From Brother Allies to Fierce Enemies: The Army Republic and Army Of CP

BREEZE and TOBOGGAN – In the wake of AR’s declaration of war on the ACP, I am going to look into how they went to official brother allies to now, in which we see insults and threats regularly distributed by the both armies. During the Black Alliance wars, the Army Republic and Army of CP were close allies and were always on the same side and the AR defended for the historic army multiple times. Now the AR feels like they have been used as the ACP never payed back the service to them.

On Halloween of 2012, after being in wars for a straight 6 months, the ACP had declarations of war from the Pirates, SWAT and Light Troops and on the next day the AR declared war on the Pirates. A big sign that the AR had become annoyed with the ACP’s reluctance to help them in anything came when the AR did not come to the White Alliance victory parade. They had went on their separate paths, but controversy came when the struggling Army Republic had an ask for help rejected by the ACP in their war with the Light Troops. The war ended in humiliating defeat for the AR and they ultimately blamed the ACP on their loss in the war, who were under the Leadership of Kingfunks4 at the time.

LT use E+H faces in the final battle of the LT/AR war.

Kingfunks4 repeatedly said that the ACP “were in no condition to enter a war” and that “we [the ACP] have been in wars for a year straight” . Capncook, who left the ACP after an attempted coup of Kingfunks4 for the Army Republic to eventually become leader, has been consistently surrounding the rising tensions between the two armies and the AR cut ties with the ACP on the same day that Capncook told CP Armies that AR had made up their history. The Army Republic said they did this to perfect isolationism, to emulate the Ice Warrior’s Isolationism. This was followed on April the 5th 2013, when Vinny suggested in several ways that the AR would declare war on the ACP. The ACP had scheduled a raid of AR Capital Toboggan, which was given to the AR after the ACP/LT war, but this was later cancelled when creator A and several AR troops threatened to go against Vinny. Burito soon agreed with the troops and vetoed Vinny’s decision to declare war on the ACP. However, this was the sign that the ACP and AR were no longer allies.

When Mchappy decided to retire for a third time, Tori and Capncook were placed in the position of ACP Leader. According to Burito, this was the point in which the AR was thinking and planning a war against their former allies. When they declared of war on the ACP, they said that after being back stabbed they have “been waiting for the perfect time to declare war” and decided “now is the time”.


AR raid ACP’s PB with the IW.

The cycle goes into its full, with the AR first coming onto the scene in 2010 as a small army invading the ACP server of Breeze. This was unsuccessful and from that point they were allies to them. However, in the recent year they have broken this relationship and have turned against them for what they describe as the ACP “letting them die” against the Light Troops. The recent tensions between the two former brother allies has continued the roller-coaster between the two armies relations, with highs and lows and a new low has been hit with the exit of their relationship ride looking to be over.

What do YOU think about the former allies going to war? Is this as a direct result of the ACP not helping the AR during the LT/AR war, or has former AR Leader Capncook pushed the AR over the edge? Comment YOUR opinion on the stunning story that has hit CP Armies this week.

-Kingfunks4 Retired CPAC Head 

18 Responses

  1. hyperlinks ftw!


  2. its rollercoaster, not rolocoaster, you dipshit.


  3. *cring* somebody else posted.


  4. Your post is so bd, it makes me look like a pro.


  5. Can we honestly name any allies of ACP?


  6. So much news in one day o.o


  7. I was in that raid and it was fun 😀


  8. I’m quite sure the term is “Butt Buddies”


  9. Funks, ACP didn’t give AR Toboggan. We’ve owned Toboggan since 2011, we invaded WW for it, and successfully took, and we have owned it ever since.


  10. took it*


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