Army Advice for Dummies: Graphics

Prepare for a 2 In 1 Post!

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It’s Paco back from the dead, It has been a long while since I’ve done anything CPAC related as I was on leave with exams lasting in late May to early June, but now I am back and thought I would post something more on the philosophical terms then my usual satires, jokes, tournament results, breaking news and that kind of stuff.

Graphics, how important are they to an armies success? Do they effect activeness and recruiting? How much should graphics cost to armies by designers that isn’t a total rip off? Can Paco shut up and get to the point? Yes, Yes I can and well, here is some help on graphics tips for those who want to start an army or have an army with lame graphics, here is some advise on purchasing graphics so you don’t over pay:


  • Headers: Headers are probably a must have for an army so that when a new troop comes to the site for the first time, they want to be awe struck and think “whoa, this army is legit” A regular Header should be given at 250 xats, a CSS header can go 300-350, If your paying any higher, you should probably take your business somewhere else.
  • Chat background(Inner): A chat background is the most seen and probably most expensive/most variety in quality-type graphics you can purchase, a decent chat background price can range from 350-550. A little more or less is fine, but if your paying over 600, you need to find a hitman and have that designer killed.
  • Banners/Flags: Banners are simple, show the slogan of the army, gives the army advertisements on other sites, and flags symbolize the nation as a united army, these are usually decently priced by all graphic designers, a simple 150-250 xats is what you could find a banner for, anything more and you could just be getting scammed by black Doug from The Hangover.
  • Backgrounds(Outer): Outer backgrounds are the easiest things I’ve ever had to make for a chat or site, this should be fairly cheap in costs, 100-150 xats is a good price range, unless you ask for excessive details on it, but otherwise, it’s pretty low price.
  • Xat Avatars: These avatars are the biggest scams in the whole gfx business, they come in at prices of 400 that I have seen, and not even animated, when they are really easy to make and I just can’t believe to what extent some people have paid to get them, a non animated pic should be 50-100 xats, an animated pic however, can be difficult to make and lengthy, so these have no specific price range, as long a its between 50-250, It is okay, although I personally wouldn’t pay over 200 for one, unless you are rich. But otherwise, it’s a bigger rip off than the Xbox One.
  • Others: Buttons and other things aren’t too necessary but a good price for these can go to 50-150.

A subtotal package for all these things combined for an army would have you spending: 950 The LEAST, and 1700 The MOST, so it all depends on your taste and what you feel like you need the most. This is all just on what I feel is good for graphics and what I would do as a graphics designer myself, would sell my graphics as. The graphic designer in the end picks the prices and you just need to be wise on how much the graphics are actually worth and if you should just buy from someone else.


Graphics have been dazzling in the past few years and some look even professionally made, not just this but the the bringing of animated headers, banners, xat avatars and several other things have began to show up and improve as well. Not to mention filling up the pockets of well known graphic designers such as Pochoma, Dx, Tomb, Monsoon, Neos, and other well known designers in xats and Pay Pal money. However, is it worth it to purchase graphics, is it even necessary for an army to be large?

“Appearances are nice but doesn’t matter, as long as you can fill a chat and get them on club penguin, the graphics can be done on doodle and not matter, graphics are just used too look cool but true loyal troops will stick to the army by liking the people and leader, not looks.” – Someone who thinks graphics are a waste of time and xats.

“You need graphics to be successful, only way you can get troops to look at your site and then really appreciate the armies sizes and try to help, if you got a new 2014 Ford Mustang, but it was all dirty and scratched and crashed, would you think people would want to ride in it? No, because it is embarrassing even though it is a 2014 Mustang, you need to keep it in shape and the same goes to an army.” – Someone who thinks graphics are important.

These two people were actually arguing this on a chat I was on, didn’t even remember the names of the users who were arguing but I do remember the conversation, if you are one of em, feel free to comment to get your credit lol. Anyhow, I decided to interview Dark Warriors’ 3ic Jason, I am in Red, He is in Black.

Paco: Hey Jason.

Jason: Hi.

P: Do you think an army needs good graphics to be successful?

J: No.

P: Why do you think this?

J: Graphics don’t mean anything for an army to be successful. To be successful you need active troops, a group of people who are willing to make the army great. People who are loyal and recruit for the army, Gfx just proves crap, I learned this from Tylund.

P: Anything you’d like to say to the CPAC viewers before I end this?

J: Nope, that is all.

P: Thank you for your time.

Interesting huh? Jason said he heard this from Tylund, and Tylund led LT, Light Troops were never known for good graphics and never had superb graphics like the Nachos, ACP, RPF, Ice Warriors and such but still had managed to make it to number 1 and top 5 countless times. On the other hand, ACP, IW, and Nachos have been dominant as well with good graphics and don’t die. So what do you think? Comment my friends, that is all I got!

๖̶ۣۜۜCнιєƒ Paco ɪ

CPAC Associate Producer

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  1. WOOO PACO!! YEAH!! WOO. Lol, anyway, nice post.

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  2. Paco, you’re alive! (Why do I keep saying that lul…)


  3. LT not known for good graphics?

    This good enough for you?


  4. I make non-animated Xat Avatars for 50 xats and Animated ones for 75 yet someone was telling me that was a BS price XD


  5. I do CSS for free da fack you talking about man


  6. You forgot to mention the person who innovated graphics in armies the most, Pringle.


  7. need graphics? ask me 😀 soo cheap you know 😛


  8. *Than the xBox One


  9. some adivice* -wary-


  10. And all this time I was worried of overpricing. That is a hella lot more than I charge for anything.


  11. Article writing is also a fun, if you be acquainted
    with then you can write or else it is complicated to write.


  12. please give avatars for rebel penguin federation


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