Army Warfare League Results: 3rd Series

Hey CPAC! Luc here with the results of the 3rd Series of the Army Warfare League. The top eight armies will now move on to the Playoffs. 

Army Republic vs. Dark Warriors

[For the Red Conference North Title]

Victor: Dark Warriors


Watex Warriors vs. Pretzels

[For the Red Conference South Title]

Victor: Watex Warriors


Global Defenders vs. Sky Republic

Victor: Global Defenders


Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Dolphins

Victor: Rebel Penguin Federation


Dark Champions vs. Night Divers

Victor: Night Divers


Nachos vs. Water Vikings

Victor: Nachos


Sunday, June 9th


Ice Warriors vs. The Federation

Victor: Ice Warriors


Chaos vs. Rangers of Yeti

Victor: Chaos


Fire Warriors vs. Special Weapons & Tactics

Victor: None


Hot Sauce Army vs. Metal Warriors

Victor: None


Frost Squad vs. Water Penguins

Victor: None


Shadow Troops vs. Underground Mafias Army

Victor: Shadow Troops

There are the results of the 3rd Series. A post revealing the eight armies moving onto the finals will be released soon.



-█Lucario564█[★CPAC Snack Manager/Associate Producer★]

8 Responses

  1. FIRSSTTASSDGYJSEF, go watex warriors go watex warriorsssss


  2. We won again :mrgreen: Nachos FTW! (:


  3. Jesus Christ… CPAC still doesn’t understand that AR dropped out 2 weeks before these battles..


    • If that had been the case, you wouldn’t have fought in the 2nd Series battle which was fought a week ago.


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