Storm Fighters: Storm On Its Way

Beanie- The rising army, Storm Fighters look like a storm is coming after an unscheduled event that took place yesterday.

The Storm Fighters chose to have an unscheduled event yesterday to see what they can do and CP was having a storm on the server Beanie. The SF maxed 20+ with great tactics. The SF are currently being lead by Crazy and Cpaul1 who are having no concerns for the army yet.

Best Picture

SF with 20+ and perfect tactic

As you can see they did have 20+ on CP and great tactics. After the event the leaders said they had a full chat for about 4 hours after the event on their first day. The leaders were both happy and stated that this event was a success and they are hoping to see more or better results.

This is not the 1st gen of the SF though, when I asked their leader Cpaul1 he said it was their 4-5 gen. This gen of SF was actually a merge between 2 armies, Arctic Elites and Sharks both armies maxing pretty good sizes to get an army to 15+, but the little recruiting after the merge pulled it off.


SF Bombing Forts.

In this picture it shows SF causing a funny storm in the snow forts. They currently have no events scheduled for the rest of the week, but they will probably be scheduling some throughout sometime this week. The chat was packed during event, which leaders were happy of.

The leader/creator of the SF, Cpaul1 is very into this generation as this is the best size in SF history after some bad attempts. The help of this 2 army merge is likely to be a good thing, but it can also have its bad parts also. The army might reach its goals to quick, so troops would not care about the army since they have completed the goals. They also might get affected by the dip, which is basically the same thing I said just a shorter way of saying it.


Full chat


Rest of chat













As you can see the had a full chat and 4 other troops following after. They kept that chat size for 4 hours straight then some people had to leave for bed or got bored. The leaders are probably still shocked after this unscheduled that went into the right direction.

Well, that ends the post on Storm Fighters. The SF are looking to be going in the right direction they just have to not lose the troops interest and keep the army entertained. Until next time, see ya!

16 Responses

  1. 1st. Nice post 😛


  2. if theyre storm fighters, then why’re they green?


  3. they’ll die in a week


  4. so many new armies. this, i belive, is the start of a new golden age for cp armies.


  5. Aren’t you getting a little ahead of yourself? I mean they’ve had one event…. The Platinum Blue Warriors were the exact same thing—if not better—and they fizzled out very soon.


  6. Meh, PH got 25+ and was only medium with no media attention at all.


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