Editorial: Welcome to 1984, the Age of Totalitarian War

DISCLAIMER: The opinions reflected in this piece are those of the author alone and do not represent the views of CPAC as a whole.

We are all well aware of the powerful effects armies can have on our lives. But, more recently, leaders have asked their troops something new: to change their personal lives to fit their career in an army. In the process, they have forced their opponents to do the same, and the problem has only grown further: into the Age of Totalitarian War.

The days when war in armies and the personal lives of the troops did not mix are long gone. This started slow, with mandatory events and greater bonuses for troops who attended all events. But by 2013, things have swung to a terrible extreme: armies are not something you make room in your personal life for, you are instead expected to mold your personal life around armies, using time that grows increasingly scarce as two-hour events take over entire days and anyone not attending is declared, to effect, persona non grata.

The practice of driving troops to the point of their absolute exhaustion is not new in real war, but it is new in internet war. This began in force during last year’s Black Wars, sometimes out of necessity, however even as that crisis has passed armies hell-bent on destroying each other have continued the practice, to results that are impressive in the short-term, but adverse in the long.

They are not destroying each other. They are destroying themselves.

Totalitarian war, in simple terms, is this: events scheduled with such length, frequency, and that are marketed as such a necessity that troops should adjust their schedules to attend if need be. They are then kept in these fights for hours at a time, day after day, with little room for the army to rest and unwind. The chat is always in battle mode, the army, always online, exhausting the troops. While in theory this may sound good for the army as a whole, it is not. The soldiers are the lifeblood of an army. To exhaust them is to exhaust your forces and leave the army in a deeply weakened state. ACP’s Tuesday Destruction in the dying days of the Black Wars is a prime example of this. Nine events, in the space of one day. The Pirates later copied this same format, and more recently RPF has been heavily criticized for exhausting the army with near constant recruiting, battle with rival Nachos, and events for Operation Restoration. And such events do not only affect the army that schedules them; the army being attacked is then also forced to combat them with similarly brutal constant fighting. And truly what I am most astounded by is the complete lack of respect for the average troop that this signifies. The leaders hear them asking for rest or at least fewer events, yet the march forward unhindered. There was a time when the soldiers of the army were treated as it’s most valuable part. Now they are treated as mindless drones, whose personal lives do not matter and should be adjusted accordingly for the army.

They are treated as expendable. And they are far, far from it.

Armies cannot forever survive on a cycle of retired veterans returning to take the reins. We must eventually pass the torch fully to a new generation. And my friends, that time is coming soon. It has now been long enough that the creators have gone off to college. The new generation will be called upon to bring life back to armies. But if they are not respected by the veterans who have come before, there will be no new generation. The troops will leave, and we, in time, will fade as well. The collapse of ACP, the Pirates, and SWAT following the Black Wars is no coincidence. They, as major players in the war, destroyed each other, partly, but also themselves from the inside. Troops became so fed up that they simply stopped attending events. Sizes plummeted. So far, only ACP has fully recovered, though as their war with the AR rages on they are growing close to this state once more. And yet, many soldiers, too, are at fault, mindlessly accepting this as a part of CP Armies, and following the ridiculous hours imposed by those above them. To them, I say, it is not. This is not how armies are meant to be; this is an extra experience with great risk and great benefit for you, but it is not something that is meant to take over your life. If your leaders feel otherwise, then they are not fit to lead. So I implore you, first, the leaders of armies, to bring an end to the Age of Totalitarian War. Give your troops the rest and respect they deserve, and I assure you that your armies will work better in the long run. And to the soldiers, I say this: do not follow orders mindlessly. If you believe something is wrong, say so. Do something, speak out. The next generation of leaders will not be born of mindless drones, but of the great thinkers with the courage to speak their minds and do the unthinkable.

An army is nothing without it’s soldiers. Let’s not drive them away before they’ve got the chance to show what they’re made of. Mindless drones can do nothing without orders, but soldiers who have been given the ability to attend events but also to rest and bond with fellow troops will be more than the hatemongrers that have been recruited knowing nothing but to fight constantly and hate always. Those others, they are the flame of our future. And we must be careful to cultivate them, or we will leave nothing but a legacy of ashes.


An army without soldiers is just one man, talking to himself.


♣||»Sιя Bℓυєsσ¢кωa тнє 2η∂«||♣

CPA Central CEO

49 Responses

  1. RPF should heed this post’s warnings and end this war with Nachos before they end up like ACP and SWAT. If that time comes, don’t say you weren’t warned RPF


  2. A stunningly brilliant post of an issue that has not been acknowledged, and once more, I apologize for advocating these types of grand strategies during the Black Alliance Wars, or Black Wars (that really sounds racist), or World war 6.
    Lately CPAC has been reminding the community of the issues that World War 6 had given us. Once more I am sorry.


