Would Education and Club Penguin Armies go together?

Good evening CPAC!

I’d like to pose a question to you all today and perhaps a potential idea and scheme in the making if followed through correctly. Strangely enough, this idea involves the prospects of….. education, and homework!

Read on if you’re intrigued. Read on anyway even if you couldn’t care less 🙂

So, education and Club Penguin armies. It would seem strange to place those two key parts of most of our lives together, and yet I’m here to discuss just how aiding education of others from our own homes can be very beneficial, and mutually so. We often place education as being boring, out of touch with a kid’s life, and something arduous and irritating. And yet, on the other hand, you have Club Penguin, and Club Penguin armies, these two things are quite the opposite education, as we often do them because we want to, because they are things that are interesting to us and things that we enjoy doing.


Education seems like a pretty boring thing when you’re just beginning to understand the wider scope of things you will have to learn in life, i.e, approaching the age of around 10 or 11. And yet education is not simply
going to go away, is it? You’re sick of hearing the same things being said to you over and over again but to do well in life you’ve gotta make the most of the time you have to learn things before you get chucked out into the big, bad world.

And here comes the main focus of the post. I’ve had sources present the idea to me recently that the reason for bad behavior in respective armies to some kids, and linking into this, the reason for bad behavior in life, is pretty much because some kids aren’t as educated as they should be. Now, this is not my view and I’m not adopting it in any way. But, it IS true and it IS a proven fact that if someone is educated properly, they will most likely become a better and more pleasurable person to be around.

You’re probably sitting here thinking when am I actually gonna explain the point of this post rather than explaining the obvious positives of education in this world. Well, in a nutshell, my idea is this; the older ones in this society helping those who are younger to understand their work better.

Now now, don’t groan, shake your head and mentally threaten to click away from this post. It’s a fact that most kids don’t fully understand their homework the majority of the time and they don’t like this at all. But the answer to this is simple – in this very odd, and very special community, many of the younger people have actually been provided with the opportunity to bond with those of a much older age, and they’ve been entitled to equal friendship because of the basis of an online chat. This gives my idea a steady base that those of a younger age can very easily rely on and trust in the older people that they know.

Sure, the idea of homework probably comes into play often during chat and maybe once in passing a younger person will say they don’t understand some aspect of their homework and someone else will try and help, but if we could refine this system so that younger people can very easily find those who they need to talk to in order to understand their subjects and their homework, then helping people in this way would be so much easier. Perhaps even a specific site, or chat box would work.

In all honesty, I find the idea of education extremely boring and so does every other person (unless you’re that 1 in a million that thanks the government for forcing you to go to school), however as I’ve stressed before, it has to be done! So why shouldn’t we make the ride for those younger people in our community easier? We all enjoy coming on our respective chats to socialize, but if we could link that fun of socializing into education, instead of having a time to socialize and then having to go to the other extreme and have to sit down in solitude and do your homework, then the whole experience could be amplified significantly, like constructive interference (the older of us who have been educated in physics will know this one)!

Another positive of this idea is that if a site for this whole prospect were to be set up and younger people could be sent in the direction of people who have knowledge in the subject they need help with, they could end up going to completely different ends of the community and end up making new friends, therefore yet again increasing both the socializing element of club penguin armies and the new element of education!

Those who are older who may be reading this post may be thinking, why the hell should we help people out? Because as far as I see it, all of us in this community are a bit like a broad family of uncles, aunts, grandparents grandchildren, mothers and fathers, and so on. We should be dedicated to helping one another  so that we can all have a chance to make the whole experience better. And I for one enjoy imparting knowledge to those younger than me! Maybe it just makes me feel clever, I don’t know, but it certainly gives me an odd sense of satisfaction.

Perhaps a way that this system might work is this –

You have a website with each subjects as a separate page and people can come onto those pages and ask questions about things they do not understand. Editors hopefully are notified quickly and are able to answer a question quickly.

