The Origins of BA

Note: I want to say that 99% of this post was Proditor’s, a former BA leader/creator. To you Proditor, You and my’s time has past, it’s time to move on. I’m sorry if you didn’t want me to publish this. 

Hello CPAC,

In honor of my friend Proditor, I’ve decided to publish this work, this utterly amazing post that never came to the public’s eyes. It’s a beautiful rendition of the origins of BA. From the sentiments of ACP to the end of the BA, it’ll give you insight into BA…

Please listen to this: youtube=

Posted from the Golden Revolution site

Greetings, Friends.

As I begin to spread the crucial message of the Golden Revolution project, I feel the need to help ponies better come to know who I am, and where I’ve came from. Taken from an original intro speech I made for RPF back in 2012, I’ve improved and added it to make it of stronger quality.

I joined Club Penguin in late March of 2007, probably on the 19th, simply as the random name Xgthrecgtejm, thanks to the introduction from a neighbor. Somehow, that name became ingrained in my head. My first memories of Club penguin were the 2007 April Foal’s Party with its blue propeller cap, the musical bands playing all the time in the Lighthouse, my choosing of the color brown, and my missed opportunity to buy the Roman helmet. I would help introduce another neighborhood friend to Club Penguin, and would continue to play that game with little variation until one day many months later, I was looking for Club Penguin cheats and came across Pink Mafias’s cheat and Underground Mafias Army site. I vaguely recall seeing the post; perhaps I was browsing past archives, where the UMA command posted about a battle with “ACP.” A few months later in late February or early March, I was in the Mammoth dojo when a filly chanted “ACP!” I asked her what that stood for, and she replied, “Army of Club Penguin.” I was interested in defending CP, and searched it on Google. I quickly found their website, discovered that a penguin named Oagalthorp was commander of Army of Club Penguin, and saw that they were in a bitter struggle with the  fiesta-themed Nacho Empire, nominally still consisting of unorganized clans at that point in time, but also a centralized leadership under Zippy500 and his trusted generals. After a few days in a green ACP outfit, I partook in the several skirmishes between ACP and Nacho soldiers for control Mammoth in its dojo. Eventually, Oagalthorp posted on the ACP site about his final battle which was to be against the Nachos, following the battles of Brumby and Breeze. I partook in that battle and witnessed ACP dominating and ending their war with Zippy500 and his soldiers. Oagalthorp left Fort57 in charge of ACP, but his days guiding and commanding the massive green army were still far from over.

I remained a semi-rogue fairly loyal soldier to ACP through the spring and summer of 2008, until I learned more about Person1233, a Nacho third-in-command and aspiring YouTube user at the time. I also found out he had recently created a red army after the famous clan from the ancient Club penguin Color Wars, and I concluded I could become a great red soldier and eventual friend to Person1233. I did indeed eventually gain Pony’s attention after joining the army while on a vacation to San Francisco, though, I regret that I was what we all call a “noob” at that time. And so my fanatical loyalty to the Red Army was mixed with occasional jealousy and frustration, too. Pony eventually formed a merge with Pengyster48 and his Blue Warriors, something  both of them saw at the time as historic. Their new Red Blue Alliance Army gained quick traction and recognition at large, becoming a massive and very active  army with lots of motivation, defeating armies such as CPM, Romans, and finally the Shadow Troops under Commando993 in a major war for Parka. The neighbor who I helped introduce into CP armies decided to join this somewhat crude and inappropriate army, setting a fallout between us, and I’d occasionally fight against Shadow Troops in numerous wars for the next two years. This also was around the time when I first encountered Blueswill and his guerrilla army, the Club Penguin Clones. He and I got off to a rocky start, as I learned that his Clones also claimed Parka as their capital during my first encounter with his army on Mammoth. He even tried reporting me to CP after realizing I was spying for RBAA. However, Person1233 and Blueswill would instead form an alliance and share Parka, though he and I didn’t immediately get along. But, I eventually did decide to make up with him, and I joined his Clones, where I would effectively stay for the next two years in its ups and downs, and experienced its effort to partake in larger events in Club Penguin wars. I befriended its soldiers, even though internal arguments and tensions were all too frequent among us. Unfortunately, I didn’t even have the guts to defend King John when the rest of CPC recklessly bullied him for being a “noob” (At least, until near the end).  But perhaps even more unfortunate was the simple fact that I actually was unwittingly subject to the corrupt desire to merely gain a good rank in my army without truly caring for the overall army success. Looking back, Blueswill was right for constantly reminding me I needed more time and experience. Blueswill and the Clones eventually lost interest in Club penguin, and moved on to Runescape and then finally Call of Duty on the Playstation  3 over the course of late 2010 into early and mid-2011. And for the time, I felt no need to remain in Club penguin or any of its armies any longer.

