Army of Club Penguin Battle Army Republic With Australian and Asian Forces

CARIBOU, SLUSHY, CRUNCH – The intense war continues between the two fierce rivals with the Australian/Asian forces of the two armies battling it out in three epic duels, with the Army of Club Penguin breaking size records of their AUSIA divisions. 

The Army Republic fought ACP in three battles earlier today which mainly involved the Australian/Asian divisions of the two armies.  The first of the three battles took place on the server Caribou, with AR invading and ACP defending.  Both armies had very close sizes during the battle, however ACP claimed that they had a slight advantage. 

Both ACP and AR claimed victory on Caribou.  ACP posted the following on their website claiming reasons why they believe they won the battle:

 Before I go on, I did discuss the outcomes of the battle with 122344a and Sheep. ACP did have an advantage on size & tactics, but AR tried to call it a tie. It was a very peaceful negotiation until an unintelligent AR troop decided to come on, claim the AR were larger (LOL), and ragequitted. I did my best to judge from a neutral perspective, but Whats Up11 decided to go biased and claimed the AR won despite them lacking on sizes and loosing to the ACP regardingtherefore I recommend people to read on. tactics. ACP maxed 13, whilst AR maxed 11 or 12. The ACP averaged 11–AR averaged 10. This post justifies the AR’s false claims, therefore I recommend people to read on.

AR did not post any reasons why they think they won, however, but they simply titled their post “Victory on Caribou! (AUS)”.

The battles continued with ACP invading Slushy and AR invading Crunch.  AR admitted defeat in these two battles with ACP coming out on top for both.  ACP claimed to have reached sizes of 35, the highest sizes their AUSIA division has ever reached.


In the end, ACP won two of the three battles, with the other left as disputed.  Only time will tell where this war is headed.

Comment with YOUR opinion on the battles.  Who won the battle of Caribou?  How long will this war go on for?  Who will be the winner in the end?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Editor in Chief

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  7. The battle of Caribou was close, but ACP at the edge. For Slushy, I’ll admit that there were quite a few rogues there, and since the times was AUS/UK we also had UK troops to help.


  8. i say that this was a close call for acp but still acp were good at tatics which helped them.


  9. Flipmoo tries to act official in a CP army, that’s pretty dumb if you do that in CP armies, and I you call me biased Flipmoo? ACP is the most ridiculous and biased army out there, I can ask so many people, and they would say that ACP is more biased than AR. 😉


    • I agree with the official part but biasness in an army? Yes I’m pretty sure every army puts themself higher than other armies on their website.


      • What I mean by ACP is biased is that everyone in it is biased. Alot of people want ACP dead because they can never admit defeat, instead they claim victory. You know I am right here.


        • I wonder who was the one who stormed in a negotiation meeting, refused to agree with anything, and ragequitted? 🙄

          It is common practice to writer a post with formal language, or to use formal language when asking for a surrender. Your point is invalid.


  10. “ACP maxed 13, whilst AR maxed 11 or 12. The ACP averaged 11–AR averaged 10. This post justifies the AR’s false claims, therefore I recommend people to read on.”

    What? The big differences are one troop, how does that clear up everything? What about, Tactics?


  11. 14th


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