Lord Jay Demoted From AR Leadership Rank || War With ACP Confirmed

TOBOGGAN, AR Empire — Legends and other influential figures make the controversial decision to demote Lord Jay, Former Leader of the Army Republic, back to 2ic. With Jay widely liked throughout AR — a Snaily of sorts — how will this effect the army and the morale of the troops in general? CPAC has everything you need to know as this story breaks. 

A simple chat move for the Army Republic is what began the argument that is just now surfacing as Lord Jay, promoted to AR Leader only three months ago on April the 7th (see the CPAC report here) has been demoted from the leadership role in a joint decision of Burito and Vinny — other AR legends have also been cited as contributing to this decision.

As no official post has been made yet besides the one announcing the chat move, I caught up with Vinny, Army Republic Leader and Legend, for more on this decision.

Blue1: So, what was the motive behind the decision to demote Jay? 

Vinny: Burito and I felt that we work better while it’s the two of us, things are balanced and organized, and that’s how we’ve done it for the past two years. 

Blue1: Jay was promoted to leader only three months ago, on something like April 7th. Do you believe that in these three months, Jay has not lived up to his expectations? 

Vinny: Yes, but I feel like we failed him by rushing him into leadership like Burito said. We didn’t give him enough time to develop, look, and learn. So we kind of set him up to fail, we had no intention of doing so though. It’s all part of trial and error, which is how we basically run AR. 

Blue1: Do you believe that Jay is slowing down the development and rise of AR?

Vinny: Yes, and I think so because he isn’t active enough when we don’t have events. Like after an event, he doesn’t stay on chat like Burito and I do. Occasionally Burito and I will leave after an event, but that’s if we’ve had a long day before the event, it gives us a break. 

Blue1: Has this decision been made in preparation for any large moves to come, say, a war? 

Vinny: Most definitely, I see that word has spread widely. 

Blue1: Yes. Are you able at this point to give any information on the coming war? 

Vinny: We’re looking to give them nothing, and take from them everything. Word to King Leonidas. 

Blue1: Would the war have anything to do with the undoubtedly rising conflict between ACP and AR? 

Vinny: Merely, it’s not the main reason we’re declaring war. I could let that slide.

Blue1: Are you able to confirm here and now that the war coming is with the ACP?

Vinny: Yes.

Blue1: Any final comments to Jay, ACP or AR as a whole?

Vinny: Be prepared to fight to the death.

Blue1: Thanks for your time Vin.  

Vinny: No problem. 

Following this, I reached Lord Jay, Former Army Republic for his take on the situation at hand. 

Blue1: Can you briefly summarized what has taken place in the past few hours? 

Jay: I was demoted from the rank of leader because I have “not been active”, which is not true, and because I have said racist things to Vinny, which 122344a does as well. And he demoted me and said that I’m not ready, and that there should only be two leaders. By the way, Vinny has said harsh words to me too. 

Blue1: What was your reaction to this decision? 

Jay: Surprised mostly, and I was also surprised that Burr actually agreed. I have no idea how Vinny gets to decide everything — the AR voted and like 20 people voted that I should be leader. 

Blue1: What would you say to Burito, Vinny and the troops of AR? 

Jay: Vinny, I mean he has said offensive things to me as well such as that I am gay and he is too power hungry. Burr, he was nicer about it but he did agree. And for the troops of AR, I liked their speeches about me and they all wanted me as leader. 

Blue1: Thanks for your time Jay. 

Jay: [No problem.] 


Vinny stated what was my take on the situation during his defending of the decision on AR chat earlier this evening. While Jay is a good guy — someone who motivates and keeps the troops happy — he is not a war-time leader. The war that comes with the ACP will be long and brutal, and Jay is not a leader for that type of war. Burito and Vinny, however, are. What’s your take on this story? Let us know in the comments below!


CPA Central CEO

19 Responses

  1. Vinny rides Bur
    Bur rides Vinny

    No surprise. It had to happen. Jay was just that one awkward guy to them.


  2. Snaily isn’t in AR


  3. Not everyone wanted him leading *wary*. Plus I dont think AR will be affected without him we did bad when Vinny or Burr wasnt on for an event


  4. HOLY SHIT. It’s the end of the world, AR vs ACP, I thought I’d never live to see the day.. This is complete madness!!! So much for butt buddies.


  5. AR is going to win the war. Fair and simple.


  6. Also, Jay was a fantastic AR leader why would you demote him for those “reasons”


  7. To those complaining: First off, the one’s b*tching aren’t even in AR so I don’t know why they are saying Jay is a fantastic leader. Second off, me and Vinny are like tag team co-leaders. We have led together for 2 years now. Jay was rushed into leadership, and for him to sort of awkwardly lead with us, when he had a very different style of leading and a lot less chemistry because of his inexperience, made it very hard to include him. We decided it will be best to get him more training as 2ic, so he’s a better leader altogether when me and Vinny retire.


  8. i’m okay with it but Jay was a good leader in my opinion AR FTW


  9. ACP War Confirmed.
    Half Life 3 Confirmed


  10. For all of those who think Burito and I did something wrong in demoting Jay, we didn’t. Just remember, all the success Burito and I have had with AR the past two years. This is our last year together and we want to be the biggest we’ve ever been. We won’t let anyone stand in the way of that.

    And to those who think AR and ACP were still allies. No we aren’t, and I will tell you the reason for this on the war post when it is created, just know war is coming soon, and I’m ready to leave ACP nothing, in return of what they let happen to us when we were supposedly “allies”.


  11. I liked jay as a
    Leader but he could be better later and the war in Ar vs ACP not surprised and it looks like history has repeated itself
    Once again


  12. […] sizes of 20-25. Following this, they held a recruiting session with sizes of 25-30. Soon after came a controversial decision which demoted Lord Jay to 2ic, and Vinny confirmed AR would go to war with ACP in the following weeks. On the 3rd, AR held an […]


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