Recruitment Report

As summer begins, armies look to gain an advantage in wars and tournaments by getting troops.  The Ice Warriors, Army of Club Penguin, Dark Warriors, and Army Republic have all begun the strive to success this week.

Ice Warriors

On Sunday, the Ice Warriors looked to continue to gain troops while staying out of the way of other armies.  Over the past few months, IW has isolated themselves from the rest of the army community and have focused on improving internally rather than starting conflict and gaining servers.

Second-in-Command Bearsboy10 posted on their latest recruiting session, and in a short post talked about the results of the recruiting.  He claimed that not all troops could go to Husky because of how full it was, and as a result averaged around 22, but did in fact gain a few recruits.  He also said that the tactics weren’t very good due to rogues and AFK soldiers.

iw recruiting


Army of Club Penguin

Today ACP held an unscheduled recruiting session on the always popular server Avalanche, and had great success.  With only ten minute notice, many troops showed up and got to work, trying to get their army back on top.  Capncook, who called out his troops at the RPF practice battle, got the results he wanted, as his army maxed 32 troops and averaged 26-30 the whole time.


Dark Warriors

The Dark Warriors, the number 2 overall army in CP, held a U-Lead Event yesterday.  The event was clearly a success, as DW maxed 25.  They also gave many inexperienced troops leading experience, something that could be valued in the future.

 photo ttF6gee_zpseb6d4ffc.png

Army Republic

The Army Republic logged on CP to recruit, and were surprised by the results.  In their post titled “CP Recruiting Works,” they claim to have gained two recruits during this session.  They also claim to have maxed 30 penguins.  Overall, it was a very successful event for this army looking to continue to grow.


What do you think about CP recruiting?  Does it still work or should armies move to chat recruiting in order to gain troops?  Comment your opinion below!


27 Responses

  1. LOL you forgt about the best club penguin recruiters, the RPF. We get 20+ applications a day, check our join page. 😛


  2. Don’t CP recruit it’s a waste of time.


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