But it was not to be the end, as I would find out. Even before I officially rejoined armies in CP, I eagerly watched as ACP rallied from near-disaster and defeated the imperialistic agenda of the Night Warriors, under command of the ruthless, shadowy, and yet very intelligent Vendetta. In the summer of 2011, I joined my friend Lillard’s remade Shadow Troops, which didn’t last long before merging. However, Blueswill and his former Clones finally decided to take a break from COD, and returned to Club penguin, albeit very briefly, under the banner of the Club Penguin Marines. This, too, though, didn’t last very long, and the Clones would instead return to PS3 gaming by the end of the summer. But right before my service to the remade Clones, I meant high  Nacho mod Time689 and his reformed generation of RBAA. At first, still being overlyemotional from my RBAA memories, I wasn’t too thrilled about my favorite army being revived by somepony else, but I manned up and accepted his offer to join for the greater glory of that army’s history. We failed in an attempt to take back Parka, our historical server, now claimed by the Ice Warriors, Riotor’s Golden Troops, and finally a third, seemingly insignificant army, Ioioluk’s Light Troops. Even though this remade RBAA was on a rise, those three militaries combined easily defeated us despite our good fight, and there would be no new Parka capital for us. IW and GT did understand we only wanted an old capital back, and didn’t retaliate against our nation, which was essentially just a satellite of the larger Nacho Empire. Ioioluk, however, had different plans in store for us. He rallied his troops and declared war on RBAA for attacking their share of Parka (even though we didn’t know they even claimed it at the time) and trying to expand our nation. At first, we thought this would be an easy defense. But we were too wrong. Firstly, LT cleverly scheduled their attacks against our servers during  Nacho events, as this RBAA was almost all Nacho soldiers. Ioioluk’s motivating skills were beyond what we had anticipated, as well. In short, RBAA fell apart from there. The Nachos that made up RBAA saw it lose activity and suffer defeat after defeat to the invaders. Ultimately, Time’s vacation deprived this RBAA of its one pushing figure, and it was all it took to ensure this remade army was to fall and die. It did, and a hack on our site made it official. We merged into a new Elites generation being led very well at the time by Tempah and Khimo, who then fought LT as well, and to a surprisingly inconclusive outcome for the favored Elites. Elites would then fall and die too, leaving some to soon believe an army couldn’t fight Ioioluk’s army anymore and even come out alive. I was inactive in CP for a good  remainder of the summer, but with a new passion against LT. Was it justified? I still thought was, after seeing more on how Ioioluk led, and I didn’t know what it a rollercoaster journey that would lead me to.

