Mchappy to Retire From Army of CP

UPDATE 6:34 PM EST: The ‘falsified’ post was a joke, Mchappy’s retirement is confirmed and Tori and Capncook are indeed the leaders of ACP.

UPDATE 6:00 PM ESTIt appears that Flipper has falsified Mch’s retirement post, Flipper has been removed from the site and as of now Mch is still ACP leader and chat has been reset once again.

BREEZE, ACP Empire – Following Mchappy’s AWOL during last week, which led to Shab and Flipper temporarily promoting Flipmoo and Capncook to Leaders, he has retired from the Army of CP for a third time. This was widley described as a “general cycle” of Mchappy and many have not been shocked following the end of his third reign. Capncook and Tori have been promoted to the rank of Leader, resulting in the second duo USA leadership since Dryvit and Saint. Within the other owner ranks, Monsoon has been promoted to 3ic and Flipmoo has been promoted to 2ic.

Mchappy had previously retired in both of his last leaderships on the back off becoming inactive, the last one being when Kingfunks4 was promoted to leader after previously being temporary leader to cover for his absence. Many had become confused as to Mchappy’s absence of last week, with the rumor being that he was at his cousins for the week. Some had questioned this and said that this was merely an “excuse” to get away from the ACP leadership. During this time, the ACP had dropped out of the top five and barely managed sizes about 25.

ACP’s PB with the WV during the “Fapn” temporary leadership.

On the ACP chat, Mch confirmed to the ACP troops that “this was his last leadership” and he said that he “was getting too old for this”. The ACP chat went into a slight panic of surprise when Mchappy had announced his retirement, but they soon started to talking about the future of the ACP and what it would be like with the new leadership. I interviewed former ACP leader, Mchappy, on why he retired and what this means for the ACP.

Q: Why did you decide to retire from the ACP?

Three factors come into play: [a] age/other intrests, [b] as a retiree returning as leader I just wanted to make ACP stable, [c] i see that the owners are capable to lead without me.

Q: How do you think Tori and Capn will do?

I think they balance eachother out. Tori is nice and soft while Capn is strict and swift. It’ll definitely bring out a new ACP.

Q: What are your comments on the concerns of the UK troops about no UK presences and a USA dominance within the leadership?

There is a UK presence in ACP: you have Foldez who has experience leading and Slime who is active as F***.

Q: How do you think you did in your three terms as ACP leader?

Eh, I’m sure there are mixed opinions about my leaderships. I think overall they were fine, nothing incredible, but I certainly could keep ACP in a very good position.

Congratulations on your achievements and good luck in the future.

Thank you. You too buddy!

Mchappy still holds the record to the second largest sizes hit by a CP army, with some saying they had around 120+ at their heights during this event. This event came when he was a temporary leader in Bobcats absence and Bob later stepped down to 2ic to allow for the continued great sizes that he had achieved.

In a statement, new leader Capn said “It’s very unfortunate that Mchappy had to retire but he did what he wanted to do and his decisions are what’s best for the ACP”. When he talked about the new leadership he said “Promoting Tori and I to leader was a bold move because we will ensure the ACP is number one soon enough”. The statement ended with a bold “you wait”. Capn clearly feels that this leadership will bring the ACP back to their top ten heights and knock the Nachos off their perch. Tori holds a similar view that this leadership will be successful.

What do YOU think about Mchappys retirement? Is Mchappy a CP army legend and will Capn/Tori be good successors to him? Comment YOUR opinion on the ACP leadership change.

-Kingfunks4 Retired CPAC Head

38 Responses

  1. first


  2. Aye Ceeh Pee gonn die now!




  4. Aww bye Mchappy D:
    Thank’s for being a good friend to me. I’ll miss your ‘first, booyah! :mrgreen:’ catchphrase. Good luck in your future endeavors!


  5. Can you post actual news instead of posting about a leader retiring? This isn’t news to anyone except ACP..


  6. Mchappy, it is sad to see you retire. But I understand why you retired.
    You were truly a cp army legend!


  7. Great post. Formatting was perfect.

    I’m sad to see Mchappy go, as he was my first leader. He did bring up valid points regarding his reasons for retirement. Unfortunately, I don’t see ACP doing excellent, but average.


