Federation Merge into Water Vikings

Ice Shelf- The army known as, Federation have ended their generation and merged into, Water Vikings. 

The Federation ended their generation and merged with the top 3 army, Water Vikings. The Federation got one last look on the top 10 and placed a nice spot at 6th with sizes of 15+. The WV are really looking for a size growth now and this merge should be a big help to them.

Federation with 15+

The Federation leader, Funks said that the #6th spot was the highest they could get and he ended the army because he knew they would fall and he wanted to end them before they did. The Water Vikings should be grateful of this merge because they can probably get even better sizes now. They proved to do good at a recent event.


After an hour of the merge, the Water Vikings decided to go on EPT’s capitol server, which they were able to max a size of 20+ with great tactics, while the EPT had exactly the same size and great tactics. This raid ended up turning into a war shortly after, so the merge will surely give WV an upper-hand in this new war.

WV with 20+

This is the WV during the raid on EPT’s capitol. They clearly had a size of 20+ and great tactics. This was actually an unscheduled raid, so it clearly went successful for the WV and also for the EPT. The EPT were not happy though, and declared war.


The WV leadership has really grown also with now 6 leaders, wonder how they work with around 6 leaders. The leadership is pretty experienced and active, so it does not seem to bad. After EPT declared war, WV threw some of their own invasions in to spice it up. The EPT are a returning army and WV been here a while and the size is way different from each other if you look at other events. The WV look to be a winner and definitely with the Federation merging at a good time.

The WV should be looking at a good UK force now, since Federation had a good UK force and the Federation I believe had an Aus/Asian force, as what I saw on ranks.

Well, this ends my post. What do you think, will Water Vikings grow with this merge or will it show no results? Until next time, see ya!


32 Responses

  1. Actually, EPT declared war, and then WV decided to raid them.


  2. Nice post, just that we were at war before the Raid :p


  3. This post had so much opinion if I could delete it I would.


  4. EPT only had 10+. That post was later, because WV totally humiliated them.


  5. Clear bias.


  6. Nice post. I made a post about this as well, but I hadn’t realised that you already made a post about it, so mine got deleted, but oh well, I have to admit yours is better than mine, so yeah, good job (y)


  7. Most times when there’s a merge between two large armies the people from the army that merged end up being inactive/leaving so I think they’ll grow, but not because of the merge.


  8. Why is dx leader of ept while freezie is leading wv?


  9. LMFAO. Rabbit 2 – Taco 0


  10. Nice post


  11. Eh, Federation was pretty down and out when they merged. I don’t think there will be any growth of soldiers.


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