Meanwhile, Roberto/New Colts 27 was fired from LT by Ioioluk for banning  a returning soldier to that army who he didn’t see fit to returning (keep in mind, this was before he gained the near-legendary recruiting and motivating  status he has today after two major wars against ACP, which I’ll discuss later). I felt like him and I could form a strong duo, and we successfully rallied several armies against the seemingly aggressive and vengeful LT into an alliance we decided to dub “Freedom Flight Alliance” (which I named after a galactic slave rebellion alliance from the Sci-Fi story Star Wars). I changed my alias to “The Liberator” (looking back, this was probably a mistake from day one of FFA; I removed whatever ounce of recognition I had from my real alias) and tried my best to negotiate with some powerful armies the best I could. Our final goal was simple: force Ioioluk into retirement with sheer force, seize control of the LT leadership, and rebuild the army to be what we felt it namesake  suggested, act as a “light” army who’d side with the  right sides of major CP wars. We were successful at gaining  the support of IW and Blizzard Warriors, along with other smaller armies, aided tremendously by Roberto’s help. For the first few battles of the war, FFA outmatched the seemingly demoralized LT, under the in-battle leadership of Roberto and Blizzard880, who also joined the FFA leadership alongside us leading BW. After an attempt to gain the support of the LT leadership under Ioioluk’s “dictatorship” failed after what seemed to be initial success, and other armies began to disapprove of our strength-by-force methods against the now smaller LT, Roberto lost confidence in our alliance’s ability to ever get rid of Ioioluk from power. The activity of our alliance fell, and eventually it was only BW against LT. Roberto quit the Freedom Flight, took the renowned leader Blizzard880 with him (even though I didn’t know Blizzard880 had actually quit the Flight at first, too), and departed on uneasy terms with me, as I was not ready to see the alliance shut down. Spiderguy22, the lone  LT leader to remain defected from Ioioluk’s regime for time being, tried to keep FFA alive with me, and we were successful at first, having a very strong raid against Ice Box, the Light Troops capital. Blizzard880 even decided to rejoin us, but even as the raid was going on still, Roberto, now leading BW, logged on to XAT and was infuriated to see that his alliance had reformed without his consent. Of course, I didn’t even know that he had intended to keep the alliance dead, but the mis-communication between us two led to a bad rift, and FFA was immediately disbanded, as Roberto commanded the BW soldiers to cease all support to the alliance and return to BW chat. FFA was dead, for real now, and I was an outcast to the BW, the army I had come to know and respect during my time co-leading the alliance. The first FFA campaign is recalled, rather accurately, in LT’s “Uprise Part 4: Rebel.”

But for the time being, Roberto did not rejoin LT, which was now lead by Ioioluk’s alter-ego, Bluepaint228. Ioioluk had chosen this action to ensure all support for remaking FFA would remain nonexistent. It was a successful move. However, thanks to effort from Blizzard880 and my friend King John, Rob and I made up, became friends, and both decided then that Bluepaint228 was just as bad, if not more harsh, angry, and controlling  than Ioioluk seemed to be. Around Mid October 2011, he finally confirmed to me that he wished to remake the Freedom Flight Alliance, following BP228’s massive invasions of BW over a continued rivalry with Blizzard880. I resumed an alias of The Liberator while keeping my real one, and together I would lead , though  personally still not very noticing or motivating, with Roberto, Blizzard880, Arch20045, and Ice. At this point, most major armies despised LT for its blatant aggression against BW’s entire  nation. Once again, we appeared to be on the way to choking off all motivation and support for LT and Ioioluk. With BW, Nacho, SWAT, and even  distant ACP support, we finally had appeared to succeeded in our task. And yet again, it was never to be. Bluepint228 did not end up quitting LT. And to make things worse, Arch20045 and Roberto got into a heatedargument, with both wanting the other kicked out of FFA. I had to side with Roberto, and Arch responded by taking over FFA chat without permission. When Roberto returned online, he was enraged that we had failed to stop  Arch, and now  felt like we could do nothing without him. He completely shut down FFA within the hour, and declared peace with Bluepaint228, stating  he was now tired of the fighting between them. Blizzard and Ice easily complied, but Arch would briefly continue to oppose LT secretly, before too joining them by the next winter. Once again, I was just Xgthrecgtejm, the outcast.

Even though Roberto had twice disbanded my idea and essentially ended whatever power I had attained, I don’t see this as that unfair to me. I did not do enough leading, negotiations, or site work during the time, and my own personal insecurity back then made me fearful of one-on-one pony conflict, which ultimately made me weak, inefficient, and incompetent as a massive warring alliance leader. Our proceeding arguments and his eventual defection to LT were unfortunate to me, but Rob had every right to be FFA’s final leader, and deserves credit for being the one who truly kept it alive, along with Blizzard880.

