Top Ten Armies: 06/09/13

EDIT: 1:10 PM EST – Tied Federation and Ice Warriors. 

As many armies hit the ground, here’s another Top Ten. We can only hope that as summer comes, many more will rise. 

Top Ten Armies


1. Nachos [+0] [78.88]

2. Army of CP [+1] [76.88]

3T. Army Republic [-1] [73.75]

3T. Water Vikings [+2] [73.75]

5. Rebel Penguin Federation [-1] [68.16] 

6T. The Federation [+2] [65.88] 

6T. Ice Warriors [+0] [65.88] 

8. Doritos [NEW!] [59.75]

 9. Elite Penguin Troops [NEW!] [57.88]

10. Shadow Troops [+0] [52.16]


Close to the Top Ten: 

11. Night Divers [+0] 

12. Watex Warriors [+2] 

13. Chaos Army [NEW!] 

14. Dark Champions [+1] 

15. N/A


Notable Drops


Dark Warriors [Former: 6] [No Pictures]

Hot Sauce Army [Former: 9] [Dead]

Dolphins [Former: 12] [Dead]

Pretzels [Former: 14] [Dead]


1. Nachos [+0]: The Nachos spend another week at the Top, after a fairly even week all over armies. They started the week with a training session, maxing 27, then announced a YouTube channel and maxed 17 at a UK Training. A mediocre US Recruiting saw sizes of 18, and then Nachos went on to yesterday’s much anticipated AWL Battle versus the Water Vikings, and while the Nachos were declared the victors with a max of about 28, it is likely both armies will move on due to WV’s 2-1 record. Nachos retain their spot at first this week.

2. Army of CP [+1]ACP started off the week with their first battle in their war against the Federation where they averaged 20 and maxed 25 troops.  The next day they invaded Bubblegum from the Federation with a troop count of 15+.  ACP invaded Ice Shelf the next day averaging 20 in sizes, with the Federation not showing up to the battle.  With no servers left, the Federation surrendered the war to ACP.  ACP finished off the week with a practice battle against IW, in which they averaged 20 and maxed 23.

3T. Army Republic [-1]: AR take a slight fall this week to tie with the Water Vikings for third. They began the week with an Aus-Asian training session, which maxed about 4 and was raided by bots. After this, their goodbye event for former owner Theory saw a max of 16. Two UK events maxed at about 10 and then a whopping 25, and then another UK ‘Bombing Session’ maxed at 23. Finally, AR ended the week with a training session maxing 10 and an Aus-Asian event maxing 5. AR comes in tied for third this week.


3T. Water Vikings [+2]: WV is rising farther than ever expected, tying with AR for third this week. They maxed 18 at a PB against the Dark Warriors, and then 25 at an unscheduled raid of Tuxedo. Then, at the AWL battle, WV maxed 25, and though they were defeated by the Nachos, are still projected to move on to the next round. EPT has also recently declared war on them, and they are preparing for a week of defenses. WV comes in tied for third this week.

wv ftw

5. Rebel Penguin Federation [-1]: The legendary RPF prove that they are not so much of a one-time wonder, and remain in the Top 5 even after a fall this week. They maxed 18 at two early events, then 25 and 13 at two more training events. They dropped the server Parka, giving it to the Shadow Troops, who already list it as a Co-Capital. RPF then defeated the no-show Dolphins in the AWL, maxing 18. RPF come in at fifth this week.

6T. The Federation [+2]: The CP Federation is also rising this week, after a crushing defeat at the hands of the ACP. They were defeated early in the week at the Battle of Breeze, with max sizes of 23. As their ownership quickly collapses with the retirement of two leaders, the Federation is set to face the IW today in the AWL. Federation scrapes by at sixth this week, largely because of other armies’ falls.

6T. Ice Warriors [+0]: IW survive at 6th after a slow week. They had three training sessions; a US, maxing 20, a UK maxing 13, and an Aus-Asian, maxing 4. They are preparing for their battle today in the AWL against the Federation. IW come in at sixth this week.


8. Doritos [NEW!]: DCP is back in the Top Ten this week, following a spur-of-the-moment training session that maxed 21 and convinced the leaders to get to work. They then took back their former capital Slushy with sizes of 20, and are planning many training events this week. DCP comes in at eighth.


9. Elite Penguin Troops [NEW!]: EPT are back with their official reopening this week. They maxed 15 at their comeback event, then 20+ at an unscheduled event. They have declared war on the Water Vikings, and invasions will continue throughout the week. EPT comes in at ninth this week.

10. Shadow Troops [+0]: ST are holding steady at tenth this week, as others begin to surpass them. They had but one event, maxing 15, and have seen several leaders retire as the army begins to collapse. ST come in at tenth this week.



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60 Responses

  1. I wrote this very quickly, so it’s a bit sloppy at parts. Once the AWL battles end for the day I’ll fix all that up.


  2. 2nd Motha Fucka


  3. ACP should be 1t. Jkjk


  4. Tied with AR? Lolwut


  5. Hi, I am the current leader of ST. So far blue is right, ST might fall. Yet we have lots of members who won’t let that happen- Ninjitsu Sir


  6. I’m happy with WV getting third but I honestly think we should be second but nice job WV<3


  7. You should all join Ranger Troops. Help make a difference in the Club Penguin Army Community. Led by Jason, former HSA leader, Paco, the co-creator of the army, and yours truly, me! Lord West. Hell, don’t sit in a shell. It’s time to rhyme to get you to join. Join us or die. Ok don’t die, just join us!


  8. Federation finishes thier life in 6th and moves into the top three WV. Promising for the WV.


  9. Yo nice top ten B2


  10. Yo nice top ten B2


  11. I knew WV would be top 3.


  12. Go ACP.


  13. Cool


  14. Sockwa why you cheat me and Meta from having first comments right now dude O3O


  15. bias acp should be first




  17. We da best trololol 😛
    Nice top 10! I’m impressed with ACP and WV (:
    Sad to not see HSA in it.


  18. Pain vs WV, Yeah I think WV will win.


  19. i’m sick and tired of everyone saying WV totally deserves second My reply:u get wut u get and u dont throw a fit. 2.WV saying they’re tied with AR lolwut?My Reply:AR has been through a lot this week and they pulled through.3.Just wanna say it was sad to see HSA go 😦


  20. I created a Top 3 army
    I’m proud of myself


  21. Congrats to all the armies in the Top Ten.


  22. Ioioluk is the n***** of the Club Penguin Armies right now


  23. All the armies I hate end up dying or merging… Guys don’t be alarmed, but I think I may be Jesus.


  24. This is the pic that which l posted on it. But Flo deleted it, so here’s here the pic. Thxs.


  25. Yay! Thank you for second. :mrgreen:


  26. Bias. WV description should be above AR description.


  27. Like

  28. Join Doritos Of Club Penguin Today What Now 😀


  29. And Army Republic With The Water Vikings Alrighty Now 😀


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