Dark Warriors: On The Verge of Collapsing?

FROSTY – The Dark Warriors log onto Club Penguin, but get an unbelievable size.

On July 7th Dark Warriors 2nd in Command, Kyle, posted this on the Dark Warriors website:

Hey DW,

Lately we are not becoming this good from what reason why the leaders were not here-any of you guys as leaders. l spoke to Freezie and Andrew about what happen to DW too and I checked the post yesterday and it has been posted since July 4th. After all, the DW are gonna dying from what that we didn’t have a event and to post it on the site, just me. Now, we need ANY of you to be back, not one of them but more. If you continued to be inactive, all of you, then DW are gonna die, that is period. I seen the chat that went small too, but here is the leaders that doesn’t come on and went inactive/disappeared/retired;

Crazy and Puf – disappeared[leaders]

Flo – retired[Former leader]

Dx – inactive[Cuz of his computer broke -leader]

Only the last leader were on as Bears. I am very ashamed all of you that currently become like this. So, Bears if you see this post. Please do come on the chat and help us let DW be active, posting and the events for DW and the leaders that should be getting temp or just leaders.

Today, the Dark Warriors logged onto Club Penguin, and got sizes not for a CPAC army. They maxed 9 and averaged 6 on Club Penguin. The Dark Warriors leaders are Bears, Dx, and Puf. There were two other leaders, Crazy and Flo. Crazy retired from the Dark Warriors because of soccer. Flo is not leading the Dark Warriors anymore either because of being too busy to lead. He said to me in a private chat, “CP Armies are not as fun as they used to be with all of these flame wars”. Also, one of the current leaders of the Dark Warriors, Dx, has been inactive due to a broken computer.

Dark Warriors at Event
9 on Club Penguin
E+Q Tactic

At this moment the Dark Warriors have posted an Active Count, only with 8 comments out of the 95 troops on the ranks page so far.

I interviewed Flo, former Dark Warriors Leader/Legend for more about a fall in the Dark Warriors army.

Me = Red || Flo = Black

Why do you think that the Dark Warriors are on a verge of collapsing this month?

Everyone just gave up. The leaders aren’t doing a lot to support. Already 3 leaders gone, this could be the end…

What are you going to do as a retired Dark Warriors leader/legend to get more on Club Penguin and more troops to get active?

I won’t do anything. One does not simply change the army. It’s the troops that make the army.

Do you think that the Dark Warriors need another war to get more popular and more troops recruiting?

No. War is never the answer to a problem. War will just cause more of a mess.

In your opinion, do the Dark Warriors need more leaders or do they need to get rid of some leaders, and why?

The Dark Warriors need 1 more leader that can bring the army up. Our motivation is tempting to be shown.

What do you think will happen to the Dark Warriors? Are they going to continue to fall or turn things around and rise? yes, we want YOUR opinion!


22 Responses

  1. I think that the Dark Warriors will turn around and rise even more, and first! 😀


  2. First. Also, LMFAO


  3. Try pulling an Elmikey


  4. Yes. Cause this is totally the first time DW has fallen. DW will die. Then be back before the end of next month. Same with SWAT.


  5. DW will be fine


  6. i think they will get number run and rise once again


  7. Geez you people are still doing this army thing, some people have to have been doing this for years, grow up


  8. In a week there going to rise really well but then fall after that week and they will become a *Dead* army 3-4 days after


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