Ceasefire Between Army Republic and Army Of CP Reached

TOBOGGAN and BREEZE – A temporary ceasefire between the Army of CP and the Army Republic has been reached.

After more than a week of hard battles between the Army Republic and the Army of CP, a temporary ceasefire agreement has been announced by Burito, the AR Leader. This was agreed upon by both ACP and AR, with the CPAC Legends Cup tournament being the main cause of the ceasefire, as both armies will be looking to progress far in this tournament. Here is an excerpt from the post on AR’s website:

Hello AR. So if you haven’t heard, there is a temporary cease fire between AR and ACP. Since both armies are competing in the biggest tournament of the year, the Legends Cup, we have agreed to take a temporary break from the war so we can both make the tournament our number one focus. We still have the servers we invaded, and we still dislike ACP. The war is not over. It is basically on pause. When both armies are out of the Legends Cup, battles will presume as normal unless further agreement is reached.

Shortly after this was announced, I interviewed Flipmoo, ACP 2ic and Superaalden, AR Temporary AUSIA Leader.


Me: Blue

Flipmoo: Green

So, will this ceasefire between ACP and AR be helpful?

Yes. It will help the troops relax for a little while.

Do you believe that the war will continue after this temporary ceasefire, or will it end?

I believe that the war will continue, judging from AR’s ceasefire post. As part of the ACP leadership, I will mobilize for the war so that we are well prepared and ready to battle.

Will the ACP be able to focus entirely on the Legends Cup during this period, or will the war be still hanging over your heads?

For now I hope that the ACP will focus on the Legends Cup, but we must also be ready if the AR attack afterwards.


Me: Blue

Superaalden: Purple

How do you personally feel about this ceasefire?

I think it’s quite good, since it will give all troops a break from the war.

After the Legends Cup, do you believe the war will carry on?

Yes, war will possibly go on as stated by the leaders in their post, the war will resume after the Legends Cup.

What will AR do during this ceasefire?

Focussing on the Legends Cup.

Flipmoo is certain that the war will carry on after the Legends Cup concludes, and the mood within AR seems the same. Both armies will be prioritizing the Legends Cup over the war at this time.

Will the war continue after the Legends Cup?

Comment below with YOUR opinion!


A note to AR: If you have a problem and accuse me of being “bias” for not interviewing anybody within the AR leadership, then think twice before banning me for being “a spy”, when my objective is to get an interview. If I am not unbanned on your chat, then it is not my problem if there is no interview with AR.


28 Responses

  1. Well, It’s nice to see that some armies have some respect…


  2. First


  3. This was one of your not so good posts, the format was a bit off, the depth was lacking and overall it lacked quality compared to your other posts.


    • I can completely see why you said this, as I knew it lacked content. Part of this being there was simply a short post on the AR site that I used as a source, with no other real information, with no plans for a meeting being announced prior to this or anything of such. Also there was nothing about this on the ACP site either, and no owner of either army could provide details to how this was discussed.


      • You could maybe talk about some key events of the war, who the armies are facing and how they think they can do against this army (basically reviewing AR and ACP’s legend cups battles) and also talk about the war in the future ect


  4. ACP is once again acting like they are winning. I’ll admit we lost and had ties, but AR has gotten more wins than ACP currently. ACP may call me biased for this comment, but it’s true, and ACP is going to be biased and reply to my comment trying to tell biased facts like they always do. 😉


  5. Also to add to the comments of ACP winning a lot ACP only Won Aus events


    • Also Ar won all Us battles sooooo i say Ar has an advantage also RPF had been sighted on ACP events in which Ar still won another thing ACP will comment anyways so to the ACP noobs that still think ACP won all face the facts ACP lost a lot get used to it also we have Breeze soooo ha ha


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