Pirates: Alarm Clock Set Early?

Note: Interview added.

MIGRATOR- After more than a week in “sleep mode”, the former Top 3 army seems to be waking up earlier than expected.

The Pirates at their height during the March Madness.

Following their heroic defeat in the March Madness, the Club Penguin Pirate Army began to causally diminish in size, and although seeing a few upsurges in April, the army was cursed with  2 consecutive rebellions by two of CPPA’s former leaders. After a month of dwindling in and out of the Top Ten, the Pirates were officially declared “unofficially dead” by their leader Waterkid100 on May 31st, 2013.

Dear fellow pirates,
We are being un-officially dead.(…)for now we are rather in a “hibernation” or asleep until summer, or, never to return.

~Waterkid100, CPPA Captain

Nevertheless, many former troops were upset, even outraged by Waterkid’s decision as seen in the comments. Former leader Max43810 commented stating that the Pirates should be restarted with the so called “big three”, which consists of Max43810, Waterkid100 and Acefireken6. Unfortunately Waterkid responded to none of his requests.

However on June the 8th, Waterkid decided to hold an unscheduled meeting on CPPA’s chat, giving many some slight confusion on the point of the re-union.

It appeared that the meeting was in fact Water’s decision to recreate the Pirates, as he stated in his post the very next day:

As the Pirates have woken up from a deep sleep, it is time to plan. Here is what the plan is and how we can do it.

#1 – The Original Pirates / New Pirates

The ”Original” Pirates mean that you were in the Pirates before our sleep (May 21st 2013). If you are an original Pirates, then please make sure to be on chat so I can give you your previous rank. If however you’re NEW to the Pirates and looking for a rank, I will give you it once we have formed the original Pirates rank. It is just like the SS and the SA with Germany during Hitler’s era. The SS was Hitler’s must trusted police force while the SA was just an ordinary police force. In this case, the Original Pirates are like the ”SS” while the New Pirates relate to the ”SA” (not that we’re trying to act out as Nazi Germany, it’s just an example).

#2 – The Return Date

I guess the official awakening of the Pirates would be when we get the original Pirates back. I am hoping the Original Pirates will be able to get their ranks back before this Friday.

~Waterkid100, CPPA Captain

I decided to interview Waterkid to comprehend the reasons behind his actions.

I will be green.

Waterkid will be brown.

Why did you decide to awaken the Pirates early?

Because SWAT and LT are coming back. 

So are you saying the comeback has something to do with BA?

The comeback really doesn’t have a connection with BA.

Are you going to concentrate on the stability (asking the experienced troops to return) or or start fresh with new recruits?

Do both.

Do you have any army in mind you plan to strike or are you going to take it easy by “trecruiting” (training+recruiting)?


Alright Water. Any final comments/shout outs?

Go to atwar and play my game, my game is called “World War ll”.

Thank you for your time Waterkid.

It appears that Waterkid is concentrating on both the experienced and “n00bs” to re-join, possibly to gain back the army’s stability it used to have. With summer right around, it is possible that this attempt could emerge as a smart decision, maybe even getting their name back into the Top Ten. Then again, the chance that most of the old troops have either moved on or joined new armies is always lurking, which could cause massive difficulties in restarting the fragile army.

What do YOU think?  Will the Pirates along with the aid of summer be able to return to the top? Or is this a final and desperate attempt by Waterkid to restore the Pirates to its former glory? Comment with YOUR opinion!

~Yeasy, CPAC reporter and philosopher

27 Responses

  1. Also I would like to note I was going to interview Water, but he went afk before I began. Once I get ahold of him I will include an interview.


  2. 2nd! Cool post. *wary*


  3. Nice post! I think CPPA will keep building up until they secure a good position on the Top Ten.


  4. Interesting.


  5. Using the Waffen SS as an example of your army’s workings on a post intended to recruit people = very bad idea.


  6. facedesk


  7. You requested grading, so here we go.

    Overall, this is a decent post, but there are a few things you need to work on. The interview is where your problem is. First off, just because the person you’re interviewing uses bad grammar doesn’t mean you shouldn’t correct their grammar when making a post. Also, don’t do that thing you did where you linked the YouTube video Water linked. I get it’s relevant to the interview, but all it really does it make the post look crappy. Finally, I know many other reporters use the same interview format that you do, but I would prefer if you use the format Blue2 or myself uses. Read one of our post for more on that.

    Something like an 6-7/10. A pretty decent post, just fix up those things.


  8. Can people stop putting the armies biggest size the army got at the top of the post? I gives me a heart attack thinking all of these armies are back, when its just a post about the rebuilding.


  9. Big three? Yeah Max, you three leaders were all equally iconic.


  10. annnd the legacy is ruined


  11. Heroic defeat. I think i remember that event. Hehehe


  12. Water kid……. Just get outttt and stop remaking your army. If you’re gonna kill it KILL IT. If you’re gonna rebuild it KEEP IT ALIVE ffs. Oh, and two of said big three are in the nachos 😀


    • ^ This.

      Pirates have did nothing note worthy ever since that CPAC battle. In fact, in the last two months or so they have only had 4 or 5 events.

      Not sure why people are making a big deal out of them returning, because we all know Waterkid will just give up after an hour, and then repeat the same process a week later.

      Waterkid really isn’t all that, most of them time Pirates were low in the top 10, and only a select few times did they ever reach the top 5. They’ve never hit first as far as I am aware.

      Old news.


  13. AHHH boobs


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