Further introspection the past month has led me to conclude he was right with this statement on his FFA dismissal post. “And honestly, I agree with them that it was a stupid idea.” Yes, I still really don’t believe that Ioio did the right thing as an  community medium army leader by wanting to completely eradicate both RBAA and BW at times, but the embarrassments from losing  to LT constantly as a lone RBAA are truly on me; not his fault.

This gaming community is meant for competition in the end, and though he stretched it much more then I liked, Ioioluk was no villain I wanted to see him as. How could such a massive alliance form against a single  army when one leader (myself) was totally incompetent at the time and not even known, another was forced to do nearly all the work himself, third was constantly ready to argue with the rest, and the cause itself was extremely overkill and itself aggressive and imperialistic? Indeed, an alliance can’t really be a whole lot worse in the long run. But at least I gained a critical learning lesson for the future, and something to propel me back into this community.

Meanwhile, as the 2011 October faded. BP228 and UMA’s Mach decided to create a “Black Alliance” against ACP, still fuming over their support to FFA and their “noobery, and more directly in full anger after ACP’s leaders unexpectedly launched “taking out milk” invasions on LT. Blizzard880, Roberto, and the BW decided to betray their alliance with ACP and now wanted to finally end their own tensions with BP228, and armies such as RPF, UMA, and Night Warriorsjoining in. However, their unity was fragile and weak at best, and ACP easily overpowered the allies after suffering a controversial loss at Mammoth. Still, Roberto and Ioioluk now had close ties to their former enemies, and ended up joining LT for leader and mod ranks, respectively. They soon shut down the Blizzard Warriors, and essentially that whole former army merged into the ranks of LT, sending it into a steep rise. Eventually, they went to war with the Nachos, and ended up winning. I ended up accepting Robeto’s offer to join my once hated foe for a complicated reason. At first, I willingly acknowledged myself as on the “dark side” (LT =/= Light). I soon renounced that, but eventually, LT andACP entered what was to become a famed war. I now saw ACP as corrupt and power-hungry, and willingly remained in LT service in hopes of ending the regime of Flipper and Kenneth1000. I was again unsuccessful at another alliance, this one against ACP. As I would realize, my lack of voice and reputation really prevented me from gaining support for another alliance. As LT continued to wage war, I finally saw how their soldiers were being controlled and poorly treated, their building upon hate and revenge, and their cyberbullying at the time against Spiderguy22, who had quit them for ACP before the war began. I immediately decided to then secretly defect against LT, and I give ACP info and pictures of LT cruelty. At one point, I even made it to LT editor on their website, but vowed not to hack them, as I did and still see it as morally wrong. Finally, LT suffered from internal weakness, and ended up losing Nacho support in the war. They lost a second battle for Mammoth in the war, and Ioioluk and Roberto finally accepted defeat to “Flen” and ACP. They’d soon war against Spiderguy22’s remade SWAT, and end up losing, and temporarily become the “Blue Miners Army.” I aided SWAT in that war, and officially abandoned LT after believing my cover had been blown.

Again, I couldn’t convince armies or ponies to join me, when I tried to get armies to ally with SWAT. I finally concluded that my long string of attempted alliances without actual army participation would get me nowhere in this community. On that Spring day, I decided to join Rebel penguin Federation, which was led by the still-infamous Tal at the time. Now, I figured I could finally start off fresh, and slowly gain a name for myself the true and proper way. I initially supported his merge into UMA, would have been a shame to RPF’s grand history had it lasted. I did, however, stay in UMA even after RPF unmerged, under the direction of ATM23 and Casiusbrutus. Eventually, I worked my way to an owner rank with dedication and loyalty to that army. Soon afterwards, Casiusbrutus stepped down to second-in-command in favor of Djgtjvgyhxgy. Around the same time, Kevin, an RPF high rank, had become fed up with Casius’s dictator powers and impassionate leading, and he began waging a personal war against him. I tried to stay neutral in that struggle, but it hurt the stability of RPF nonetheless. To make things worse, Dj and Cas were on uneasy terms, as DJ had abruptly (yet understandably, in RPF’s time of need) assumed leadership. Eventually, that period of RPF had fallen apart, with instability and confusion undermining the rebuilding efforts of the army. This experience would help impress upon me the need of cooperation and understanding the command of an army for it to be successful. Meanwhile, in UMA, I had worked my way to third in command through dedication and activity, which, under the very balanced and brotherly leadership of Coolster114, Zakdude, and Derek, had made it from small to the top five armies in Club Penguin Warfare. Rather unfortunately for them, Casiusbrutus was also their “godfather” and boss, and while he did very little to contribute to UMA in this period, he was constantly assuming powers over them, somewhat choking off their ability to lead as they should, and that practically kept UMA as a satellite state to ACP. Yet at the time, I was essentially Casius’s apprentice, so I failed to recognize his flaws in leading.

