RPF Plan to Invade UMA Nation, UMA Claim “RPF Admit Defeat”

BUNNY HILL, UMA HEADQUARTERS – The UMA claim that the RPF “Admit Defeat”, whilst the RPF have planned numerous invasions on the UMA Nation.

Both these two armies have never really got along very well with each other. The RPF was originally a rebellion from the UMA, and has now recently returned to their former glory, occupying the Number 1 spot on the CPAC Top 10. With the RPF holding a meeting with the Nachos and the Doritos, the UMA have presumed that the RPF have admitted defeat to them in the war. However though, this is not the case.

This morning, the UMA released a post titled “RPF Admit Defeat”, where they used pictures taken of Red Gush24 and Elmikey, discussing the Nachos and RPF war situation. The UMA wrote their own responses to this, saying how this implied that the RPF had ended the war with the UMA too, and that they would not plan to invade the UMA.

RPF Leader, Elmikey said this:

I’m not going to schedule any more Nacho events since they’re annoying to battle.


The UMA responded by saying:

Here we have Elmikey right here, in all his 30 year old glory rage quitting the war. He seems to only mention nachos here, but we all know it involves UMA as well.

Another RPF Leader, Red Gush24 responded to Elmikey’s remark:

Elmikey, I’m ending this, and I swear to God if you mess this up I will beat you senseless

-Red Gush24

The UMA once again responded:

Right here, another RPF leader Red Gush24 warns Elmikey to finally shut down the war at once. Elmikeys response, was not too kind towards his own fellow leader.

Angered, Elmikey finally responded with this:

End it I don’t care the war isn’t even fun it was meant to be a fun [and] exciting club penguin war but the Nachos don’t know how to be a cp army so do what you do, Red


The UMA finally responded by saying this:

Hmm, “I don’t care the war isn’t even fun it was meant to be a fun exciting club penguin war but the Nachos (excluding UMA yet again but we all know they mean us as well) don’t know how to be a cp army”

Only about 5 hours before this post was made on the UMA site, the RPF had planned many invasions on the UMA Empire, these included: Zipline, Ice Palace, Mittens, Slushy, Mammoth, Bunny Hill, Winterland, Soda Mousse and Granizo. So when the UMA said “…we all know it [the ending of scheduling invasions] involves UMA too”, they were proven wrong. The RPF are still invading the UMA’s territory, although the UMA have not posted any defence posts as of yet. The war between these two armies carries on, but the end to the war between the RPF, Nachos/DCP has not been confirmed as of yet.

What do you think? Were the UMA wrong to say this? Will the UMA ignore their invasions?

Comment below with YOUR opinion!


3 Responses

  1. My posting disease was acting up. I couldn’t help it.


  2. Quickly to the haters who said “RPF is dead forever”. It’s not, and it came back to eat you alive.


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