Army of CP Victorious on Yeti and Koscuizko

YETI and KOSCUIZKO – The Army Republic admit defeat to the Army of CP’s AUSIA forces on Yeti and Koscuizko.

The Army Republic invade the Army of CP’s server Yeti, while the ACP respond by invading AR’s server Koscuizko. These invasions and defences were by the AUSIA Divisions of both armies. The ACP had already proven to be dominant in the AUSIA battles, winning every single one so far in this war. They continued this with victories on both Yeti and Koscuizko.



The Army Republic invaded Yeti, hoping to capture it and win their first AUSIA battle of the war. The ACP had so far taken their AUSIA battles very seriously, creating a specific site for the division and assigning special ranks for the division. The ACP logged in about 10 minutes prior to the start of the battle, whilst the AR logged in a couple of minutes before it began. The ACP averaged around 10 and maxed 15, while the AR averaged around 7 and maxed 10. The AR’s tactics were few and far between, but the ACP remained consistent with their tactics.




The ACP invaded AR’s server Koscuizko with their AUSIA force, as they believed they could get an easy victory using their much stronger division. The AR did not put up as much of a fight as they did on Yeti, so the battle was over and done with within the first 10 minutes. The ACP had larger sizes throughout the duration of the battle, and improved on their execution of their tactics. The AR had smaller sizes than they had on Yeti, and quickly dropped down to sizes of 5. The ACP maxed 17, the AR maxed 6.



Later on, I managed to grab an interview with Cassius Brutus, ACP 2ic.


Me: Blue

Cas: Green

So, what do you think the ACP AUSIA division has improved on in the past few days?

Our sizes, our tactics and our general winning streak.

Do you believe that ACP is only winning battles due to the AUSIA invasions?

No. ACP has a very strong US Division. We have demonstrated this by winning the majority of our battles with AR.

Do you believe the ACP UK division is letting you down?

Definitely not. We’ve increased our volume of UK recruits the most this month, which we aim to do throughout all our divisions.

Do you believe you have proven to AR that ACP is not a walkover?

Absolutely. AR came into this war expecting to run us to the ground. They have been sorely disappointed, the war is turning out very much in our favour.

We will have to see how this war will develop, with battles on Tea and Outback to come tomorrow. Cassius definitely seems confident that the ACP can win this war and return to their former sizes and their “World Power” status.

What will be the turning point in this war? How is it going to develop?

Comment below with YOUR opinion!


18 Responses

  1. AR cringing nao


  2. How about you post on Ice Shelf? Is there a reason you NEVER post about events AR was obviously victorious on?…


  3. I had a severe stroke when you started your sentence with and.


    • I just read through the whole post and I did not find a sentence starting with “and”. Maybe I just didn’t see it.


  4. too long didnt read


  5. AR is a good army (ARMY REPUBLIC) but there just not loyal enough! If there soliders come out and be loyal and active, they are going to be #1 they just need more troops and they will be fine im really proud of there progress GOOD JOB AR (ARMY REBUBLIC) -james5269


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