Doritos Declare War on the UMA

SUMMIT, Doritos Capital – The Doritos of Club Penguin have officially declared war on the returning Underground Mafias Army.

The Doritos Of Club Penguin (DCP) have declared war on the Underground Mafias Army (UMA). The Doritos were previously in a war against Nachos, fighting alongside RPF. However, they soon dropped out leaving RPF to fight alone. However, now that RPF are hoping for a cease-fire with Nachos, the Doritos have come to help once again.

They claim that the reason they have declared war on UMA, is to distract them from their brother allies, the Rebel Penguin Federation (RPF). The UMA have recently declared war on RPF, due to a long history of hate towards each other. This hate began when RPF defeated UMA in the World War, which led to their downfall.

The UMA perform a fantastic E+9 tactic

The UMA have recently been getting sizes of 10-15 and even 20-25 on one occasion. They are determined to rise, and currently have a good, experienced leadership. The UMA hope to achieve larger sizes and also grow from this war. However, the Doritos have been getting similar sizes, achieving 15+ and maxing above 20 at one event.

The Doritos perform a near-perfect E+Z tactic

As you can see, both armies have incredibly similar sizes and amazing tactics. This is going to be a very close war, and a tough one to win for both sides. The UMA have yet to post any defences. The battle is tomorrow, with the necessary 24 hour notice given, so if UMA do not attend it would be a bad start to the war for them. Doritos seem confident that they will win, and is is likely that their brother allies RPF will help, however, this has not been confirmed.

I have managed to get an interview with Percyjackson2, UMA Leader

Me: Blue

Percyjackson2: Orange

Why do you think Doritos declared war?

Well, I knew they would since Mustapha [DCP Leader] is in RPF.

Do you feel that Doritos are a threat?

[No Comment]

Why have you not posted any defences yet as the battle is tomorrow?

I don’t know.

Are you ignoring the invasions or do you plan to post defences soon?

We are not posting any defences until after the meeting between the armies later today.

Are you confident that you will win this war? 

Yes (wary)

Are you hoping to grow from this war, and gain larger sizes?

[No Comment]

Any last comments?

Join UMA!

In my opinion, this is going to be a very tense war. Both armies are very similar in their sizes and tactics, so it is hard to predict who will win. Personally, I think that it will end in a tie between the two armies, due to their similarity. However, if Dorito’s brother allies, RPF get involved, Nachos are likely to help UMA and that could change the course of the war entirely. For which side, who knows? I have included a poll below to see what you think!

Thanks for reading my post, and of course good luck to both armies!

As always, tell us what YOU think in the comments!

7 Responses

  1. First, booyah!


  2. 3rd.


  3. I put together a meeting with DCP & UMA, the war has been called off.


  4. 2nd nobody called its


  5. The winner will be ACP of course.


  6. I was a Dorito since 2011. In 2011 we had a war against UMA. This is another reason we’re declaring war


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