Top Ten Armies: 07/14/13

Multiple wars rage across armies, most notably fought between the Nachos/RPF and the ACP/AR. Some previously large armies take a fall, and others fight for the top as another Sunday rolls around. 

Top Ten Armies


1. Nachos [+1] [97.00] 

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [-1] [93.88] 

3. Army of CP [+1] [87.88] 

4. Army Republic [-1] [86.75] 

5T. Ice Warriors [+1] [73.88] 

5T. Water Vikings [-1] [73.88] 

7. Dark Warriors [+0] [65.16] 

8. Black Rebels [NEW!] [59.88]

9. Shadow Troops [+0] [56.75] 

10. Doritos [-2] [50.88] 


Close to the Top Ten: 

11. CP Police Department [+3] 

12. Chaos Army [-1] 

13. Underground Mafias Army [-4] 

14. Watex Warriors [-1] 

15. Special Weapons and Tactics [-3] 

1. Nachos: The Nachos jump to first this week, above their rivals the RPF. After only a week out, the Nachos have regained their spot at first with a spectacular performance this week. It began as the war with the Rebel Penguin Federation raged on, and the army claim victory during the battles of both White House and Arctic. Following this, they fought RPF on Alaska, with sizes of 45 — also claiming that Nacho Leaders Edd and Puckley  were being constantly DDOSed. On Thursday, the army faced off against RPF once again on Alpine, this time also with sizes of 45. As the tables continue to turn in the war, the Battle of Arctic brought the army sizes of 40. Followingthis, the army claimed RPF’s Capital of Tuxedo with sizes of 35.


2. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF has had another nice week, however they’ve taken a huge fall from their spectacular numbers last week. Still, they manage to take second. The week began as they invaded the Nacho server of White House with sizes of 20-25. Soon after, the army began Operation Restoration, the point of which is to bring CP army rouge battling back to prevalence. A meeting with RPF, DCP, Nachos and  UMA resulted in an unclear ceasefire agreement. On the 10th, RPF claimed victory during the Battle for Alaska with sizes of 20-25 — along with claiming victory during the Battle for Arctic two days later. As the week came to an end, Elmikey, commonly referred to as the catalyst in RPF, returned.


3. Army of CP: The ACP’s week has been painted with the ongoing conflict with the Army Republic — they rank third, only one place above their enemy in the war. ACP’s week began as Maxy777, a longtime ACP mod, retired the army. On the 8th, the ACP defended Breeze during an unscheduled AR raid and tensions began to rise. On Ice Berg, the respective Ausia divisions of the two armies faced off for an ACP win. That same day, the ACP Main Division fought AR on Berg, where they claimed victory. ACP claimed victory during the battles of Snow Globe and Crunch following this. On the 10th, the army held two events — the Defense of Breeze and the Invasion of Toboggan, with sizes of 30 at the first and 20 at the second. On the 11th, ACP ‘steamrolled over AR’ at the server of Beanie. Soon after, the AR (who, according to ACP, was helped by the Nachos) were victorious during the Battle of Fiesta. Before the week ended, battles were fought over Outback, Bubblegum, Yeti, Caribou, and finally Slushy, where ACP’s Ausia division claims sizes of 35. Most results in these battles remain disputed. As ACP ends the week, Casiusbrutus was promoted to 2ic.

4. Army Republic: The AR had a pretty decent week, as the war with the ACP continued. The week started off with a post made by Burrito talking about how ACP had backstabbed them only a few months ago, when they were in need of help. The AR managed to achieve sizes of 35+ at their UK and US invasions and defences against the ACP, but only managed to get around 8 at their AUSIA battles with the ACP. They achieved sizes of 25-20 at recruiting and training sessions, which they improved on in the victories against ACP during the week. The week ended with their controversial “Victory on Bubblegum”, where they were accused by the ACP of being “dishonourable”.


5T. Ice Warriors: The IW had a decent week, where they improved as the week went on. They had a slow start to the week with no events until Wednesday, where they had a training session in which they had sizes from 20-25. In only their second event of the week, the IW managed a tie in a very close practice battle against the Water Vikings; in which they had and average of 15, maxing 20 at one point. In their third (and final) event of the week, they managed a victory against the Doritos in a PB, but they only managed to max 20.


