Practice Battle: ACP vs. Ice Warriors

Vanilla- Two close allies, Ice Warriors and ACP dueled out in another practice battle, which ended in another win for one of these armies.

The ACP and IW dueled out in another practice battle with the same winner being the ACP. The ACP had 20-25, while the IW had 10+. It was a clear result for a win to the ACP. The IW did not post any pictures from the practice battle, so I must work with ACP’s pictures.

ACP and IW at mine.

As you can see ACP with 20-25 and IW with 10 in the picture. The IW and ACP both had decent lines and i I had IW’s pictures I could say if they had good tactics. The IW just wanted to end it fast and it was fast, indeed.


The last practice battle with the ACP and IW almost ended almost similar from each other. In their last practice battle IW had 9 and ACP with 25. I was not sure if both of these practice battles were UK or US, since IW has many divisions and US seems to be a good one. I think the practice battle must of been a UK event, but it was on the weekend, so it was almost likely for US and UK.

Another picture of the practice battle

IW surrenders.

Here is another picture of IW and ACP with no difference. The IW leader, Albert just wanted to put a stop to it, since it was not a good event for IW definitely with these sizes. The IW have not posted any results still, so I am guessing they just do not want to since it was not good or it is going to be a late post. The IW seem to keep on recruiting and just compete in the AWL tournament, which they are doing pretty good and their next opponent to face is, Federation. The ACP are just chilling out for a little as it seems.

Nothing else seems to be going on in both armies, so I guess they are going to be themselves for a while now. The IW are aiming for better events since they have been taking a fall lately, which they hope does not affect them too bad. They are also teaching new recruits on how to get promoted.  

Well, this ends a post that was not stolen from me this time. Until next time, see ya!

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  1. 2nd. That is a normal thing to have pbs with your allies, but anyways, this post is too obvious as I read.


  2. you didn’t mention anything about the bots


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