Legends Cup IV – Qualifiers In Review

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KLONDIKE, CPAC Newsroom – As the Legends Cup kicked-off with the Qualifiers, 16 armies fighting to have the right to face the best 8 armies currently around. Some battles were not exciting, but one or two were close and needed some good judging to get the right result. Judging was based on an overall opinion on: size, tactics and consistency and all the rules that were applied to previous tournaments were applied to this one.



No pictures were taken of this event, as the Snow Ninjas (who changed their names from the Elemental Ninjas) were scheduled to face the Pirates. Neither army had posted the times to this battle and the Pirates surrendered before it even began, despite having a bigger chat size, as they decided to play AtWar instead of attending the Legends Cup IV. The Snow Ninjas had around 2 on CP through the pre-battle, with another logging on before the Pirates surrendered.

The Snow Ninjas will now go on to face the Nachos in Round One of the Legends Cup IV. 



At last we got our first competitive battle of the tournament. However, this was not at all the most competitive battle we have ever seen, with the Night Divers quickly shrinking from 3 to 1 in size. The Light Troops consistently had about 5 on CP and had the size advantage. Both armies had poor tactics and soon the only Night Diver penguin was banned and he failed to relogin any sort of penguin within the required five minute time resulting in a win for the Light Troops.

The Light Troops will now go on to face the Doritos in Round One of the Legends Cup IV.


S.W.A.T  n/a – n/a GOLDEN TROOPS

As the Golden Troops are only set to open next month, the SWAT had an easy passage into the next round of the competition. The SWAT had about 10 on chat, while the Golden Troops had no one due to the fact they have not opened yet. The hopes of a classic in the Qualifiers did not happen as the GT did not decide to open early for the Legends Cup.

SWAT will now go on to face the Army of CP in Round One of the Legends Cup IV.



In the best battle of the day, the WW and CPPD faced each-other in a full 20 minute battle at the Stadium. The WW had the advantage at the start, hitting sizes of around 10, but the Police Department grew in size and maxed at sizes of around 14-15. The tactics were evenly matched and the judges agreed in a 2-0 vote that the Police Department were the victors of the battle. Mkll said that he “owe[s] this to all of our troops” who came and he was very happy with the result.

The Police Department will now go on to face the Water Vikings in Round One of the Legends Cup IV.




As the Pretzles have now shut down (and as it seems permanently unless Brave gives consent), the Black Rebels had an easy passage to the next round of the tournament. The BR had decent sizes, on the same day that they reached the CPAC top ten, with sizes maxing at around 15. They had poor tactics and logged off quickly after it was announced they were default winners of the battle as the Pretzels had died.

The Black Rebels will go on to face the Army Republic in Round One of the Legends Cup IV. 




In the battle of the Qualifiers, recently 10th placed Water Ninjas went on to face the Shadow Troops who were ranked 9th hours before their battle. The Shadow Troops hit sizes of 20-25 and this was too much for the WN to challenge as they had 10-15 and failed to make strong lines and perform good tactics. The ST were organised, formed good lines and generally did their tactics will and in the end beat the WN comfortably. The ST hit the biggest sizes of the round and Ziro said that they “did pretty good”.

The Shadow Troops will go on to face the R.P.F in round one of the Legends Cup IV.



Chaos were expected to win this easily and this happened as the GD only managed to have one troop, while Chaos had around 10. With Chaos being ranked highly in the seedings, these were not amazing sizes, but they did enough to beat the GD who were very disappointed with their sizes and a post was made the same day as their loss calling for the GD to come back to their former glory and to get out of their inactive spell. Either way, the Chaos had an easy win in this shortened battle.

Chaos will now go on to face the Ice Warriors in Round One of the Legends Cup IV

Perfect E+P Tactic


U.M.A 15 – 0 DEATH END

As the Qualifiers drew to an end, the UMA and Death End faced out to determine who would take the last spot. Nobody had heard much about the DE and, along with being placed as the 2nd lowest seeds, they were not expected to beat UMA who have been showing signs of improvement in the past few weeks with the new leadership. At this event, the UMA had a choice of when they could logoff as the DE did not show up and UMA hit sizes of about 15. This was an easy win for the Underground Mafia Army.

U.M.A will now go on to face the Dark Warriors in Round One of the Legends Cup IV.


With the Shadow Troops hitting the biggest sizes and the battle between CPPD and WW being the closest of the round, can any of these armies win in Round One or will the top 8 seeds pass into the Quarter Finals? What do YOU think? Comment YOUR opinion on the Qualifiers Results and if any of these armies can get into the Quarter Finals.

-Kingfunks4 Retired CPAC Head

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  1. Decent post


  2. Lol.
    Mkll barely did any tactics I mostly lead CPPD.


  3. Water Ninjas did decent xD


  4. Am I the only one who was just gazing at the pictures? xP


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