5T. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings take a small fall this week, dropping from 4T to 5th. The Water Vikings had 4 events this week, and their highlighted event was a training session on their beloved server of Parka. The Water Vikings have also had an event where they only managed to get 17 on Club Penguin. Earlier this week, 78562cool retired from the Water Vikings.

7. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors remain at 7th this week, despite an absence of leaders coming to events. The Dark Warriors were able to pull off 3 events this week, which at one event they maxed 9 troops on Club Penguin, but managed to get 20+ at an unscheduled later in the week. Because of this, Dark Warriors Leader Puf decided to step up and post an ‘Active Count’ to see who is still active in the army. Also, former Leader/Legend of the Dark Warriors, Crazy has retired earlier this week on July 8th.

8. Black Rebels: The Black Rebels are back in action this week with many events, maxing 22 at one unscheduled event, and a war including themselves and the Chaos army. The Black Rebels had 3 events with the Chaos but restarted the war, giving back all servers taken. There has been a treaty made at one point, ending the war with the Chaos and giving back all other servers taken. At the moment, the Black Rebels are working on getting new graphics and allies, but currently have one ally, the Rebel Penguin Federation.

9. Shadow Troops: The Shadow Troops had a pretty decent week, having 5 events and 25 maxing at the high. One of those events was a raid of the Ice Warriors and Doritos Practice Battle, which they did manage to get 25 troops at one point. This caused some controversy between the 3 armies, not knowing if there could be an upcoming war or not.

10. Doritos: The Doritos had another decent week , with some events including a Practice Battle with the Ice Warriors, which was raided by the growing army, the Shadow Troops. The Doritos only maxed 17 at this event, but no leaders were present. The only other event was a training event, which the Doritos were able to pull off 16 troops on Club Penguin. The army have recently went through “Owner Evaluations” this week and is currently getting ready for a Practice Battle with the newly rising army, the Black Rebels.


So, what did YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Comment with YOUR opinion!


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56 Responses

  1. WV has been in the top 5 for 8 weeks straight now 😀


  2. 2 months of the top 5


  3. PAR-TAY ACP are 4th and BR is 8th!

    I wrote AR and IW descriptions btw.




  5. An Official Statement from the Army of Club Penguin:


  6. GO CPPD


  7. I wrote 6-10 descriptions. Also, go CP Police Department!


  8. What’s the thing below SMAC? This is bias, ACP should be first on it.


  9. Lol ACP steam rolled you couldn’t have been more wrong


  10. ACP IS IN 3rd AR is in 4th yay ACP


  11. ” As the week came to an end, Elmikey, commonly referred to as the catalyst in RPF, returned.” When did he leave….?


  12. RPF had 99.0 last week, Nachos had 97.0 this week, let’s see an army get to 100 points this summer pls.


  13. Mwahahaha, 1st noaww, woo hoo! :mrgreen:
    Also, well done WV, keep stayin’ in the Top 10 😀


  14. I woulda switched ST & Black Rebels tbh.




  16. God, CPAC, I hate to be a rant, but you need to work on judging real troops, and people just going into a room chanting “TURN GREEN TO SAVE DA EARTH OR ROCKHOPPER HATES U!!!!1!!”


  17. wait. watex warriors are 14th but heat warriors beat them by one in SMAC top ten? huh?


  18. Crazy isn’t a DW Legend. Please add in that me and Bears have retired. Crazy isn’t the only one……….


  19. Black Rebels site?


  20. This Top 10 actually makes perfect sense.


  21. Join the Fire Republic. We will be here next week!


  22. What another nice top 10! Join the #1 army At or join The RPF (REBEL PENGUIN better army! FEDERATION) at Then there’s the ACP There on a HUGE rise I highly recommend You joining them They need you! I will Do another Top 3 Army sites When another 3 armies make it!


  23. Oh sorry I forgot the acp site… its!


  24. You know what army had the right idea? Purple Republic.


  25. I got banned on ST chat after 5 minutes from being on it. They said I was advertising, and then I got in a heated conversation with ST’s leader, talking about how “Dead Armies Should Remain Dead” I guess ST cannot handle a good debate, Also, someone should make a post about how an army that dies, should not be ressurected.


  26. Wow,the second army is maxing 25.


  27. LS maxed 18+


  28. 18+ This Week


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