Back in the CP Warfare community, now in late spring of 2012, Ioioluk and Roberto had returned to pick up an already-stable Light Troops, and quickly prep them for another war against their heated rivals, ACP, still led by the so-so administration of “Flen.” They experienced a golden age, and rolled over ACP much of the time. We in RPF, at the time, were terrified, yes, terrified, to see our big brother have Mammoth sacked, so we began raiding Light Troops with ACP. Eventually, both LT leaders grew inactive, and their short period of glory again had faded, which let their enemies retake Mammoth and win another war over them. LT soon went into a dormant state for rest of the first part of summer. While I still considered the LT to be dark and an enemy at that time, I began to miss their days as a world power, even telling Ioioluk I foresaw another golden for LT, and that I actually would like to be part in it. Meanwhile, ACP’s Flen leadership stepped down in favor of the beloved Mchapy, who kept ACP as the number one army. However, the Nacho leaders had their own army right behind ACP, and as Summer began, they began raiding ACP, finally leading to another war between the two. At first, I was eager to give Mchappy my words of advice on keeping his army inspired and active, which I didn’t exactly feel he was following. Soon, he faded away in yet another time when ACP needed him. His co-leader, Capn, couldn’t rally the army enough, and the Nachos overcame an early deficit in that war to force ACP into a war surrender for the time since late 2008.

At the same time, the Nacho successes and finally prompted Ioioluk to return to leading his army. Then, I finally was realizing how much CP Warfare was actually meant to be in war, which I saw was much more fun than prolonged periods of peace in the community. Unfortunately, right before I discovered The UMA leaders, Coolster and Zakdude, while Nachos were in war with ACP, had drawn a great plan to jump start a new great war with ACP for Mammoth alongside the Nachos. Yet I, with stupidity, gave Mchappy that plan, and as a result, the UMA became hesitant to actually go to war with ACP at all, backed by Casius keeping them from fighting in the war at all. Soon afterwards, I had indeed changed my mindset enough to want to have UMA join the war, so that ACP could end up winning a glorious world war.

But Cas strongly opposed this ideal. I ended up proclaiming myself “dark,” and I parted ways with him. At that time, I now (albeit still mostly correct, I must say) viewed ACP as the force keeping CP Warfare from actually having real, good competition at all. I did indeed rejoin the Light Troops, whom now began their own war on ACP. Unfortunately for them, Roberto didn’t come back alongside Ioio, and thus this chapter of LT never really saw excellent sizes. I was beginning to expanding my understanding of good leadership at the time. I boggled myself down, though, by prematurely rushing to try rallying an anti-ACP alliance called Brotherhood Of Darkness, sill without enough influence to push such a massive project along. The LT just couldn’t keep up this latest war with ACP, whom came out on top after an exhausting late-summer war. Regrettably, LT’s leadership unity crumbled on what to do as ACP turned the tide, leading to Ioio stepping back down. He put kooldude247 and Tylund1 in charge, and I remained as an LT owner. But he was somewhat holding them back, creating the feeling he was boggling down his own LT amongst us. One day in the late summer, I overreacted to the situation in a failed coup d’atat of Ioio, which I also was hoping might draw Ioio back to leading LT again, at the least. I still continued to perfect my understanding of a stable army leadership, yet I didn’t properly enact them, distracted by my anti-ACP obsession and busy as school and cross country just started up. Soon Ioioluk did, in fact, return, and I rightfully ended up being demoted back to a mod rank there. Another critical flaw during this time period of mine was that I would say “yes” to too many efforts and projects, without seriously thinking about my limitations of attention. Even during battles, I often didn’t pay quite enough attention, as I was so focused on too many things at once.

