Taco Fired From Black Rebels Leadership; FW Returns

UPDATE: Taco claims he was not fired from the Black Rebels, but quit them. He summed it up in a post on the Black Rebels website, but was quickly deleted by their creator, Shad.

ICE BREAKER, Black Rebels Capital – The Black Rebels fire one of their leaders, Taco, who brings back the Fire Warriors in all of this ruckus.

Note: This is a developing story. More information is to be added when it comes in.

As Taco was removed from his power in the newly rising army, the Black Rebels, he brought back the Fire Warriors to try to get back at the Black Rebels. Their reason for removing Taco from their leadership is this:

  • From Shad: “Because for one, I got tired of him threatening to leave us everyday. Two, he was threatening our troops and allowing Elentria to get everyone’s IP.”
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The Fire Warriors

In a post published by the Black Rebels, they address a message to the Fire Warriors directly. The post says, and I quote:

As Taco was removed from power in BR, he decided to bring the Fire Warriors back. I have became aware that he has been trying to get BR troops to join FW. But it doesn’t stop there, he has been threatening to Ddos people who do not join the Fire Warriors. Let me make this clear, Taco can NOT hack. If Taco threatens to Ddos you if you do not join FW, tell him to piss off. Hope this had been made clear. Taco if you do not stop, BR will be forced to take military action against you, and we all know who would win that war, don’t we, Taco :D .


Checking the Fire Warriors website, all of their content has been deleted by an unknown person.

I interviewed Shad, Black Rebels Leader/Creator for more on why Taco was ejected from the Black Rebels’ leadership.

Me = Black || Shad = Red

Why did the Black Rebels eject Taco from their leadership?

Because for one, I got tired of him threatening to leave us everyday. Secondly, he allowed Elentria and others to come to chat to get everyone’s IP adress, in fact, he motivated them to come and get our IP.

Did all of the Leaders decide on this or was it called throughout the whole army?

Domz, Jerry, and I agreed. Crazy isn’t here this weekend, but with him gone we recruited 2 more people of the likes of Neos and Tal.

Can you see a possible war soon with the Fire Warriors?

Not shore if they or worth it. All they do is threaten to hack their troops if they don’t join. I don’t even view them as an army anymore since all they do is grab people’s IP, which I may add is hooked on the site. So if you click your site, they have your IP. Elentria has already scammed Sprite’s NameColor because he wouldn’t join the FW.

Are the Black Rebels going to get another Leader to substitute for Taco?

Right now we are watching Neos, if he is active and good during the Legends Cup against the AR, and Crazy agrees, Neos will take Taco’s place. If not then Tal will tale his place.

What do you think about Taco being fired from the Black Rebels’ leadership and bringing back the Fire Warriors? Can there be a possible war coming between them? Yes, we want YOUR opinion!


18 Responses

  1. I removed FW’s content when I gained access to Taco’s email/accounts.


  2. Taco is all talk and no walk. We all know it.


  3. “Why did the Black Rebels eject Taco” hue hue hue


  4. fw will die because their leader is an army hopper


  5. Please reply to this comment if you are thinking “who the hell cares?”


  6. Why do you guys make post about people like Taco anyways? Why not make a post about Black Rebels? -.-


  7. ^ All Taco does is make an army then leave it once they get leaders.


  8. Some spelling mistakes in the interview.


  9. I smell a publicity stunt.


  10. Taco forced me to join but I said no


  11. Plus BR is bigger then FW
    FW just came back


  12. Should brought the Ninjas back


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