  8. I am very sad to see Mchappy go, but I am happy for Tori and Capn. I would rather that Flipmoo leads, but good luck to Tori and Capn!


  9. Is Mch high?


  10. >Tori
    >Rank of leader

    Unless she made a drastic change since my computer broke, the ACP is officially boned. Capn, while a great and experienced leader, goes AWOL more often than not, and will likely completely disappear once school starts.. The ACP’s going to fall, once again.


    • Agreed. If ACP don’t start allowing the troops decide who leads, they will turn rebellious. It’s just unfair, watching hoppers, retirees and popular people steal owner rank and I’m starting to lose my motive to fight for ACP.


  11. Okay, now the ACP leadership are messing with us :/
    One second Mch is retired, next second it’s apparently a joke, and now he is retired again, I’m confused :s
    Btw, bye Mchappy, I’ll miss you, you were a great ACP leader and legend!


  12. I feel like I’ve seen this story before… twice.


  13. It’s sad that my first leader of all time has left again. Even though I dislike ACP now, I still remember you Mch….


  14. Why the hell does this get stickied?


    • I’m wondering the same. No one who isn’t ACP cares if Mchappy retires. If Oagalthorp or Boomer returned as leader, I’d understand. But no one but the ACP cares about Mchappy or his retirement.

      You know what’s actually important? The BA/WA war. It could become a world war, and has multiple armies involved. That post by Tomato is more deserving of being stickied than this.


      • Dj, I could not agree with you more. These posts should stop being stickied, especially since this happens every single time an ACP leader retires. To top it off, ACP isn’t that influential anymore. If you look at Mch’s once again short reign, Mch hardly accomplished anything. He didn’t bring back ACP to “splendid” sizes, nor did he regain their dominance. I’d even say his return last summer was more influential than his current return.

        About the BA war…. unfortunately most of the CPAC viewers are from Mch’s “fan-club”, so they care more about a leader from a top 6 army retiring than something that is actually important.


        • Exactly. Maybe if one of the Nachos leaders retired, seeing how they are currently the largest army out there, each of the Nacho’s leaders accomplished a lot, and their retirement would be relevent to other armies, then I could understand being sticky. Not Mchappy retiring for the THIRD time.


  15. In regards to Mchappy’s awol followed by retirement, I told you so. No offense to Tori because she is my cay sister, but she is not leadership material and in my view she is serving as a puppet leader with the biggie retirees and Capn covering for her. I gotta agree once again with DJ. I sympathize with Maxy as well. He has been so active and trying so hard to attain his goal. Many ACP have but will never make it when others are chosen before them. I have heard this from many ACP and all are losing motivation, thus another ACP decline. So what, you might drop down in the top ten for a bit. It’s a game. Let everyone play it. Give people a chance to prove (or not) what they can do for ACP.
    Btw, Mchappy’s short return to leadership was to try to stabilize the struggling army and use his popularity to get people to return to ACP and get new recruits from other armies. It was a temp stabilization. ACP, I predict, will decline rapidly once again, especially with disgruntled troops whose morale is at an all time low. They will leave, others will follow.


    • *cat sister. Gah, I hate mobile…


    • Honestly, I thank you for the support. Everyone heed Snaily’s words. It hurts more and more in ACP, knowing that I’ll never achieve my goals that I set two years ago in excitement when I joined. Now, I’ll leave and be forgotten by the community, feeling left out. No one will ever get chance to become influential, because retirees keep coming back and breaking the hearts of active generals. My motivation is declining at a fast rate.


      • The reason retirees are continually forced to return (not just in ACP, but all over), is because the “new generation” is not ready, willing, or able to take over the reins.


        • That’s what frustrates us the most. How can you prove that point when the new generation are never given the chance?


          • You’ve had chances. And from what I’ve seen, most have turnd out quite poorly. People are no longer wiling to work and be truly devoted to their armies/organizations (at least, not like they used to be), and their hunger for fame and power but unwillingness to actually work for that is what will be the death of us all if not stopped.


  16. So ACP is a monarchy now


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