During this time period, I also was still a UMA rank too, which, after Zakdude had turned it pro-ACP prior soon after I originally gave ACP his plans, demoted Zakdude, and began to rise again, under the sole leadership of Coolster114, a friend of mine who has a long-standing vendetta on ACP dating back to UMA’s defeat in World War 3. And late that fall, SWAT had a large leadership of its own rise, and after that army was doing well, they declared war on ACP. Soon, the LT, Pirates, And UMA all joined in; with each army doing well at the time. Concurrently, Mach, a former leader in the old Black Alliance, finally returned, and the BOD network and Black Alliance merged together to help guide the four anti-ACP armies. Unfortunately, somehow, a spy undermining the interests of me ended up gaining vital information from the BA site, which may have given ACP a leg up soon after. A internal conflict in UMA ended up leading to Coolster’s brief removal, and soon a wave of problems in BA followed. LT-SWAT soon suffered from strained relationships over social fallouts, while ACP soon rallied IW, Nachos, and AR into its own side, and this latest round of BA was soon diminished, and sadly, the LT ended up shutting down for two months. Slowly, the anti-ACP armies would rebound, though, and Coolster soon returned to UMA, placing Ben as his co-leader with him. UMA soon was a top ten army yet again, to our pleasure. Most of the former LT was now faithfully serving the Pirates, who were a major force, and the bulwark of opposition and even full hate against ACP. We, the BA generals, continued to meet constantly, and decided to give ourselves and some friendly armies to us breathing room, so we helped enact a near-universal full month of peace in the island. We didn’t obviously want peace in the long run, but for now, it suited our purposes well.

And as we’d find out, it benefited the community at large, as well. Army sizes were beginning to rise at large, as recruiting efforts of army leaders went up. But our ultimate purpose of the treaty was, yes, to help prepare another return for Black Alliance. Pirate leader Waterkid100, above all, hated ACP the most, and was committed at all costs to achieving the goal of a community without ACP in existence. He actually made most of the overall war plans for the intended Black Alliance. Yet at first, momentum for BA was shaky at best. Some of my closer friends and I didn’t even think it’d ever successfully reform. Yet Waterkid kept at it, constantly negotiating with army leaders of the likes of the mighty DW, surging SWAT, and other medium armies such as NW and ST. Indeed, CPPA was at the center of the new BA. Yet as BA readied for new strikes on ACP and its closest allies, my own sympathy for it fell, as I witnessed it fall deeper and deeper into full hatred against its enemies. At this time, I had begun to see that CP Warfare, just maybe, wasn’t all about such negative emotions ruling the day, after all. Of course, I didn’t abandon the concept that competition and some negative are needed to spark fun in this community, which indeed, I stick with today. Yet I now saw the BA as something I no longer wished to associate with at the time. Waterkid and I had a fallout, and my career in it seemed over. I no longer felt any darkness within my online persona, and I dropped the “darth” tag that some had come to known me by.

Soon, cloaked with more sheer anger then full logic, perhaps, the cooperation between the BA command dissolved and faded. The exact purpose of BA was soon not understood, and again, ACP finally rallied its own powerful friends back into its fold. A week later, now in January 2013, the war was over. The White Alliance of ACP had kept gaining ground as the media shifted to its favor, and the Black Alliance’s momentum disappeared. Now, ACP looked to rebuild. And inspired by his many successes with the Pirates in the war, Ioioluk officially returned to lead the Light Troops once again. And I myself, now in the clear mindset of wanting to fix CP Warfare, remained with the sphere of influence that stood against ACP, and even to today, I still remain in this same position. I began giving some of these leaders my words of advice on leading, which continues now. I have recently meant a good friend and working partner in the name of Tannerboss/Phantom. We both created a new army, Midnight Raiders, and in our few events so far, have achieved decent success. Meanwhile, I have also been working with the KKP on their latest work, a series to be known as Lextro. I hope, as do they, that our videos can help inspire the good of CP Warfare, as well. And phantom is very interested in working with me on Golden Revolution, also. I have told him, in detail, of CP Warfare’s history from start to present, and what has happened to shift this community, for better and for worse. And at the moment, I am doing the same with other smart ponies around this community, hoping to gain a dedicated and intelligent board to help make the dreams of this project a full reality.