Or perhaps you could have a list of people that are willing to help out, what times they are available to help out at, what subjects they specialize in, and generally where they are found on xat so that you can find them easily and ask a question. If enough names were added then you could end up with a very good system. Perhaps a site name – CPALC? Club penguin army learning central?

So, in conclusion, I really do see no reason why this idea would not work, but if there’s anything you can pick apart from the concept please do so in the comments as I love and welcome all criticism in my posts.

Thanks for reading this perhaps excessively long post!

~6789cool – CPAC Reporter & Philosopher



28 Responses

  1. So a buddy system?? Pass. And, how hard is it to learn “E+8 ON THREE!!!!!”


  2. You are suggesting we all start tutoring the youngns, then?


    • if they need it, yeah. Not as a full time thing, just if they need help we have a system where we can give it


  3. The thing is, CP armies in its most basic elements is very simple to teach the important stuff. The important stuff is all they really need for them to understand what needs to be done…


  4. CP armies already teach people things like point of view / perspective, leadership, cuss words, etc.


  5. too long didnt read


  6. I want Waterkid to teach my children.


  7. Isn’t the reason we come on here to get away from school and homework? I don’t see myself asking Oagal for help on a math problem.


    • CP armies should teach things that you can use here and later on in your life, like making the right decision, leadership, etc. School education on the other hand is off limits here.


      • I kinda agree to that, the ‘we should be teaching people skills that are useful in life bla bla bla’ bit is true, while on the otherhand, we should actually teach people stuff here, that could help them at school, that they actually enjoy doing, like trying to disguise a quick maths lesson into a tactics lesson, by getting some troops to count the no. troops online, and they would never know that they’re actually doing maths! :mrgreen:


    • this is what i spent a lot of time going over in the first paragraph or so if you read it. The point is, in our lives we have a time to play and that’s going on club penguin, but then the crap bit comes, like doing homework. If we can provide a system where kids are still getting to come on here and socialize while getting help with some difficult homework then there might not be such a mental block.


  8. perhaps a smaller a post with simply saying – “lets help young people with their homework on a large scale” with nothing else would’ve been better. People are getting to think that because I wrote tons is that I’m trying to implement some huge teaching scheme, when all we intend to do is help someone with a difficult biology or math problem.

    my problem is that I like to write too much for no reason xD


  9. I can help teach them how to cheat on tests! 😀


  10. Nice post Cool! The idea seems quite good, and it’s something that nobody has ever thought of before. I’ll teach the kids how to annoy teachers, get out of lessons and throw funsnaps without getting noticed! :mrgreen: (Jk I don’t actually do that, apart from the funsnaps thing xD) Oh, oops wrong information – I mean’t to say, Stay in School kids! 😀


  11. oddly enough, I like it!


  12. CP armies has educated me in how to argue, make a WordPress website that looks decent, how perfect grammar is helpful, and how butthurt some people can be.


    • But on a serious note, it’s all about the different morales. Different people from different backgrounds have different morales, therefore educating them on a small group of people’s views is pointless.
      Looking at the other perspective, if you combine differing morales together to make one big nice morale, the intertwining people will just argue over how their morale is correct and the others aren’t.
      I’m sorry, but we come here to have fun, not to receive further education. I admit that we get educated indirectly, but coming here to specifically learn defeats the objective of CP Warfare.


    • Yeah CP armiers has educated me a lot too on most of what you said.


  13. Nice post. And to answer the main question of it, I think they could go together to an extent, but this form of tutoring should occur only if the intended receiving end of it requests or wants it to begin with.


  14. ‘But, it IS true and it IS a proven fact that if someone is educated properly, they will most likely become a better and more pleasurable person to be around.’ Sorry, I would have to disagree completely- also this is an opinion, and there’s no way you can prove this…
    And I must be one of the 1 in a million 😆
    Nice post though 😀


    • keep in mind the target audience I’m writing too, i.e 9-14 year olds (excluding people like us) and most of them probs hate school xD


  15. Im sorry but this is the worst idea I ever heard of.


  16. Reblogged this on Club Penguin Army Comedy Central.


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