Ice Warriors Raid The Shadow Troops

ICICLE – The Ice Warriors raided the Shadow Troops, who have recently raided a Practice Battle between the Ice Warriors and the Doritos.

The Ice Warriors have raided the rising Shadow Troops. In a past Practice Battle between the Doritos and the Ice Warriors, the Shadow Troops raided the event, which was sometime last week. The Ice Warriors were able to pull off maxing 31 at one point with a consistent 25 troops in this raid.

The Ice Warriors started in the Town, maxing around 23 troops. They had almost perfect tactics, but constantly have some rouges. After some time in the Town, they moved to the Forts. They dropped some troops, now having around 20. Then in their last room, the Plaza, they still had 20 troops. Throughout the whole event, they did have some rouges, but almost perfect tactics.

Ice Warriors Raiding Shadow Troops: Town
E+5 Tactic

Ice Warriors Raiding Shadow Troops: Snow Forts
E+K Tactic

Ice Warriors Raiding Shadow Troops: Plaza

Albert417, the Ice Warriors current Leader, added a little message directly to the Shadow Troops on their results post:

In regards to ST: Please take this as friendly raid; we meant no harm at all here. However, I think we should have notified you guys of this, so my fault there (then again it’s a surprise attack). Also, if you decide to take action for whatever reason, we’ll be ready for it.

So basically, Albert417 wants no trouble with the Shadow Troops because they raided the Ice Warriors and Doritos Practice Battle before. We never know what the Shadow Troops might do.

I interviewed Bearsboy10, Ice Warriors 2nd in Command for more about the raid of the Shadow Troops.

Me = Black || Bearsboy10 = Blue

Do you think that the Shadow Troops may take this raid seriously and declare war on the Ice Warriors?

No, we were just looking for something to do for our event that wasn’t training or recruiting. Plus, they raided our PB with DCP last week.

May the Ice Warriors change their mind around and declare war on the Shadow Troops?

Probably not, although Alb has been giving hints on intentions of war, but probably not with ST though.

Can this, in the future, effect the friendship with the Shadow Troops?

I wouldn’t really say we have a friendship with them. We are more or less neutral.

What do you think will happen next? Will the Shadow Troops declare war on the Ice Warriors, or may it be the other way around? Yes, we want YOUR opinion!


11 Responses

  1. Sorry this post was a little short. I think there might be another war coming…


    • You think that’s short?! Also how can you do so much posts in one day? 😀


      • I think it is short, and I really don’t know. XD


        • I think I would know if there is war, I sense that deep within Alb’s heart, he wants war, but I can’t say for sure… actually yes I can but I’m afraid he’ll get mad at me or.. the Shadow Troops would get pissed off and attack first, either way it won’t be pretty. You know what’s worse? *sniff* Alb won’t be here for movie night 😦


  2. We do have friendship you idiot


  3. Frankly, I think raids like this benefit both armies. Two armies have two unrelated events at the same time. So, one army decides to raid another. Forces army leaders(and the army itself) to react quickly. It diverts from the redundancy of armies. Train. Battle. Train. Battle. Train. Battle. Surprise battles, shatter the monotony. With the stakes so low, meaning no land is on the line, it should be considered more of surprise PB. I think more armies should do this, in my opinion.


  4. I’m the only one who has a very close friendship towards Albert (There’s also his old bff, funkiki, but I kind of took his place, No I’m not stealing friends) anyways, Bearsboy is right. I’m not sure if Alb wants me to tell, but I can sense intention for war, if there is war, I won’t back down! I’M SHINY LAPRAS! FEAR ME!! 😡


  5. Christohper shaddup you fucking trannycake


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