Chaos Capital of the World

ICE BOX, Light Troop Enterprises — While already fighting the Water Ninjas, the Chaos are confronted by a new enemy; the Light Troops.

Chaos Capitol of the World

Last week, the Chaos declared war on the Water Ninjas to help their army grow as well to get revenge for alleged bot use by the WN.

While it has been a calm war, the WN have apparently been in talks with another anti-Chaos army, the Light Troops.

The Light Troops, Water Ninjas, and Chaos are 9th, 10th, and 11th on the CPAC Top 10 respectively. While overshadowed by large alliance wars, medium army wars are still an art in their own right.

Soon after the Water Ninjas’ declaration of war, the Light Troops officially threw their hat in the ring. Jose, LT second-in-command, attempted to end the war only for it to be reinstated by LT Leader Spi101. The Chaos have been slow to get the news, as they have not officially re-entered a state of war against LT. The LT have apparently won the server of Winterland against the Chaos so far. Several battles between the WN and Chaos have been fought as well, including the Chaos victory on Powder Ball.

The Water Ninjas and Chaos seem to be edging closer to peace as the Water Ninjas propose a “Game 7” ending to their war (an allusion to the final game in a 7 game series in the NBA, MLB, and NHL.) However, the Chaos have not responded to this gesture of peace and war rages on.

The motives of the war are believed to be payback by the WN for a loss to the Chaos back in April. The Light Troops are believed to have personal issues with the Chaos, as well as the intention to grow from war. The Chaos are in it due to accusing WN of bot use/trash talk and to grow.

How do you believe this war will turn out? COMMENT!


9 Responses

  1. OMG first


  2. LT was never back, ioio didn’t give Spi any sort of permission.


    • Actually he never said Spi could not. He actually wanted someone to recreate LT but not Spi. The reason why Ioio deleted post was simply because Spi would open a server and then Spi quit. In which then LT died again.


    • Shut up, first of all.

      Second of all, Ioio never really cared if LT came back or not. And its not his fault people wanted LT back.

      Dont call me a bad leader if our own, childish, idiotic creator destroyed everything all because of a minecraft server.

      Just because you recruited a few times doesnt mean you have to dictate what I do and want in LT.


  3. biased ACP should’ve been first


  4. spi killed lt


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