Something Something, I’ve Got Nothing

The dryness of posts recently has taken its toll and hasn’t been pretty. There are lack of posts and lack of inspiration. In my efforts to write more comical posts, my superiors made me promise to write ones having to do with armies. So, I’ve made a two-in-one post to fill in the barren news.

The Gyllenhaal Effect

A conspiracy, a prophetical phenomena, and the end.  It is an end to boredom and miscellaneous posts of the same boring old news. The Gyllenhaal Effect will be the end of us all. To start of this delicious post I have interviewed many people about their experience with it, as seen below.



Like this post.

The Gyllenhaal Effect is a dilemma in warfare. It is simply the lack of Gyllenhaal in armies. However there has been a spike recently, as Jake has made his appearance in Riot’s post. gj8Mzxi

Not to mention the recent attack on ACP.


When will it end? Has it really even begun? Who knows?


Death of Armies?


I don’t expect everyone to get this.

A topic as old as it’ll ever be. Sometimes it gets annoying- especially when people blame poor leadership (well, perhaps that is part of the problem), recruiting, and tactics. Reality check: People from the prime days are getting older and leaving, they are what made our community strong, they can tear it apart. Honestly it’s no fun to be around the people you didn’t “grow up” with. Anyway, new troops still come even with our veterans leaving, coming back, and leaving again (or repeating the process). Sometimes I like to think that the people preaching “The End is Near!” don’t realize that it’s always been a steady decrease with little incline since the end of the glory days.

I know! Let’s make a poll for who’s in armies and who isn’t:

Who doesn’t love a(n) good interactive post? Truth be told, this was more of a rant. Thanks for reading it anyway.

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  1. I WAS AWARE OF IT. But not that it had a medical name.


  2. LOL


  3. XD


  4. wat did i just read


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