Disputed Result: Rebel Penguin Federation vs Nachos

Edit: Interview with Puckley added. 

WHITE HOUSE – In the most confusing  start to a battle I have seen in my life, the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Nachos battled it out in a 2 hour extravaganza

With the Nachos now taking the Rebel Penguin Federation as a serious threat, after they had lost their “Number 1” status to the RPF, this could really be a key factor in the start to the new week. Both armies knew that the sizes would similar, so tactics and consistency could become a deciding factor. None of these armies would be willing to admit defeat, so only an obvious difference would make one of the armies surrender. Prior to the battle, I took some time to interview Red Gush24, RPF’s Leader.


Me: Blue

Red Gush24: Green

How much better is the spirit within RPF, knowing your are now Number 1 on CPAC?

It has definitely sparked alot of attention, especially considering this is the first time RPF has reached first in quite awhile. This is just the thing that the troops need to go on, they now have something to look forward too, and the future is yet to come.

Do you think this first place will attract more recruits?

Definitely. Recruits generally go to the largest army, and/or the ones that are most popular. With being first, people attempt to seek out the longest lasting army, along with the ones that have a strong will.

Your predictions in both RPF’s and Nachos’ sizes for tonight?

I believe with RPF rising to first, like I said, it’s bound to spark attention, getting larger sizes of 75-80. Nachos? A bit greater than their usual size, possibly around 50+.

Any last comments?

Join RPF, because we have a long, great road ahead of us. Always Fight the Good Fight.

When asked “Who will win tonight?“, RPF Leader, Elmikey said:

Only time will tell.

After much confusion, both armies logged into the server White House, where the RPF were set to invade, with the Nachos defending. The battle started off at the Berg, where the RPF maxed about 28-30, with the Nachos maxing about 24. A point to note is the fact that the RPF’s tactics were better than the Nachos’.

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 7.03.19 PM

Shortly after this, both armies split up; the Nachos going to the Mine, the RPF going to the Docks. The Nachos had sizes of around 33-37 at the Mine, while the RPF had sizes of 39-40 at the Dock. Both armies had perfect and near-perfect tactics. The Nachos made a simple “Circle” formation, while the RPF went for an “X” formation.

After 25 minutes of the battle, the RPF and the Nachos met up in the Cove. The Nachos now had around 15-23 penguins, while the RPF had 28-35. The Nachos’ tactics were very infrequent and were very poor, while the RPF’s tactics were more frequent than the Nachos’ and they were nearly perfect. After being at the cove for 15 minutes, the Nachos stood on the chatbar, while the RPF did another “X” formation. The Nachos got back t sizes of 25, but the RPF had about 30 and were constantly bigger than the Nachos.

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 7.30.07 PM

An hour into the battle, both armies moved to the Mine and, for the first time, the Nachos and the RPF were almost equal. Both armies having 30-25, both armies with amazing tactics. CEO of CPAC, Bluesockwa2 had one thing to say about RPF’s tactics and formations.

I do find their tactics terribly repetitive. Always X’s and “When ___ FALLS!”.

The Nachos then followed the RPF to the Pool; the RPF were obviously retreating now. Only a couple of minutes later, they moved again to the Beacon, where they tried to lock the Nachos out. The Nachos quickly moved, so both RPF and Nachos were locked out.

Now, the battle stayed like this for the next hour, with both armies having similar sizes and quite similar tactics. They must have visited every single room within Club Penguin during the 2 hour battle.

So, after all of that effort, what was the outcome? Well not many people will be happy about this, but because both the Nachos and the RPF claim victory, the result is ‘disputed’.


Me: Blue

Puckley: Green

So, what a comeback today! Wouldn’t you agree?

Indeed, it was definitely a great battle!

Who do you owe the victory to? The owners or the efforts of the troops?

It’s always a group effort when it comes to anything in the Nachos as we all need to work together to accomplish the task. Certainly, all the troops played a huge role in our victory today, so I’m very proud of them.

The RPF have not admitted defeat. What do you say to them?

I’m not surprised as it has been a pretty typical thing from them throughout this war thus far. Whether they surrender officially or not, they know they truly lost today. Regardless, we’re focussed on winning the war not “claiming” to win battles like they are.

Any last comments?

Mess with the best, die like the rest.

Now I put this question as a topic for people to tackle for many months to come, “Why can’t we just have a neutral judge for such important battles such as this?

