ACP In Trouble?

Blue1: mfw if you’re gonna fake my edit at least use the correct color

Blue1: Firstly, reporters this is an excellent example of what I spoke about at yesterday’s staff meeting. If there’s not a lot of information on the topic, stretch it out with interviews, etcetera.

In a shocking turn of events, Capncook and Flipmoo have been given temporary leader status by old farts Shaboomboom & Flipper. From what sources have told us, Mchappy has been AWOL for 5 days or so after saying he was just taking a 2-3 day break. What do you think will happen? I’m not sure, but I asked some ACP troops what they thought.


Q. How do you feel now as Temp Leader, do you feel all powerful?

A. Power corrupts a human being, and will drive them to self destruction. I like to think of my position as something to keep the ACP safe and stabilized until our leader comes back, instead of describing it as “power.” Capn and I will take the necessary precautions required to keep the ACP secured.

Q. What do you think about the current situation that ACP is in?

A. The current situation can be described in a few ways, but I think it’s the troop’s motivation to begin with. Sure, there are some who say our owners are incompetent, and I was one of them. However I came to realize that the owners are [not] the only ones to blame-the troops need to get motivated as well. Recent bot attacks have prevented us from having successful events as well.

Q. Any other comments on recent events, yourself, mch, capn, the current color of the grass?

A. We have the chat size, the troops, the possibilites. The only thing we lack on is motivation in general, followed by a safe place to hold events on.


Q. What do you think of this whole situation with Mch gone, do you think he will come back?

A. I think the situation is another one where he goes AWOL and then he comes back eventually.

Q. How do you think Capn & Flipmoo will do as temp leaders?

A. Well Flipmoo would be a good leader, Capn seems to be AWOL too.

Q. What is your favorite color.

A. Orange

Q. Do you have any other comments about the current situation of ACP, Mch, Capn, Flipmoo, or the clouds currently in the sky?

A. The clouds make it look like it will rain today.

I’d like to thank the two of them for letting me interview them. If you have any news about this, opinions, whatever please feel free to comment it below!

22 Responses

  1. ACP have GOT to stop relying on retirees for new leaders. It wasn’t ACP’s choice to have Mchappy lead, it was the retirees. Then, he went AWOL. As a result, I can’t see how this will work, but it’s only temporary. Capn’s too negative to be a permanent leader at the moment, in my opinion.


  2. Flipmoo appears to be a good leader so ACP isn’t doomed at all, the only thing that’s pulling them down, like you said, was the whole lack of motivation thing.


  3. You called yourself an old fart.


  4. its a general cycle of mch;s


  5. This is why Mchappy is not a legend for all his fanboys out there. So predictable, it’s almost sad.

    What I don’t understand is why run away? Why not just have the dignity to admit you can’t recover ACP, and retire instead of leaving the owners in conflict.



  6. Firstly, reporters this is an excellent example of what I spoke about at yesterday’s staff meeting. If there’s not a lot of information on the topic, stretch it out with interviews, etcetera.

    Secondly, I think appointing Capn and Flip was the most logical decision, but that it’ll cause some conflict with overstepping the 2ics. Even if that might not sound “morally” correct, we all know that Capn and Flip are the two best suited people to succeed Mchappy.


  7. ACP you need to get some new leaders


  8. hock4leedur


  9. And… Mch is gone again.


  10. No one called it, they said furst not first, therefore by the rules of calling first i declare FIRST!


  11. Didnt Mch do this last year?
    Oh also, nice edit xD


  12. Have you considered that Mch maybe:
    – was banned from electronic devices by parents
    – has unplanned holidays
    – lives in an area where electricity was cut off
    – has a broken computer.

    Nobody can be sure what happened but i am sure that in one week he will be back to ACP 🙂


  13. ACP’s not in trouble with the new leadership. Q_Q


  14. I predicted that Mch would disappear. Js.


  15. ACP should stay in trouble. Its for the good of them


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