During my continuing tenure in CP Warfare, I’ve learned from the past, endured, experienced, and enjoyed its present, and hopefully looked onwards. Yes, indeed, I am not a perfect leader, speaker, or detailed planner. And yes, for the great majority, I’ve been an onlooker, not a glorious leader or even the greatest soldier, but rather one spending much of the time gaining more understanding of the warfare community’s fundamentals, often from a distance. However, my goal remains to fully and faithfully serving the CP Warfare community, giving it the competitive fun we are confident it can certainly regain from days past. Perhaps two of the most important things I’ve learned so far in my five years and counting in this community is that in the end, passion, moderation, and cooperation are the final key of army, alliance, and even project success, and mistakes are just as good as victories, as long as something is gained from it. As I begin my path ahead with Golden Revolution, I look to ultimately continue learning, teach, guide, and strengthen the cause for a great enjoyment of a great online community.


In closing, I will explain some greater aspects of this at a later date. This hopefully will give you insight into the rise of BA


37 Responses

  1. 5,360 words…


  2. No one is going to read all of that.


  3. SWAT are given too much credit in this. I mean who really cares about them? They die every week, and then restart the following week. People are beginning to realize this cycle, and not join SWAT at all, that is why they are struggling to rise.

    Not to mention they are possibly the most repetitive/boring army ever.


  4. A bit short..


  5. I read it all. Found it very interesting in fact. Albeit, I don’t think was necessarily the best place to repost this, I understand what Weatherboy was trying to do here. And I learned a couple of things about my good buddy Prod. So, good post


  6. So basically a bunch of crap armies tried to invade ACP and failed.


  7. SWAT is given too much credit. They did nothing
    Pirates is given too much credit. Pirates BA failed as ACP actually won that time.

    Light Troops are pretty much the main BA guys.


  8. I hope you’re not being credited as a good reporter for copypasting 5000 words


    • I’m well aware Gordy, and I don’t intend to not give credit to proditor. I will also not count this as my own. I just felt like this has to be published for the world to see. I do plan to make a post based off this soon.


  9. I loved the bit about me.


    • Cas, the writing is outdated; it is a few months old. I apologize for this, and in the corrections I made in the updated version of this speech back at my site; I don’t sound that harsh of you.


  10. Actually, if you take the time to read it, that was some extremely interesting insight into the origins in some of our community. Through prod’s seemingly extremely accurate memory I’ve been able to learn a lot more about some armies in the distance from where I was when I was in armies in 2008. I never even knew all of this and was a bit confused as to where BA actually came from.

    On a side note, this seemed to be more of a biography of prod than a post on the origins of BA, and if you wanted to make it sheerly just about BA then I would suggest cutting a few bits at the start.

    But I found it all extremely interesting the same. Well done for writing so much! XD


  11. can someone summarize this post because I am not reading all of that


  12. Jake dont try to fucking frame me im the original Jake


  13. Well, I suppose the origins of BA were somewhat of a mystery to the community.

    Anyhow, thanks for re-posting this, bud. 😉 Hopefully it sheds some light on some other events in CP Warfare, too.


  14. I see some rather conspicuous typos in the original post I made, too. 😮


  15. LT might have won some more battles but they in no way rolled over ACP in 2012. You can say it was a stalemate at best. Stop trying to make things up. LT actually surrendered to ACP in like February.


  16. I had to hit replay on the song like 6 times.


  17. Interesting and very well-written, how come I haven’t seen you on xat lately Proditor?


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