Army Republic Declares War on Army of CP

TOBOGGAN, AR Empire – As reported by sources last week, the Army Republic issued a Declaration of War on the Army of Club Penguin at approximately 7 PM EST this evening.

This attack comes in the wake of turmoil in the ACP; earlier today Head General Foldez was demoted and then defected from the army.

Vinny’s Declaration of War included the following terms:

February 2013, we had just finished war with LT, we were on the verge of death, nothing but our capital server Toboggan. We had asked ACP’s help before we were on our knees, but the ACP said “You will get out of this on your own”. They were out of war, and decided to focus on something else. In my eyes, that is major disrespect, for an army I never liked by had respect for, they didn’t only back stab us, they let us virtually die. Since then, we’ve been waiting for the perfect time to declare war, and now is the time.

Now is the time to give them hell. It’s time that we teach them the lesson of how it feels when your nation is being attacked. Nachos gave ACP too much breathing room after the war, by returning certain servers. I’m not accepting any treaties, we will not give up, we will go until the end of your nation. […] Their whole army including their leaders act as if they are still the number one army in CP armies. I don’t think anyone except Tori realizes they aren’t at their former glory days. AR is on their way there.

To Capn: If you aren’t already regretting the racist remarks, then you will regret them later down the road. Next time don’t say racist things, I don’t take kindly to stuff the like that. When will you learn?

-Vinny, AR Leader, July 7, 2013

Vinny if of course referring to the AR/LT war in February 2013, and, following ACP’s refusal to assist them in their time of need, they cut all ties as the ‘Protectors of ACP’. AR’s vicious defeat at the hands of the Light Troops left them with no remaining servers besides their capital, and an attitude for revenge.

Well as the title says it, the war between LT and us, is over, and we have a treaty for no war for at least a month. They let us get away with our capitol, which is all we need, we will rebuild by training a lot, and recruiting even more. [Granted] I am not happy with our performance today on Sleet, but that’s just one bad event, we’ll do better next event. Now, this post is for the invasion of free land.

-Vinny, AR Leader, February 8, 2013

As AR rose back to power two months later, their leaders began tying up loose ends. First, they declared war on the Light Troops, with leader Vinny making clear that ACP would be next.

I wish that you were here to witness this Ioio, to realize when I said, “we’ll be back” after we accepted terms of peace, that I wasn’t bullshitting you. I keep the promises I can, and this one shall be fulfilled, with the same mercy you didn’t show us. Well, LT, I suggest you join us to kill this what used to be an army, or quit while you fail to defend your nation as we tear it to shreds. THE GHOSTS WILL PREVAIL, AND THERE SHALL BE NO GLORY FOR THE LT, NOR SHALL THERE BE LIGHT!

AR, we are officially in war and that means, no more bull shit. Some of you are great at this, but there are other soldiers I feel need this message. It is time we win. But to win, we must be totally in shape. Laziness, power hungriness, and disobedience will not be tolerated. In order to strive, we must first earn that ability.

And AR did indeed live up to their promise, crushing the Light Troops in a series of invasions that left them serverless only 6 days later. While some controversy arose from the Pirates’ alleged donation of servers to LT, AR claimed victory in the war and LT retreated to regroup and reclaim servers.

Now, AR have once again made good on their word with a Declaration of War on ACP, and are once again preparing to get their revenge. The Army of Club Penguin, in response to AR’s attack, issued the following post:

Hello ACP,

I regret to inform you that the AR have declared war on us. Wow what a shock?

Anyway, so yea I don’t really know what they were thinking but they should know that the ACP always comes out triumphant.

Capn goes on to go over points about AR’s war with LT in April, stating that AR was nowhere near the “verge of death” and that they “came back and beat LT the following April”. He continues, saying:

Lastly, the ACP was not in the best position to get involved in a war at that time. Not to mention, in February, we were not very highly ranked on CPAC’s Top 10. Next time you use this pathetic excuse against us AR Leaders, you need to get your facts straight.

On a more personal note in regards to their post

To Capn: If you aren’t already regretting the racist remarks, then you will regret them later down the road. Next time don’t say racist things, I don’t take kindly to stuff the like that. When will you learn?

What does this even mean? I’m not a racist person and I don’t make racist remarks to you or to anyone in this community. I’m appalled that you would accuse me of such a thing without any evidence. However, if I have made any jokes to you (Vinny) then I truly do apologize and hope we can move on from that. My “racist remarks” (Of which you have no proof) should not be a reason for the AR to declare war on the ACP. The more mature thing to do would’ve been to talk it out with me politely on a chat, I wouldn’t have said no to a nice friendly chat.

There you have it ACP, the AR have declared war on us on such pathetic pretenses that we must now defend against them. I know we’re not the perfect army right now but we will prove to the community that we can win this war. Good luck to the AR. ACP, let’s win us a war…

-Capncook, ACP Leader, July 7, 2013

Capncook seems extremely confident that ACP will be victorious in the war. When reached for comment, his co-leader, Tori, had nothing further to add.

ACP have struck back fast, reposting not only the defenses against AR, but also their own set of invasions. The war begins in two days, with AR’s invasion of Berg, and both armies already appear ready and raring to head down the warpath.


What do YOU think? Who will win the AR/ACP war? Comment YOUR opinion!

 ♣||»Sιя Bℓυєsσ¢кωa тнє 2η∂«||♣

CPA Central CEO

21 Responses

  1. AR is going to win. ACP is going to die on their own anyways because of the leader.


  2. Bias, ACP leaders should be running the Legend’s Cup.




  4. AR will win i know!


  5. i am a retired AR troop i helped destroy LT and SWAT i was high mod left i still go on chat and monitor CPAC AR is entering a golden age i made a bad choice but i need to do this for the army AR will destroy ACP just like LT soon ACP will be in SMAC
    good luck,


  6. My bets are on ACP.


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