrender Tbh.

    Btw, still no actual post about Black Rebels and ONLY Black Rebels.


  8. this really shouldnt even count as a victory, considering that it was scheduled after our legends cup, meh, like beeky says, two can play at that game


  9. Nachos are the only ones making rage posts in this war. Don’t you ever think of the Irony when you are spending your weekend typing/drawing a Post/Picture of just one person?


  10. I love how everybody keeps bringing up the fact that RPF got 70 at ONE battle and makes it seem like that was their average for the entire war.


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