SATIRE: Are Nachos Co-Developing New Halo?

Hello CPAC readers!

This is Weatherboy1 with a special report! Yesterday at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Microsoft announced a new Halo game in their exclusive franchise. However, industry experts are now suspecting that the Nachos of Club penguin, are co-developing the Halo game!

As noted in the trailer, Masterchief (the main character from nearly all the halo games), is apparently wearing a poncho and sombrero as this amazing picture came onto the internet.

Credit goes to an unknown Cheeseburger user

Now apparently changing the franchise name to “hola” the Nachos are rumored to be helping 343 Industries (developers of Halo 4 and the upcoming title). Nachos have neither confirmed or deny this rumor, despite their obvious work on the game. CPAC tried to get a comment out of 343 Industries, but were unable to comment, due to Microsoft yelling at them to work faster so they can get the title to be a launch title, hoping to help fix the controversy over the Xbox one’s, DRM, Privacy, and Used games.

Today I did manage to get a few of Hola’s developers to come interview. We have exclusive interviews from Hola’s developers, Beeky, Ads, and Iron.Wubs (AKA Shiver)






Expect more up to date info on this story!

Weatherboy1~ “I was bored”

15 Responses

  1. lmao.


  2. It is true. Puckley spent his whole allowance money on the production.


  3. WAIT will the HOLA be compatible with the new consoles?


  4. puckley can’t take any calls right now, hes busy dealing with all the noobs begging for recon


  5. rofl


  6. Remember when CPAC was about news?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers.

    Funny post though.


  7. Whoa lol, that’s cool 😀 I can only imagine what it’d be like… Awesome! Great post by the way.


  8. Can’t wait! LOL


  9. puckey, please make it so that the “charge with assault rife then spam melee button” strategy isnt so over used ^_^


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