Doritos Defeat Army of Club Penguin in a Practice Battle

SUMMIT – The Doritos of Club Penguin crushed the Army of Club Penguin in a Practice Battle on Saturday night.

This battle had been arranged by both armies as a way to compare their tactics and sizes, as both these armies were close to each other in last week’s Top 10. This battle could be a way to prove which army would be placed above the other in the Top 10.

The battle had been scheduled to take place on the server Big Surf, but even before the battle had started, the server became full. Both the DCP and ACP leaders then agreed to hold the practice battle on the server Summit. An interesting pre-battle point, is the fact that the DCP had a post stickied about the Practice Battle, while the ACP did not even have a time for the event on their front page.

At the beginning of the battle, the Doritos of CP had very good sizes, while the Army of Club Penguin were struggling to get 10 on CP. Many of the ACP owners asked questions about why their chat size was huge, but their CP size was well below-par. Only about 10 minutes into the battle, the DCP managed to get an average of 18-20, while maxing 24 at one point. This battle had clearly been taken seriously by DCP, while the ACP had worse sizes than at a training session they had only an hour prior to the battle.


After ACP Leader Tori admitted defeat, the Shadow Troops raided the event, but their sizes weren’t big enough to cause much of an impact. A point to note though, is that the Shadow Troops had larger sizes than the ACP. Later on, I had the chance to interview Summit, DCP Second in Command.


Me: Blue

Summit: Orange

What do you think was the key point in last night’s victory over ACP?

I don’t know to be honest. We just got two full chats and maxed around 25+ on CP.

Do you believe the DCP can keep this up for next week?

Without a doubt.

What plans do you have for the summer?

CP Recruiting. If RPF can get 50+ from it, anyone can.

Any last comments?

Join Doritos.

The DCP Ownership certainly feels that they will be a challenging army over the summer. Here is an excerpt from the victory post on the DCP site.

Today we logged on expecting to have a good and fun battle with ACP. Instead, we beat ACP and had to deal with the shadow tramps.

They were clearly expecting more from the ACP, but they were also angered at the Shadow Troops raiding their event.

What do you think about DCP? Can they claim the Number 1 pot over the summer? Will ACP fall?

Comment below with YOUR opinion!


7 Responses

  1. Please tell me a Rating from 1-10 of this post.


  2. Around 7-8. It was a great post, although you could be a bit more specific with the battle, and get more in depth. There were also a few places where you could have used better wording, but overall, it’s a good post! 🙂


  3. ST had bigger sizes than DCP :s That pic was before we even had everyone logged on. See: DCP averaged like 15…


  4. That picture was DCP’s max (20)


    • We averaged around 21 the entire battle. Take a look at other pictures. We logged off by the time you got to the Iceberg…


  5. Lmao, ACP is clearly losing it.


  6. […] Doritos Defeat Army of Club Penguin in a Practice Battle ( […]


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