Nachos & RPF: The Server of Ice Box

ICE BOX – The Nachos and the Rebel Penguin Federation battle it out yet again, but this time over the server of Ice Box.

The Nachos and the Rebel Penguin Federation both logged on today, but on the server of Ice Box. In the pre-battle the Nachos chose the log on into the Forts, while the Rebel Penguin Federation logged on in the Town. The Nachos circled the Forts, maxing around 40 troops at the time. On the other hand for the Rebel Penguin Federation who made a “X” in the Town, they were maxing around 30. Both armies had almost perfect tactics.

RPF in Town
E+9 Tactic

When the battle officially started, both armies stayed in their pre-battle stations, but the Rebel Penguin Federation decided to change their line into a circle of the Town. The Nachos gained 10 troops in size, and now maxed 50+. Once with this size, the Nachos decided to scatter around the Forts. After being in the Town for some time, the Rebel Penguin Federation decided to move to the Stadium, circling it with 25 troops.

Half way through the battle, the Nachos decided to move their location to the Iceberg. The Nachos E+9 bombed the Iceberg while their rival moved to the Forts. Again, the Nachos managed to circle the room with 50+ troops. After some time, the Rebel Penguin Federation decided to Joke Bomb the Plaza. The Nachos also decided to move, but instead of the Plaza went to charge the Forest. Then, the Rebel Penguin Federation quickly moved to the Stadium. Being in the Stadium for only 2 minutes, the Rebel Penguin Federation moved to the Plaza yet again.

After some time arguing with each other, the Nachos and the Rebel Penguin Federation both moved to the Stadium to battle it out. The Nachos circled the Stadium with only 6 locked out troops, and the Rebel Penguin Federation decided to make a diagonal line with only 20 troops. But surely, the Rebel Penguin Federation moved to the Iceberg while they left the Nachos in the Stadium. Then the Rebel Penguin Federation moved from the Iceberg, doing no tactics, to the Forts. After that, the Rebel Penguin Federation quickly logged off. Both armies claim victory over Ice Box.

Nachos Circling Forest
E+6 Tactic

I interviewed Puckley, Nachos Leader/Legend for more about the battle of Ice Box.

Me = Black || Puckley = Orange

There has been some controversy on the Rebel Penguin Federation chat where they said the Nachos did not go to a certain room at a certain time. Why is this, and is this true?

It started once I told Snaily we were moving to the Iceberg and that RPF should move quickly to get in which I think a few tried, but RPF immediately backed out. About then, I crashed and had to restart to get back on, and apparently at that time while I wasn’t even on, RPF told me about something of that sort. I never received or was aware of anything that was requested. They claim that I agreed to this which is impossible since never even online and never even saw the message. So this is absolutely false, and it is the reason and excuse for RPF trying to “claim” victory.

Can you see an end to the Nachos and Rebel Penguin Federation war soon?

Who knows. Maybe they will get struck with some common sense and surrender soon.

Why do you think the Rebel Penguin Federations’ sizes have dropped in the past week or so?

Many reasons, but to name a few, they are getting destroyed by the Nachos, their troops want to surrender and not fight us anymore, their leadership is incompetent, Club Penguin patched the bot program that they use, and their troops have been discovering that RPF is not that fun.

What do you think about the battle of Ice Box? Do you think the war might end some time soon? Yes, we want YOUR opinion!


33 Responses

  1. FURRST! Yeah we won ;D


  2. IM HONESTLY SAYIN THE COMPUTER DID CRASH FOR PUCKLEY BECAUSE AFTER IT DID (which i didnt notice until he said) HIS COMPUTER HAD CRASHED SO HES NOT LYIN!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. lol i bet the one vote for RPF on poll is from Elmilkey




  5. I doubt that the RPF will surrender. Despite the fact that RPF soldiers and leaders want the war to end, Elmikey doesn’t. He wants to win. I agree with Puckley that many RPF soldiers aren’t attending battles because they don’t want to fight the Nachos. Anyways, I’m a bit biased since I’m a Nacho, but I think that the Nachos won. We had fifty soldiers online compared to their twenty. It’s a clear Nacho win.


  6. Bot programme? lol, no. Puckley, we already cleared that up with you, so stop accusing us of stuff which we’d sorted out with you.


  7. Nachos win once again, pathetic how RPF says we didn’t want to “engage” them yet every room we charged them in which they entered they would retreat to another room. RPF never charged us once, and they were defending, haha that’s not how it works RPF.


  8. If RPF is gonna claim victory, it only shows how hypocritical they are of their own rules.


  9. Lol, RPF wouldn’t surrender even if they had 1 troop there. It’s alright, as long as their troops realize their own army is a failure, that’s ok with me.


    • The problem is Ads, I doubt that some of RPF couldn’t count to 1 and would mistake it for a number like 100. Maybe that’s why they always claim victory? Either that, or Elmikey is paying them Xats to continuosly say they win and down rate any Nacho comment on CPAC.


  10. This war is a waste of time. As much as I like and respect Commando, the RPF is dying because of all his wars and operations, which is overloading the members of the RPF. Some people’s health are actually going down hill because of it.


  11. Two mad people who can’t tell the difference between 50+ troops and 20 disliked this, 18 sensible people who can count liked this. Did RPF find their troops from Riffy? Seems so.


  12. Hang on, be right back. Ima go and put RPF 15th on the SMAC Top Ten.


  13. The Nachos circled the Forest in that picture not the Forts.


  14. I love the way every comment supporting the Nachos has a lot of likes, apart from a few RPF troops, told to dislike every Nacho comment xD


  15. No one won. DW owns Ice Box fully from the war with LT in 2012 (LT Capitol).


  16. hi elmikey pls reply 2 me


  17. nachos ftw


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