Army Republic vs. Army of Club Penguin: Day 2

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – Day two of the intense war between the Army Republic and Army of Club Penguin proceeds, and this time, the results are even more twisted.

Note: If you didn’t read Day 1’s results, then you can read them here. Also, some of the numbers/statistics may be inaccurate, so feel free to correct me.


The first battle of day two took place on the server Crunch, and both forces’ Australian/Asian divisions deployed to have a go at victory. As seen from the ACP blog post, once again, the AR’s Australian/Asian division falls to the likes of the ACP, who managed to number about seven while AR numbered only four. The tactics and formations were once again reasonable.

The ACP force consists of seven troops who perform the E+7 tactic whereas, AR only has two troops 

The ACP has seven troops who perform the E+Q tactic while the AR has three troops

AR’s Superaalden admits defeat

To wrap it up, ACP’s Max/Cassis Brutus provided with a small testimony regarding the battle:

Hello ACP,

The AUS/Asia division logged in to Crunch today for another battle with AR. At this event, we maxed 7 while AR had 4 throughout the event. Our tactics, which included emote bombs, frenzies and raking, were superior to AR’s. However, I’d like to say that AR did put up a good fight today, and I’m happy that our AUSIA forces finally got to fight a battle that was in any way undetermined right at the start. Thank you for being good enemies.

You may be wondering why our sizes were much smaller than usual. The reasoning is simple. Today, I decided to test having an event one hour earlier than usual to see which one would work better; or, if we had to battle earlier than normal, how well we can do. It turns out that the normal time we use (1 PM GMT) produces significantly better results than what we used today (12 PM GMT), so at the next events I will continue having battles at that time.

Regardless of our unusually small sizes, we still won. Crunch, formerly an AR tier 2 server, can now be welcomed into the ACP nation.

I then interviewed Golden Chips, an ACP General.

Q. What do you think about the ACP AUSIA division?

It’s amazing. Before Flipmoo joined ACP, we never had an Australian division. Merge Revival Force into ACP which was mostly a UK/AUS army was big help to getting the Australian division big. Because of the Australian division rise, I was able to make one for ACPTR as well. We have the strongest Australian force in the community. 

Q. What do you think about today’s battle?

Today’s battle was good. I found we did well. It’s too bad though that AR’s Australian division didn’t really give us a hard fight, but we got a server, so I’m happy.

Q. Do you think that the ACP will continue to win the rest of the AUSIA battles? Why?

I think we will. Sheep was really the reason AR had such a powerful Australian division, but now he’s not Australian leader anymore which will give AR a harder time to win these battles because at the moment, we have a stronger Australian division.

Q. Anything else?




Following some hours after the Australian/Asian based event, AR raided ACP’s capital, Breeze. Again, both sides claim victory as ACP approximately maxed 28-30 while the AR maxed 30-34. They started out with much better tactics, formations and consistency; exceeding the activity of the previous event.

The AR, numbering around 20+, chant “WE WIN ICEBERG” whereas, the ACP, numbering about 20+ as well, perform the E+P tactic

The AR perform the E+9 tactic and have about 25-27 troops online while the ACP perform  the E+L tactic and number about 19-22

The AR perform the E+M tactic and have about 27 troops while the ACP perform the E+H tactic and have about 10-15 troops online

At the end of the battle, ACP leader, Tori stated the following:

We started the day with the defense of Breeze, and did pretty well in my opinion. Although, both AR and ACP claim victory for this event. We maxed about 28 at this event, and we had fantastic tactics throughout the event.

AR’s Vinny stated the following:

As the title says, we took Breeze with some ease today, it was somewhat close at times, but we came out on top when it mattered. We maxed about 34 at the Invasion of Breeze. ACP’s capitol is now in our hands, good job AR. :mrgreen:


After twenty to thirty minutes following the raid of Breeze, the ACP proceeded to raid AR’s capital, Toboggan. Here, the ACP maxed about 20 troops and the AR managed to have about 26-32 troops online. Moreover, this is the only battle so far which had its victor decided (besides Australian/Asian events): the AR.

The ACP chant “WHERE ARE YOU?” and number about 20; the AR have about 20-21 troops

The AR perform the E+P tactic and have about 23-25 troops online whereas, some ACP troops perform the E+G tactic and number about 17 -19

A rather clustered picture, both sides seem to be equal

ACP leader Tori admits defeat

Cheerfully, AR’s Vinny claims victory with the following:


Just 20 minutes after we invaded Breeze successfully from the ACP, we defended Toboggan too. I’m very proud of you guys, your stamina is excellent, our tactics are excellent too. We need to keep this up AR, if we do, the war will be over in less than a week. :Mrgreen: For this event we maxed 32, and we averaged 27, take your rest, because we’re back at it tomorrow, with only 1 defense and 1 invasion, like today. So rest up, we’re back on the battlefield tomorrow (…)

ACP’s leader Tori, rather saddened, states the following:

For the invasion of Toboggan, we maxed about 20, and we did well for tactics. Unfortunately, we lost this event.

To summarize, all battles so far featured disputed victories (i.e. both sides claiming victory; excluding Australian/Asian events) until now; one side has finally admitted defeat, but it shows that not all battles have been rightfully decided. All battles are hoped to be intense and interesting, but with that, does it really mean the ACP and AR are really no longer allies?

What do YOU think? Will this war end up in the hands of the AR or the ACP?

●||»๖̶̶̶ۣۜмιѕѕ ѕтєρнaηιє нєρвυяη«||●

CPA Central Reporter

Amor Vincit Omnia
Love conquers all

38 Responses

  1. Stephanie didn’t call it, 1st 🙂


  2. 1 correction, we didn’t raid Breeze, we invaded it, and we own it now so :p


  3. Good post. 😀


  4. Nice post but on this picture you put the ACP did an E+8 tactic where they did an E+P tactic. 🙂


  5. In this picture you said ACP did an E+8 tactic but they did E+P.


  6. Nice post. *chew*


  7. ACP should just admit they have lost every USA battle.


  8. ACP are just scared that they’re gonna die from AR.Thats why they wont admit defeat to us when we clearly won


  9. the 2nd one edged slightly in AR’s favour.




  11. I don’t see how, when both armies claim victory, you can clarify which one won. This is why we need independent judges, but that’d maybe be a bit too hectic…


    • Dude ACP’s new people go like “WE NEED ALLIES!!11!111” and rush to RPF chat and get them, plus AR take every little piece of *evidence* they can get. Thank you for reading. ~ACP 3ic.


  12. i thinking ACP can get this win but I’m sure AR will come back if they do someway


  13. @Change

    The reason ACP’s never died was AR was the only army there for them. We were able to hold off Nachos and any other force they had back then. As you see, things have changed, if you can’t hold up your end of the bargain, you face the consequences. And like Burito said, when the army who was there for you declares war, it hurts.


  14. AR is butthurt that ACP uses allies, but who again used Nachos against ACP?


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