Top Ten Armies: 06/23/13

This has been a great week for armies, with some of the best sizes we’ve seen in a very long time. With July nearing and the Army Warfare League coming to an end, let’s take a look at how the armies stack up. 

Top Ten Armies


1. Nachos [+0] [98.00]

2. Dark Warriors [+3] [92.75]

3. Water Vikings [-1] [89.88] 

4. Ice Warriors [+2] [84.88]

5. Rebel Penguin Federation [-1] [82.16] 

6. Army of CP [-3] [71.75] 

7T. Army Republic [+0] [67.16] 

7T. Doritos [+3] [67.16] 

9. Light Troops [NEW!] [52.88]

10. Water Ninjas [NEW!] [49.75] 


Close to the Top Ten: 

11. Chaos Army [+3] 

12. Storm Fighters [+0] 

13. Pretzels [NEW!] 

14. Pink Ice [-5]

15. Watex Warriors [-2]

1. Nachos: I’d like to go on record and say that the Nachos have had one of the best weeks we have seen from any army in a very long time, with a near-perfect score. On the 17th, the Nachos raided the RPF capital of Tuxedo as the result of a poll on their website. The army pulled off sizes of 30. The next day, another raided took place, this time of ACP’s Capital of Breeze, the army reaching sizes of 30-35. Following all of this, the Nachos claimed to have reached sizes of 50-60 during an event on the 19th. The next day, when the Army Republic did not show to a scheduled Practice Battle, the army logged on anyway, with sizes of 30-35. Yesterday, the Nachos faced off against the Dark Warriors in the Semi-Finals of the Army Warfare League, being defeated in that battle in a 3-2 vote. If the Nachos can keep up this size, however, there is no doubt they will be the dominant army this summer. 


2. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors also had a fantastic week as they continue in their fight for the top. DW’s week began with an unscheduled, where they maxed around 25; the army also reviving the medals system that day. On the 17th, the army reached sizes of around 30 as they trained for the upcoming AWL battle. Their UK event showed sizes of 25, and the army scheduled a Practice Battle with the Rebel Penguin Federation for the 20th. On that day, DW claims maxes of 35-40. They also fought against the Ice Warriors in a UK event, with sizes of 25. Yesterday, the Dark Warriors faced off against the Nachos in the Semi-Finals of the AWL, which they won in a 3-2 vote.

3. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings have had a really good week, taking a slight fall from second but still sticking it out in the Top Three. As the week began, WV held elections for a new 3ic, which was won by Pup Pup Lego. That same day, WV invaded Parka, a historically significant server, which they successfully secured with sizes of 20. Two days later, they logged onto Marshmallow for a training session, where they claim sizes of 35+. In an unscheduled following this, the army had sizes of 20-25. The next day, during WV’s “nude beach party”, the army reached sizes of 25. Yesterday, the Water Vikings faced off against the Ice Warriors in the Semi-Finals of the AWL, with sizes of 25. The army would lose the battle in a 2-0 vote. 


4. Ice Warriors: After multiple weeks on the bottom, the Ice Warriors seem to be making a rebound, possibly because of the return of their legendary leader and founder, Iceyfeet. The army held a training session on Wednesday, with sizes of 25-30. In a Practice Battle against the Dark Warriors following this, the Ice Warriors lost by a slight margin with sizes of 20. In another training session on the 21st, IW reached sizes of 20-25. Yesterday, the IW faced off against the Water Vikings in the Semi-Finals of the Army Warfare League. With sizes of 25-30, the IW won the battle in a 2-0 vote. 


5. Rebel Penguin Federation: The RPF has had a pretty decent week as they continue to prove that they’re back for good. RPF began their week by assisting the Army of CP during the Pirates raid of their capital, Breeze. As Shad, a longtime RPF soldier, retired from the army, the RPF servers of Arctic and Tuxedo were raided by the Nachos — the RPF defended the servers with sizes of 15. The following day, in a Practice Battle against the Dark Warriors, both armies claimed victory, the RPF claiming sizes of 30. On Thursday, the army’s Red v. Blue practice battle was decently successful, with combined sizes of around 25. Soon after, a major conflict broke out as the RPF declared war on the Pirates, a recently returning army. Pirates have chosen to ignore all invasions — in the first invasion of the war, on Fog, RPF maxed around 30.

RPF vs. Pirates5

6. Army of CP: The ACP seems to have taken a major fall following the disappearance of Mchappy, figurehead of the army. The week did begin with a huge milestone, however, as ACP became the first site in armies to reach 5 million views. Only four sites, being ACP, the Nachos, RPF, and CPAC, have even surpassed the one million mark, so 5 million is a huge accomplishment. On that same day, the Invasion of Avalanche brought ACP’s best sizes of the week, with sizes of 25-30. Slider568 also returned to the ACP at this time, holding a game night. The army also debated whether or not to bring divisions back, along with holding a U-Lead on Wednesday with sizes of 20. The next day, the army brought sizes of 20 again at a UK Training Session. Soon after, ACP faced off against the Water Vikings in a Practice Battle — they lost with sizes of 15. Following Mchappy’s dissapearance, ACP Legend Shaboomboom appointed ACP 3ics Flipmoo and Capncook to the Temporary Leadership position, causing controversy among some of the owners. Yesterday, the army had an unscheduled on Breeze with sizes of 15.