  3. alb’s a nice leader… he understands that i have a life…. even though.. he ain’t lenient..


  4. This is a great post, but the Black Alliance wars seriously need to stop being referred to. In the BA days, it was actually fun. You had to plan with your alliance in order to be victorious, you had to actually use strategy. The main leaders of the BA have all retired months ago, and they won’t be back from my POV, this whole saga needs to stop being pinned on them. BA days were 6 months ago, 6 months ago in armies is like 6 years ago.

    Now what I see is, two flip-flopping messes of armies in a flame war. RPF aren’t helping by forcing their troops to non-stop recruit, but there is no need for the Nachos to be sending hate and flame posts. That’s just adding fire to the flame, and being cyber bullies whist at it.

    No matter how much you hate the BA wars, at least they admitted defeat unlike the leaders now.


    • Admitted Defeat? Officially they never said “We lost” in the grand scheme. Unofficially, yes they did lose but not by their standards.


  5. So pretty much your asking for the wars to stop for the legends cup.


    • Where in god’s name did you get that from in this post…?


      • idk, It seemed you were saying to stop the wars because of armies having 2 hour battles, and events all of the time. I just added legends cup at the end because i felt like it.


  6. In all seriousness, your right. Many armies now have a more strict policy with missing events.


  7. I’ve seen this for a long time, leaders using there troops for there own selfish intensions, the troops are all but pawns in this game of greed and hatred.. It disgusts me greatly. I see all troops as equals and in my own army I made rules and laws to ensure there equality and happiness, so no one may dare take it away. I honestly don’t see why people think they can do this to there troops, were all just people. I could be a nachos lowest member, and you could be a Nachos leader, yet I could still out rank you acdemically, possibly even kick your ass, yet I’d be treated 2nd class. Hell I’d go as far as were more like slaves than soldiers. Out of all of this bullshit, there’s one thing that pisses me off more than life itself.. Changing Peoples Social Lives To Fit There Army Career. WTF. Who the fuck do they think are? There all lucky there safe from me, because I swear to god if I was locked in a room with these people.. Well let’s just say I take medication for a reason. (I don’t want to here shit from anyone about that, you play club penguin, 99% sure you don’t have a 6 pack). We need a Revolution.


  8. I try and keep my troops on as long as the enemy, but I never yell or demote people for having to leave or missing a few events.


  9. As pro-RPF as I am, and as much as I think a great deal of the Nachos are cocky dbags, I will admit that the RPF is the most guilty of this, and I agree with you on that this is killing them.

    Last week, the RPF was seventy strong. Then they fell to fifty, then forty. Now they’re lucky if they get thirty. Why? Because of round the clock events that are mandatory.

    Funnily enough, I warned them that it would happen when I was a leader/2ic. They told me I was wrong. Well, I’m not.

    It’s worse than you think, Blue. It’s literally so bad that not only the personal lives of the soldiers are effected, their HEALTH is literally at risk, according to what my friends still in the RPF told me.

    I think we need to just go back to fighting for fun. Enough with the damn flame wars and non-stop attacks. It’s ridiculous.


  10. am i the only one who just skipped to the comments?


  11. Wonderful post, this Totalarian War method is obviously responsible for the death of some notable armies. I remember being in armies before where you had recruiting 2-3 times a day and invasions every other day. I was fed up!
    PS. Get this to exactly 69 likes 😉


  12. Thanks for someone finally coming out in support of less time on Club Penguin after years of repetitive drivel from 2007 vets about how we should be based there and be loving it.


  13. I don’t think I’ve ever scheduled a “mandatory event” or let alone scheduled more than 2 events in a 24-hour period. It’s all for fun, so let’s keep it that way.


  14. “Tuesday Destruction” was done in response to LT who did something similar in the earlier part of the war. We thought we could do the same, and as you could see we took something like 7 or 8 servers that day and won the war. This end to the war meant that the soldiers in future days could have more free time as we did not have so many events over the week. Options were also given the troops and we didn’t expect them to come to every event. It wasn’t a bad thing imo.


  15. I don’t even bother checking “events of the week” now, i can either make it or I can’t. Simple as that. I’m not gonna let cp armies mess with my real life.


  16. @Funks that was a retarded idea. Too many events means soldiers getting tired and bored and they will leave eventually.

    Anyway this post whether B2 intended for it or not was for the RPF.


  17. I haven’t really kept up with armies lately, but this was already starting to become a thing before I retired in 2011. There’s isn’t such thing as a “mandatory event” in my eyes


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