What do you think? Who do you think won?

We want YOUR opinion!


35 Responses

  1. Who do you think won?


  2. We had neutral judges at one point, they were called Biased by both WA and BA


  3. In the first half, you obviously said that RPF was better than Nachos. For example: “The Nachos’ tactics were very infrequent and were very poor, while the RPF’s tactics were more frequent than the Nachos’ and they were nearly perfect.” and “A point to note is the fact that the RPF’s tactics were better than the Nachos.” Our tactics weren’t that bad, and you even had blue2 saying that RPF had bad tactics.

    You didn’t even mention that Nachos sizes were smaller, because we tried to attack RPF, but we had 10-15 locked out at the cove, and other points of time.

    The second part of the post was better, but you didn’t mention that Nachos had better tactics, and bigger sizes, as you said with RPF in the first part.


  4. RPF clearly won with bigger sizes and better tactics. We had better consitancy as well. Go RPF!


    • you mean your piece of crap bots won with bigger sizes (and we still had bigger sizes) and your autotypers gave you better tactics (we still had better tactics) and your consitancy of jokebombs aswell obviously the nachos won and RPF is cheaty pathetic and stupid. i rest my case


  5. Why Nachos obviously won:

    1. RPF used the same tactics over and over again
    2. RPF were smaller then the Nachos
    3. RPF runned away from Nachos 3-4 times
    4. RPF only had 3 locked out troops while Nachos had about 15
    5. Nachos had better tactics
    6. RPF used some bots and allies


    • 1. It’s our catchphrase.
      2. The post clearly stated that RPF were always either bigger, or equal.
      3. Not that much. Only to get locked-out troops in
      4. Lie, both armies had the same amount locked-out
      5. The post clearly states RPF had better tactics
      6. No allies, DCP and ACP are no longer in the war. Also, there is no way we made bots as the programme used to make bots has been patched so it no longer works.

      Finally, LOL! next time, make sure your facts are right.


      • HAH you realize you just told us you did use bots cuz really bro how would you know if it got patched if you guys didn’t use them that means we won the first 3 battles fair and square also infinite jokebombs are not better tactics


      • 1. so you have to say it 50 times and what about the joke bombs noob?
        2. who cares what the post says
        4. you want a pic noob?
        5. again, who cares and lol no
        6. you just told us you guys use bots





    • Why Lenco1997’s comment means nothing to me:

      1. “RPF runned away” Is not proper grammar.


  6. That comment was made off the record and should not really have been included … though I do still stand by what I said.


  7. “The Nachos then followed the RPF to the Pool; the RPF were obviously retreating now”- Actually, we were trying to get all of our locked-out troops inside the same room.


    • and then you retreated twice more while we only retreated once what do you call that getting your bots in? getting an ally in your uniform? we KNOW you do both so even if you did we had bigger sizes and you guys retreated a load of times


      • Excuse me? Nachos had bigger sizes? Read the whole post, noob. And we did not retreat, it is called claiming rooms and getting our locked-out soldiers in. Go fight with someone your own size.


        • Um, RPF declared war on us. Gork, you’re a n00b and an army hopper . We also did have bigger sizes and “claiming” rooms doesn’t exist anymore. Get with the program. Did Elmikey teach you this because he should know it’s not 2007 anymore. 😉


  8. [SPOILER ALERT!]: This war has been going on for awhile now, and, just kidding, there are no spoilers. :3


  9. Out of all the battles I had to miss, I had to miss this one? D:


  10. Bad pictures


  11. Wasn’t this war over territory or something?


    • It started over territory but now the Nachos have gotten so confident they win all the time, they deny defeat when they got owned. Not only that, but Nachos claim they got RPF Servers when in reality, they’re talking out their bums. The Nachos need to stop being a joke and admit defeat to prove they are a real & official army.

      P.S: Autistic Kids are born with autism, Not caught from looking at a website. There are Autistic kids in Wheelchairs Nachos. Making fun of disabled kids shows a horrible image on the Nacho’s character. Doesn’t matter if you make fun of our website with your mom dying from “catching Autism.” You guys need to cut the cr@p out and stop making fun of Autism especially saying your mom caught it looking at the autism site. It’s no laughing matter about autism.

      P.S.S: I should know about autism, I have it you d!cks. 😡


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