7T. Army Republic: The Army Republic showed similar sizes to those below them, but the large amount of events they had pulled them to stay at 6th this week. As the week began, the army held an unscheduled with sizes of 15. Two days later, during a U-Lead the army had sizes of 15. In a training session on Sleet following this, AR averaged 20 and maxed 25. A Practice Battle against the Nachos was planned, but due to the Nachos filling up the entire Forts, AR trained on the Iceberg with sizes of 20. The army also faced off against Water Ninjas, a new edition to CPAC’s Top Ten, with sizes of 15. Yesterday, the AR averaged about 20 during another event.


7T. Doritos: The Doritos jump a decent 3 spots in this week’s Top 10, tying with AR for the 7th slot. They kicked off their week with a recruiting session which had about 16-18 troops in attendance. An invasion of the Pirates’ Matterhorn maxed 15. To wrap it up, the DCP invaded Ice Cream, with a max of about 19 troops.

9. Light Troops: The Light Troops return to the Top 10 this week. They began their return with a training session on Ice Box, which was recently reacquired from the RPF; the event maxed 20. Next, the vacant server of Misty was invaded with sizes of 13-15. Finally, a practice battle with the Pretzels resulted in a victory and sizes of 18-20.

10. Water Ninjas: The Water Ninjas also make their foray into the Top 10 this week, changing their name from the Lime Green Army. The new army started with two training sessions on Monday and Tuesday, maxing 9 and 10 respectively. A training on Wednesday maxed 15 and a practice battle with the AR maxed 16, which resulted in a tie. Finally, their first week was concluded with a training on Friday, which maxed 14.




The winning choice for this week’s poll was “No”, with 61 votes. New Poll released every Sunday.


So, what do YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Comment with YOUR opinion!


CPA Central CEO


CPA Central Editor-in-Chief

71 Responses

  1. FIRST, WW aren’t even in the top 15 um.. o.e


  2. Good job DW and Nachos, too bad for WV. 😉


  3. Chaos should be 10th. We consistently got 15+, minimizing 13 and maxing 20 at one event


  4. This top ten Pink Ice is ranked 14th.


  5. Ha, Pirates are off.


  6. The WW/Brownies switch has been made, sorry about that.


  7. Woo, Nacho streak again 😀
    I guess Pink Ice appearing in the Top Ten was a one time thing.
    Still, nice Top Ten :mrgreen:


  8. 2nd place DW! 🙂


  9. yes DW


  10. *hsa dies
    *LT and dcp come back on top 10*


  11. Noteable Drops: Pirates XD


  12. Yay Water Ninjas! 🙂


  13. I can always count on B1


  14. LT ❤


  15. “On that day, DW claims maxes of 35-40”
    That is a lie they maxed 28-30 at the biggest point & they didn’t even come to the docks where they scheduled the event to take place, it took them over 20 minutes to change rooms and when they did finally show up to docks for battle they couldn’t even get 20 they left in under 4 minutes due to embarrassment. Here is the video of RPF vs DW. I can’t even count 20 DW’s in the peak of the battle.


    • Yeah, many armies claimed large maxes this week, which is why I wrote all of them as “_____ claimed”, because it seems unlikely that so many armies would hit 35-40.


    • DW never agreed to meet at the Dock. We moved rooms three times because you were to embarrassed to meet with us at at Forts. It’s easy to maintain size when all you do is sit in one room. 😉


  16. LT rox


  17. Then how are they second and RPF’s 5th that makes absolutely no sense dude.


  18. lol! Yeah Ok, if you say so.


  19. Wheres RPF in that picture?


  20. Good job Light Troops.


  21. ok RPF beat DW the other day so how the heck does DW get 2nd in top ten?


    • That’s like saying why wasn’t DW first as we beat the Nachos yesterday. DW had an overall better week than you. One event doesn’t define an armies week, plus we had better sizes than you anyway.

      I’ve been retired for 4 months, and even I know that.


  22. Did you watch the video of the battle? You didn’t even max 20 when you guys came to the docks.. Instead you all were over in the Town taking pictures, Ok cool you had 34″DW” in different rooms but how come in the actual battle that dw scheduled to be at docks you got 15-18. That’s why you left within 4 minutes the actual battle. Can you explain that? .


  23. Perfect Top Ten, now that the WW fix has been added. There definitely could be an argument to switch Chaos & Water Ninjas as well as ACP & AR, but otherwise, perfect.


  24. WN!!!


  25. AR was bigger than ACP…. and more active.


  26. This is a hot top 10. I like it. But the only bad thing is, the Pretzels maxed 20 and we have pictures. Water Ninjas maxed 16 on a lucky day. Thanks again.


  27. Very Accurate Top 10 Good Job DW!


  28. What’s the formula for deciding the scores? They seem pretty arbitrary to me.


  29. Nice job Water Ninjas






  32. “Stop Disney” (wary)


  33. oh look ar with amazing sizes of 25+.
    LOLOLOL how orginal


  34. reds will be there soon 😛


  35. Chaos deserves 10th, not WN.


  36. […] army could have been even bigger, with the Chaos (who were ranked 11th on the latest top ten) backing out due to the troops disliking the proposed merge with the two armies behind them. Orange […]


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