Army Review 6/21/13

Because I got nothing better to do with my sorry life I am gonna do some more work around CPAC so I don’t get laid off. Each Friday I will review what armies have done recently. I will not get the best pictures but I will get what I think looks good from looking at the first few posts. I’m sorry but recruiting session results are not something I want to dig through, kinda like digging through trash. Anyways these will be similar to last week’s post. If an army dies then there will be no pictures for it and just a simple statement on how or why they bit the dust.

1. Nachos

Well the Nachos have been doing the best in a long time. Events of theirs have been in the 30’s and 40’s with one reaching 60 at training. The past week the Nachos have been raiding the rest of the top 4 with most of the time the opponents not showing. They have also been battling AR and IW in Practice battles. They have also been trying to train troops and are acting, in my opinion, like ACP did.

2. Water Vikings

Water Vikings have done well this week. They’ve had training and and their leaders got attacked by a couple of clones. They’ve been out of war and have the AWL tournament against their Frozen Allies. They also had a practice Battle with ACP which they won.


3. ACP

The  Mighty ACP. Events for them have been low with ACP loosing a PB with WV, a bot invasion, and tactic sessions for America, Europe and Asia. Recently they have started working on a United Nations unit due to event titles posted in French. Overall a quiet week for this army.

4. Rebel Penguin Federation

The Rebels have had an event filled week. Declaring War on Pirates, Practice battle with DW, Nachos raiding, and the Retirement of Shad. Many events have been in preparation for the war due to loosing to a close fight with WV.

5. Dark Warriors

A Nice week for the Dark Warriors. Filled with training, recruiting and more training. They’ve been reaching sizes of the 30’s and have had many events. Their battles this week were with IW, whom they tied with and RPF, which results are still uncertain due to both armies claiming victory

6T. Army Republic

AR has had a quiet week as well. Many training events with a practice battle with the Water Ninjas. More or less these guys have been recruiting.


6T. Ice Warriors

The Ice Warriors are another army preparing for this weekend. With many recruiting sessions and a Practice battle with DW. This weekend they go up against WV in the AWL.


8. Pirates

Pirates haven’t been doing so hot. First couple weeks and they have had a coup of their Leader, Chat reset, War with two armies and many scandals regarding their Leader’s comments on Small armies. They have announced they will not loose the war because they refuse to die even if they loose their land. They have had training planned but no results this week though. Due to a lack of pictures on site, there will be none for Pirate Representation.

9. Pink Ice

Pink Ice are back and they have been celebrating the fact they made it into the top ten. Events have been few but they have been getting decent numbers. They also had a fight against the Watex Warriors.

10. Doritos of Club Penguin

Rounding up this week are the Doritos. Doritos have been invading the Pirates and have been winning invasions since the Pirates have been ignoring DCP. As of now the most competition they have had in the war is Talex.

Note to armies. If you want pictures on these posts, post results. Don’t make result posts extremely long because we here at CPAC will not look for all events if the post is longer then the sidebar content on the main Page. There is a thing that is called Read more, I think RPF should learn how to use it. If you, the populace, feels that I showed favoritism because your army had a shorter description then another army, then make posts I would enjoy reading. Posts that are small enough to scroll through on site but when clicked on, they are longer. Now that my rant is done, the next thing up is… The Monster’s University Party. I’ll be in the bar if you need me before and after the post.

15 Responses

  1. After maxing 16 at one event and 11 at another event. I think Pink Ice still has a chance at the top ten this week. Looking at some of the other army sizes 🙂 .


  2. Tap you gotta stop posting the pics of the army’s last event. It makes them all look bad. Nachos only have 40 in that pic, when a day before they had 60.


  3. Omfg, everything I want to post about gets posted by someone else :/


  4. Love these posts.


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