Ganger90, SWAT Leader, Retires From Armies

MAMMOTH, SWAT Empire – Legendary leader of SWAT, former titan of the Black Alliance, and the figurehead of other such legendary armies as UMA, GT, and Ninjas, Ganger90, has announced his retirement from CP Armies in a post published today on the SWAT site.

I’m just what I am, and I can promise that nothing will change me.

The Retirement of Ganger90, SWAT Legend

(Quitting Xat and Retiring from Armies)

I’ve accomplished so many things, ever since being 7/8 years old and joining this great community that has helped me so much both in reading, writing, but most importantly it has taught me leadership skills and grown me into such a better person. Things for me have gone completely down hill, I don’t know who cares or doesn’t care, and coming in the final stages of my career, I’ve decided to take an earlier turn for the door, and to end this long career now.

This family that I rose from the point of rogues, “skilling” each other, has become something I’m so damn proud of. We’ve become a completely family, looking out for each other. We’ve gone from practically nothing to an elite top 3 army, debatedly one of the best armies ever seen, and been one of the closest armies to taking down ACP, the true greatest army that has ever stood. But let’s be honest, yeah, I’m just what I am, but people in this community have changed me, my leading performance, and many other things. Words have made me doubt myself, made me a lower of a person that what I really am. It’s changed me just practically into something I’m not. Power’s overwhelmed me and showed me a darker and darker shade of me in perspective.

I’ve definitely changed, which can be debated both ways, to be either good or bad, but that’s something for all of you to decide. But in the long run, on top of all, I’ve always stuck with this army. This is the army where I found my true first establishment. A place that I could really really call home. SWAT has made that possible, and I’ve reached my dream, even more than once. We’ve been on the top of world multiple times, and nothing can change that, not words, not all the hate, the doubting. In the end, we’ve been the best and that’s all that matters. We were once the ones standing on top, holding the throne on top of this great community. Ever since WCP, I’ve always had the dream to do that, to just be the best. I mean, don’t we all? And the reality to actually accomplish it just gave me such a rush of energy and excitement for not only myself, but all my family surrounding me here in SWAT.

I’ve never wanted help. I always wanted to do things on my own with this army. No matter what situation, whether it was 3 against us, 5 against us, whatever the case may be, I always wanted to stick together, only SWAT, and to fight against adversity. That’s a golden thing about this army, something so legendary, how we just fought and clawed through all adversity with all of our strength. We just don’t give up, we always come back, better than before, ready to face any thing. To all of you who have truly stuck with me, man not  any of them faggot ass backstabbers, all of you true troops to SWAT, those who stay here and fought with this army through all the bullshit. I GIVE A HUGE ASS SALUTE TO ALL OF YOU! YOU ARE THE BEST! YOU ARE LEGENDS. DON’T LEAVE THIS COMMUNITY, AND DON’T LET SWAT DOWN LIKE ME.

You can call me a coward, not facing the adversity this time, and stepping down to it, but let’s be honest, my time has come. I’m just not what I was any more, and I can’t stand letting my army down when they count on me to do every thing and rise this army from the bottom day in and day out. I can’t even take a break. It’s just something I can’t handle, with limited time, football coming up and training going on now, I can’t be the guy who never leaves chat, I just can’t man. People in this community who haven’t given me hate day in and day out, they’ve given me words of wisdom, helped me, they made me into a better person. They always told me to stick with it, and keep helping my army to be the best again. To never let go of something so valuable. And they were right, this army is the most valuable possession I’ve ever had in this community. The only army that I could never let go of. I just couldn’t seem to get away from it, even if I tried to at some points to try something new, it’s like I was a magnet, and SWAT was metal, this army I was attracted to and loved so much, I just could never leave. I love you guys, so damn much. I will never regret spending so much time here. This army makes me and breaks me.

For the army community, an up to date of my view here, it’s all just going downhill from here. The hate towards each other, all the doubting and putting down of individuals amongst this community, it’s killing us from the inside. Your doubting all of those “noobs” who will one day be the next SaW, Unk, Pink Mafias maybe! The hate your putting out, it makes them fell unwanted, not deserving of being here, they are our future, and your telling them to leave! The noob that you just doubted, the people you’re doubting, they ARE our future, they could’ve been the next big thing, they could’ve been the one keeping this community up and growing. But no, you doubted them, you made them feel like they can’t do it and they don’t belong here. What I’m saying is, never doubt any body… Give them a chance, I’ve been really big on this, I’ve always given a chance, even a second chance. I never doubt any body and I always support the future of this community, because I know one day, they’ll be the ones running the show.

So many adventures that I’ve had here in this community… The people I’ve met, and the places I’ve gone, the things I’ve done… It’s changed my life in a drastic way, good or bad? I don’t know man, but it feels damn good. You’ve guys practically carried me through my childhood and given me so many options. All of the true support I had from the real loyal troops. That’s the only thing that mattered man, that’s all I ever wanted… I just wanted a family, a group of troops who really cared about me, who didn’t give in and listen to every single thing somebody influenced them with… I guess I partially got what I wanted…

So what does this mark? I guess you can say this marks the end of a legend, or maybe just a leader who will be forgotten my next month. Another one in the dust, another person leaving that will dwindle the army community more and more. Those who gave me hate, you are the ones who brought this upon the community. Your bringing upon the death of us all. Keep up your foolish actions, and nothing will be left. Think wisely.

So I guess…

~Another one bites the dust~

~Ganger90, SWAT Leader, GT Leader, WCP Leader, RFW Leader, MRW Leader, Ninjas Leader, CPST Leader, ACP, Nachos, UMA Leader

Hell was unleashed…

-Ganger90, Former SWAT Leader, June 16, 2013

Ganger’s final retirement strikes hard in SWAT, an army where he has been the driving force through their many generations. SWAT has yet to announce plans for the future in this regard.

♣||»Sιя Bℓυєsσ¢кωa тнє 2η∂«||♣

CPA Central CEO

18 Responses

  1. Damn son, This may be the end of a successful SWAT (keyword: successful)


  2. Wonder how long this retirement will last.


  3. He has retired several times before. Must be a slow week.


  4. When was Ganger ninjas leader?


  5. […] Also, Ganger90, a very-well known and mostly well-liked leader in this community, sadly has stated his official retirement from CP Armies today. He achieved much in his years of leading, and is best known for building up the once-rogue SWAT army to amazing heights for months on end. Many, though, doubt he will stay gone for long, noting he has made retirement statements in the past and then came back. The full CPAC was written by Bluesockwa2 HERE. […]


  6. Thanks for mentioning me Ganger, Been with you through the Wcp, MRW, and RFW/FW day, but whatevs.



    • I’m adding a mentioning list later, this isn’t the full version of my retirement post yet. Don’t worry bro, you’ll be at the top of my list(:


  7. Bai Ganger.


  8. See you in a couple of days Ganger


  9. Sad to see Ganger go, another addition to the growing list of dead armies and retiring leaders.


  10. see u in a few days


  11. I hope all of you shut the heck up and stop saying “see you in a few days.” At least freaking acknowledge he retired and give him thanks, or anything!

    See you Ganger, we will all miss you. 🙂


  12. nothing new here…


  13. and the figurehead of other such legendary armies as UMA” he led UMA for 2 days and we got 15 in a tournament against AR, that’s it haha.


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