SATIRE: Profanity Exclusive Special Edition


Senior Correspondent Zak has been sent to Afrika to scout out the Ancient Order of the Bots. Actually, Bluesockwa sent him for some more whiskey. Whatever the case, until he comes back with information, let’s just wing it like Colbert.


First off, whoever the HELL is uploading like 500 pictures of this man to CPAC should KNOCK IT THE !@#$ OFF. Thank you very much, America. I have a feeling it was Bluesockwa2, but none the less.

BLUE2: Well unfortunately, he’s right about there being like 10 pages of the following in our media library…


…but it quite obviously wasn’t me. MONSOONNNNNNNNNNNNN-



bannerfans_7802151 (2)

This month is National Screw the Bots Month, so let’s be a little FESTIVE!

screw the bots

Armies all over have been invaded and raided by multiple bot holders, including the recent scandals including Dom, who was pretty much scared shitless and escorted out of the community with his head on a stick……oh wrong person? Okay, whatever, everyone hates him. Leave it at that.

But even the allmighty ACP can’t hide from bots for too long apparently, as all armies have been frustrated with bots over the past month or so.

Let’s go to the Weather with Bep, Bep?


Let’s cut to a commercial instead shall we?




With bots invading every single event, whether CPAC based or even just between two smaller armies, its getting harder and harder to pinpoint it on one single source. Or seven. Or twelve. There’s a lot of them is what we’ve been told, am I right Bep? Bep?


Okay then.


bannerfans_7802151 (1)

It should be obvious what this week’s scandal is.


Here we have one of the former Bot controllers openly admitting to using bots and planning to raid the final tourney. Dat sounds like a scandal to Riot. Anywayz.

tumblr_ma2r6uCspy1rsozjyo1_500 - Copy

Legit theres like 500 pictures of this man uploaded in that takes up like 4 pages of the uploaded pictures and its getting irritating.

Last Profanity Exclusive the comments were funnier then the post. Oagalthorp, comment again please as last time you started one of the mopst HILARIOUS burn comment chain in CPAC History against yourself. Please. Anyways, #ForTehLulz #StahpDeBotz #FunksSux

22 Responses

  1. LOL, make me laugh every time xD


  2. Definitely not Monsoon uploading those…

    I love these posts.


  3. It should have been year of the butt face.


  4. *Africa


  5. I guess I must be from another planet, since I still do not understand what’s so funny here. Oh wait, I’m from Europe…………………………..


  6. I barley understood this but itys funny since its so random


  7. This post was wayy funnier than the last satire post! Haha xD Also, I’m not the one uploading 500 pictures of some man too lol


  8. 9/11 was bad


  9. That picture describes me so well right now…


  10. More news on the bots I found out.


  11. More news on bots that I found out


  12. I completely lost it at the commercial, I’m considering you a god Riot.


  13. You forgot to mention how Gyllenhaal and his luscious face attacked ACP chat.


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