Army of CP Defeats Ice Warriors in a Practice Battle

MAMMOTH – The Ice Warriors of Club Penguin and The Army of Club Penguin battled it out on Friday night in a practice battle. Both armies were hoping to get a good result, as the event was only a couple of days before the new Top Ten would be released.

In what would be one of the last events of the weekend, The Ice Warriors and The Army of CP held a practice battle between them. The battle took place on Mammoth, in mainly the Snow Forts and the Iceberg. Both armies had similar sizes at the very beginning of the battle in the Town, but then a problem arose. The Army Republic, who had recently gone to war with the ACP, decided to raid the practice battle. This act has now brought invasions closer than ever, and ACP Leader Capncook wasn’t afraid to make a statement.

So we won, unfortunately it couldn’t be as honorable as I had hoped. Instead, the scumbag AR leaders decided to raid the event against some of their army’s will and put up a very poor performance at best. The ACP easily crushed their little incursion and now they risk war more than ever. So good job to the screw up who decided to raid our event, you’ve probably just caused the end of your empire.

This statement means that invasions of the Army Republic empire are now imminent. We will have to see what this brings in store for us next week, and whether other armies will join to form an alliance.

In the practice battle, the ACP maxed 23 and average between 18-20. The IW’s sizes were disrupted however, due to the raid by the AR. They maxed around 17, but only average about 5-10 at times. Both the ACP and IW had similar execution or formations and tactics until the AR raid, but after that, the IW’s sizes dropped drastically. ACP managed to keep around the same sizes however, so they were declared the winners.



Capncook was very humble when asking IW leader Albert for victory, as he acknowledged the raid by AR and the connection issues both armies had towards the end. I managed to grab an interview with Cas, ACP 3rd in Command.


Me: Blue

Cas: Green

Cas, what do you believe was the most important thing in ACP’s victory last night?

Recently, the ACP has really stepped up its recruitment program, this has brought us many more recruits than usual. We also have been firming up our tactics.

Would you say the battle was won due to the leaders, or because of the troops?

Definitely because of the troops. The troops are what make the army. We’re here to guide and give commands, which we do up to a point. But if our soldiers were not so dedicated, then the whole system would collapse. I would even say that some of our owners need to work on their leadership skills.

Do you think ACP can keep this up for next week?

Definitely. We’ve got the name, we’ve got the colour and we have the willpower to succeed.

Any last comments?

Defend Freedom, Preserve Justice.

What was the most important thing in this battle? AR’s raid? ACP’s victory?

We want YOUR opinion!


8 Responses

  1. Back in CPAC.


  2. Niceeeee


  3. RPF gave acp our recruiting secrets, and some of the best recruiting line ever. I salute to all acp and RPF soldiers!


  4. First 😛


  5. whoa I never knew you could give comments thumbs up!


  6. wait wait you can only do this on the CPAC site!?


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