Food for Thought Editorial: How to Reform the Council Right

Disclaimer: No, I’m not trying to bring back the council. Armies themselves will know when the time is right. This is merely to project my opinions and have a good discussion on how the council, should it ever return, should be operated. 

Once again I’m here to bring you a much smaller post, this post is made for debate. Today the subject on how to reform, or make a council better than the latest disastrous attempt earlier this year. Let’s begin!

When I was a part of the council, I thought we were doing everything right. We were trying to sort out the BA-WA, ACP-BA issue, or whatever you want to call it. Then we made several controversial decisions, with both sides complaining to something to the extent of “You’re favoring the other side!” and we lost so many armies’s support and crushing the chances of an effective council.

The idea of council has been done multiple times, most failing, a few actually doing something before an inevitable fall. But a council or something similar has always failed (thus why we have no council etc. today). The overwhelming reasoning for why people hate this, is that they fear that the council would be this “ultimate deciding force!” and “Oh no they will be biased!”

Now I see the reasoning behind it, and I won’t deny it, these issues had plagued the council in the past. Well, my idea could fix all of this.

Now before I tell you my idea, I will repeat what I had said before, I will not bring back the council and this is merely to project my opinion. I just want to make clear this so I don’t start a big uproar.

Now that I have that out of the way, let me explain. If I were to bring back the council I would not have a prominent figure, a person that you can say “That’s the leader!”. It gives the impression of an overriding force, someone that calls all the shots.

Next, I would only have 2 meetings a year. Both to update the rules of warfare and solve server disputes. These will be the only 2 meetings unless a massive issue arises that absolutely demands a quick solution. Otherwise, these 2 meetings will just update the rules, clarify them, and solve server disputes. Otherwise, the council will remain inactive and will only have any influence with those 2 meetings, and situations.

So, that’s my idea of how to run these things, I admit, this system isn’t perfect. But if any system was perfect, wouldn’t everyone adopt it?

So have fun discussing this, and I wish you all a happy Tuesday.


7 Responses

  1. I so hope I don’t start a shitstorm


  2. 1st! also i dont really like the idea.


  3. I have an idea on how to prevent a disaster like last time. Keep my ass out of it.


  4. This idea shows up every now and then and this time no storm may be started, really. The truth is there is no possibility to make completely objective council. Everybody had his/her first army and current army/armies and it’s obvious he/she would lobby for those armies and his judgement couldn’t be just.
    Despite The Council could be useful, it would be causing arguments among armies (especially post-BA and post-WA armies).
    – Oagalthorp becomes the head of council. BA-connected armies say Council is biased
    – Ganger becomes the head of council. WA-connected armies say Council is biased
    – Some unknown guy nobody heard of becomes the head of council. Everybody laughs.

    That’s all about council.


  5. The council is too much of a dictatorship, too serious and unnecessary in my opinion. Bringing it back would be a waste of time.


  6. lmao tap.


  7. I would keep things the same tbh. Bringing in a whole new council would be too much work and will cause a lot of controversy and disputes.


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