Practice Battle Report: ACPTR vs Water Ninjas

The Water Ninjas had an unscheduled practice battle with the ACP Training Regiment, better known as ACPTR, today. Both sides fought at the Ice Berg, until it was agreed that the battle was a tie.

The ACPTR, a Training Regiment for ACP troops, today held a practice battle, with the rising army, Water Ninjas. Water Ninjas have recently been rising quickly, and have achieved great sizes at events. Dropping out of the Top 10 this week, landing in 11th place, they hope to return to the next Top 10.

ACPTR perform a perfect E+K tactic

They fought the ACPTR, a Training Regiment for ACP troops. The ACPTR is for ACP troops between the ranks of Corporal and Captain. It holds extra events for those troops which help troops gain promotions in the army, and also experience. It’s main goal is to help new troops gain more experience and knowledge of the ACP. I highly recommend this for any new ACP troops.

Originally, it was meant to be a U-Lead event for the ACPTR, but once they had achieved sizes of 12, they decided to turn it into a Practice Battle with Water Ninjas. After being online for 10 minutes, the Water Ninjas joined them at the Ice Berg.

Both sides form lines next to each other.

Both sides formed lines parallel to each other at the berg, and kept fighting with various tactics. The Water Ninjas had the upper hand, as they had slightly larger sizes than the ACPTR, achieving about 12. Whereas the ACPTR got roughly 10 on CP. After fighting for some time, both sides were confident that they were winning.

Water Ninjas overshadow ACPTR’s tactic with a near perfect tactic.

However, once it had become clear that Water Ninjas had larger sizes, they agreed upon a tie. The Water Ninjas are proud of their troops as this was an unscheduled event which had come as a surprise to them. The ACPTR are also proud of their soldiers and have awarded everyone who attended with a medal, which helps with promotions.

The Water Ninjas perform a joke tactic

I have included an interview with Water Ninjas leader, Jai, below on his thoughts on both the practice battle, and Water Ninjas as a whole.

Me: Red

Jai: Blue

How do you feel about your sizes at the battle, considering it was unscheduled?

Decent, but we could have done better but many troops have left us.

Are you hoping to start getting larger sizes to rise into CPAC top 10?

Yes, although this may be hard with the conflict between AR.

What are you planning to do to help you gain size?

Recruiting, since most of us don’t recruit.

Do you feel that some of your troops are lazy? If so, how will you fix this?

Yes they are lazy. We got 27 comments on an active count and can barely get 10 online. Most of them go AFK.

Finally, how do you think ACPTR performed at the Practice Battle?

We did good for an uncheduled while it was supposed to be a U-Lead for ACPTR. I’m proud of us.

Thanks for the interview!


As you can see, Jai is clearly disappointed in his troops during battles, but still proud of them at times. Well done to both ACPTR and Water Ninjas, and good luck to Water Ninjas for the future. Also, for those of you wishing to join ACPTR, find their banner on the ACP site to visit the site.

Sir Pj, CPAC Reporter


14 Responses

  1. It is funny how the ACPTR can get as much as an actual army. *wary*


  2. go back to smac pls


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