Army Warfare League: Semi-Final Results

As the Semi-Final round comes to an end, only two armies will be fighting for the prestigious Army Warfare League Championship.

Dark Warriors vs. Nachos

Permafrost Iceberg – Both armies were eager to begin the battle, at exactly 11:30am PST Blue1 gave the order to both armies to converge at the Iceberg. Dark Warriors had greater size at the start of the battle with a troop count of 26 to the Nachos’ 23 (keeping in mind that locked out troops do not count for tournament battles). The first 15 minutes of the battle was hard-fought, but the Dark Warriors came out on top at the Berg with slightly greater size and tactics. The battle was then moved to the mine 15 minutes into the battle. The judges final score was 3-2 in favor of the Dark Warriors


Victor – Dark Warriors


Ice Warriors vs. Water Vikings

Permafrost Iceberg – At 12:30 pm PST the Ice Warriors and Water Vikings would battle it out to see who would face the Dark Warriors in the AWL Final. The battle started with the Water Vikings forming an L and the Ice Warriors forming a cross. The initial troop count at 12:30pst was Ice Warriors 22, Water Vikings 20. This was a back and forth battle where at certain points both armies were superior in size and tactics. However one army did come out on top, with a judges final score of 2-0 the second finalists were the Ice Warriors.


Victor – Ice Warriors


Congratulations to our finalists and to all armies who participated, these were truly hard-fought battles. Final times will be posted shortly.


-█Lucario564█[★CPAC Snack Manager/Associate Producer★]

26 Responses

  1. Good battle.


  2. Let the complaining begin…


  3. All of the battles were surprisingly close


  4. Wow……….. Nachos got hit hard. From 60……………to a loss.


  5. omg I seez mehh!!!!!111!!!!
    ….Yes, very close battles indeed…


  6. Im sorry, I think both of these are wrong. I think WV beat IW, and I think Nachos beat DW.


    • I think it’s time to spot being butthurt.

      How can YOU possibly assume Nachos won if you weren’t at the battle, and Nachos haven’t posted their pictures? If you’re judging by DW’s pictures, and still think Nachos won, you have a severe case of dyslexia.

      DW destroyed Nachos at the Ice Berg, the Mine was much closer, but Nachos didn’t beat DW in the fashion they were beaten at the Ice Berg.


      • Except for the fact you only had 5 more than us at the Ice berg, and we had 10 more at the mine, counted by blue1.


        • You didn’t have 10 more at the Mine, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. I think DW were the ones who had 10 more at the berg.

          Anyways, Nacho’s tactics at the berg were horrible, and were beaten. DW still put up a better fight in the mine than Nachos did in the Ice berg , and that is why DW won. Case closed.


      • You have a severe case of stupidity if you think dyslexia applies to pictures.


    • since you are in such a good place to judge after attending the battle for about 5 minutes


  7. I’m sure Funks voted against the Nachos just to spite them.


  8. Ehh, I gotta be honest, when it came to the mine, the Nachos were kind of destroying.


  9. […] Army Warfare League: Semi-Final Results […]


  10. look i dont give a bull about this arguing i am a nacho but i congratulate dw. but that doesnt mean dw can rub it in our face. deal with it:)


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