Practice Battle: Ice Warriors vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

TUXEDO – The Ice Warriors, who are yet to stake a stand in World War VII, dueled out against the Rebel Penguin Federation for an old-styled practice battle which featured throwing snowballs and chanting various war rhetorics.

The battle took place on June 25th (known to be the date on which Michael Jackson passed away in 2009……..), where both sides showed a great display of snowballs flying here and there as well as a nice show of chanting. The battle commenced at the underground pool where, for the first fifteen minutes of the battle, both sides threw snowballs at each other. Next, the IW proceeded to the boiler room, where they numbered around 30-35 people and hit 40, while RPF took off for the mine; they reached about 40 as well. To converge at the battle, the IW arrived at the forts to finish the battle up.

The Ice Warriors chant “FEAR US” while numbering about 20; the Rebel Penguin Federation troops remain silent and number nearly 20 as well

The Ice Warriors, numbering between 20-25, perform the Joke Bomb tactic while the Rebel Penguin Federation, numbering about 20-25 as well, remain silent. 

A group photograph showing the Ice Warriors numbering about 30-32 troops and perform the E+2 tactic

A group picture of the Rebel Penguin Federation showing the troops perform the E+9 tactic; the RPF have about 35-37 troops here. 

Winner of the battle, Super Paco24 of the RPF, stated the following,

Hey RPF, excellence was shown by each an everyone of you who decided to come to the event and kick some butt in the practice battle with the well known Ice Warrior Army. I will let the pics do the talking and it very well looks like a top 3 type size for the top 10, very outstanding job, proud of you all (…).

Albert417, present IW leader, provided a memoir of the battle,

Today we had a crazy practice battle with one of our allies, the RPF. We had an “old-styled” battle which included the simple throwing of snowballs at the opposing army while also chanting several messages. We did this for the first 15 minutes of the battle, and then we proceeded to go to the Boiler Room, while the RPF decided to go to the mine. With sizes of 30-35+, we then proceeded to converge and battle once more at the Forts.

Overall, we did pretty well today. We had over 50+ people on chat, and more on CP would have been better. Let’s keep up the good work!

In summation, the battle was a great success regarding the try to revive old Club Penguin warfare-styled battles and both armies gave it their best shot to win the battle, along with no ranting. For the remainder of the week, the IW have some mass recruiting and training sessions scheduled along with a practice battle against the Water Ninjas this Friday. On the other hand, the RPF seem to be holding back greatly in the war against the Dark Warriors, with a defense of their server Arctic scheduled. Also, their leader, Red Gush24 is on vacation. Followed by the DW defense come training sessions focused on tactics, line formations and recruiting.

What do YOU think? Could there have been a peculiar twist to the plot?

 ●||»๖̶̶̶ۣۜмιѕѕ ѕтepнaɴιe мιcнαєℓ נαcкѕση ℓσνєя«||●
CPA Central Reporter

Amor vincit omnia
Love conquers all

24 Responses

  1. I would be completely happy with this if you had not mentioned Michael Jackson.

    Otherwise, a fine post.


  2. Why can’t we do all battles like this? :0
    Oh yeah, funny thing is, one of my best friends has a MASSIVE obsession with MJ the same way you do xD


  3. Steph! I was gonna post this! LOL, nvm


  4. Steph, add this vid in. It gives readers a batter sense of the battle 😀


  5. Great battle, Nice pic at the end ;D


  6. It was indeed a very fun battle to witness, hopefully we can have more of these events.


  7. (wary) Watch the video pj linked its amazing


  8. Looks like a good battle.


  9. I hesitate to call the BA/WA war a world war. It needs to last longer than a few days to be called one.


  10. awesome post and wow rpf amazing size i never thought they were going to fully recover


  11. I laugh at how the number 40 was linked to these pictures…




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