Monsters University Takeover

This post will have much vulgar language. If you are a member of ACP, Pirates, IW or Lord Pain then Parental Discretion is advised.

MUIf I was to be lazy and give a Score, It would be similar to what our head gave.

But enough jokes, it’s time I start working on this piece of shit and trust me, it really is a piece of bullshit. This has got to be the laziest party I have seen from Club Penguin, even lazier and more pathetic then that Fiesta party in ’09 with barely anything decorated. Want to know why I find this lazy? Lets go into the rooms themselves.

Most Parties have all main rooms decorated. With that said main rooms are the ones you can go to on the map with the exception of the Mine and the Dojo exterior. This rooms has 3 main rooms decorated. The town, the Plaza, and the Forts. Instead of making the island look like a university, they made three rooms to represent it. The party is pathetic on so many levels. It follows the policy of new unlockables day by day which works, but nonmember ones do jack shit. If you are a member, you can buy items with scare points, but only SOME work for the party gimmick and all of them that do are associated with the movie.

I would love to talk more about this party, but I can’t say much more for this piece of shit because it is more bare bones then the first Halloween party. There’s one game, and it is boring. The rooms, both new and redesigned, have nothing exciting except karaoke at the pizza parlor. The only room worth going to for battles is the Roar Omega Roar dorm room because it is a dance floor bigger then the dance club. This makes it a filler party, with no effort in at all. It’s to cash out on the movie, and I expected much more from this. I expected more decorations, more stuff to do, and all I got was a damn mini-game that really isn’t all that fun. If you want my advice, stay away from here as much as possible, and if you do go to it, may God, Allah, or whoever the hell your deity you worship or respect is have mercy on your damn soul. If you need me, I’ll be in the bar hopefully long enough to avoid the next party. Jedi Penguins, what are they thinking!?!?!

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Before I go, Club Penguin is not the only organization involved with armies that has a monster. CPAC has one too. Many people think Woton’s real name is Owen, but it is not. The truth is Woton’s real name is Christopher. He was born March 31st 1943, which means he is 70 years old. I managed to find video footage of him when he found out he was making money off of CPAC. The footage you are about to see has not been seen by the community before, and any complaints can be taken up with Blue1 or Blue2 if you have issues with this post.

-Tap Dancer36

35 Responses

  1. Last time I checked, penguins were meant to live in the snowy arctic, not in a university. LOGIC.


  2. bias
    bias towards RPF
    *boycotts CPAC*


  3. well, well, well. woton has the same name as me. im christohper1 via internet only, but woton’s real name is christopher? well well well well well well well >:) here we have 2 christopher’s to deal with, don’t we?


  4. I fully agree with you


  5. RPF IS THE BEST! haha those nachos are going downnnn, cause the RPF eats nachos ;D


  6. How dare you curse God.


  7. i love fatboy slim


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