The Red Alliance & Golden Revolution

This is a follow up to my “orgins of BA” post, read it first before reading this!

Hello CPAC,

As you undoubtedly seen already, I published the works of my friend Proditor. Now if you were observant you might of seen some reference to “Golden Revolution”.   Well today I’m going to reveal what happened… What happened after the fall of the last Black Alliance.

As you read I request that you listen to this:

If you read this post: you would know what happened to me towards the end of the January 2013 BA. Having been betrayed, I pretty much drifted until contacted by my friend Proditor (if you read the post he was also kicked out of the BA).

He proposed reforming Black alliance, except this time we would abandon and forget the past. We would be a new alliance, an alliance named “Red Alliance”. We had the intention of bringing back Black alliance but under new ideals and abandoning any hateful intentions, that was the plan at least.

Our site was mainly based on the Council of Brothers or COB site. The COB acted as essentially group of people who were pretty much the leaders of BA throughout nearly all of its variations. Mach, Proditor, and Coolster were the Head Brothers, or the leaders of this. Waterkid was surprisingly mid rank if I recall correctly (keyword: correctly).

Now the site was re-purposed as RA’s  base of command. We were planning on massive plans. Here’s a few key things we were working on.

  • A mass rebellion of troops within ACP
  • A Month long war
  • A honorable war, completely free (or relatively) of cheating, lying and “hacking”

Now before you go “WAIT THAT’S LIKE BA!” let me explain through this. First off, we intended to be a rebellion within ACP so that we could weaken them but not kill them. I can’t remember exactly how we planned to do that, but we did originally intend to start rebellions within all major White alliance Armies so that we can insure that we had enough chaos to distract all WA armies. We had intended to make it appear it was troop based action and not action by what they would think be BA.

However, we then observe the deterioration of relations of AR and ACP. We thought that rebellion in AR would be useless and only ACP would need to have a rebellion. However this never happened due to our… well lack for better word “agent” thought that we would be making an army for himself. He demanded a lot more than we could do or wanted him to do (he was unaware of the greater plot).

So the Rebellion section of the plan pretty much collapsed. Now before I move on with the story I’ll explain the other 2 points.

We wanted to shake off the bad Public relations the previous alliances had for  their very questionable motives and scandals. Which was some of the reasons  the previous alliances had fallen. We also wanted to shorten the coming war from “until we make ACP surrender” to “Until we have a good war”. This would’ve helped insured a quick victory rather a war with endless battles.

So why did this not ever appear? Simple: Disinterest. I don’t truly understood what exactly went down, but suddenly a lot of our members in the plot decided it was taking too long and left, or just became inactive. Now Proditor had intended to try again with the Golden Revolution. But what had been accomplished with that, I don’t really know because after the end of Red Alliance project, I became inactive to pay attention to my personal project; The Game of Servers.

Lessons to be learnt:

Generally more massive underground plots that intend to revolutionize Armies, will fail. The culprit will be one of the following: Disinterest, Keeping secrecy, and generally too complex. Now as for my proof of this, I present to you photos of the websites that RA. I also do provide proof that I didn’t create these websites. Now the original COB content’s were purged by Proditor, for reasons I cannot disclose at this time. Without further adieu here is your evidence.

Council of brothers


In closing, had this actually come to life, it might have been actually successful, however that simply didn’t happen. It so ends my saga with the BA. In a later post I’ll explain what my role was… but for now, Good day.


16 Responses

  1. First, Booyah? XD


  2. 2nd


  3. 3rd


  4. 4th and hi


  5. Are we really still on this topic?


  6. Great idea to post all your plans on the largest news site so ACP can thwart them.


  7. Stupid Post. The war with BA ended a long time ago, we dont even know if it’s officially even gonna come back in a different form again.


    • Badboy, I was just trying to tell the world why we didn’t go back on the offensive after Waterkid ended it last time. I just felt like a piece of history would be missing if I didn’t reveal that this happened. I promise you I won’t make BA oriented posts unless the need of such one is needed. Besides, I’m likely the only former BA Leader that would’ve revealed this.


  8. I created the red alliance to fuck waterkid but we havent done shit yet… What is this supposed to be?


  9. Thanks again to revealing some of our project history, Weather.


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