War is Over: ACP v. Federation

acp vs feds

Breeze- After 4 days of fighting, ACP and The Federation have ended their war. Only 3 battles were fought and ACP won them all with the Federation surrendering all 3. This week has been hard fought between all three parties involved. ACP, The Feds, and the Bots.

On June 2nd, 2013 Leader Mchappy aka Icey Cold27 made this POST declaring war on the Federation of Club Penguin, whom at the time was 10th in the top ten. The reasons behind the war were simple. Get back at the Federation for stealing troops. Now these guys were at the advantage compared to other armies when it came to recruiting from ACP.  As seen in the Picture posted, Many high ranks in the Federation are current r former ACP with their leader a retired ACP leader. Mchappy didn’t like that and declared war for that and the reason to show ACP was not the dead army they were in their last war.

June 2nd, Breeze-The Federation decided to have a first attack against ACP. Though not an invasion the event was in favor of the Feds with sizes of 18 to 15 in a small raid. Nothing much here for a raid usually affects morale more than anything and due to the close sizes it appears to have had no difference in ACP’s morale. It did get the Feds ready for what they planned to be a long war.

June 3rd, Breeze- The Federation attacked  with sizes of 13-14. Issues with the troops on Feds chat lead to them having low sizes especially when fighting moved to the Fire Dojo. Both sides agreed to have Edd from Nachos be the unbiased judge and he gave size and tactics to ACP, but organization to the Feds. ACP, according to Edd, averaged 20 and maxed 25.  A rumor was going around that the Watex Warriors assisted the ACP, probably due to the presence of Lucario at the battle but was trounced when the leaders were questioned about it. More detailed report HERE!

June 4th, Bubblegum- ACP invaded Bubblegum from the Federation. This battle should have been a very good battle but Bots invaded and screwed up both sides. ACP averaged around 13 while the Federation averaged 8. The bots were in Purple and Yellow and averaged 18. Many times the battle had to be moved because of them and many times they switched. They went from the Berg, to Town, to the Pool, to the Dock, and finally to the EPF command Room. The room switching disrupted both sides but the Feds suffered more than ACP.  22 minutes into battle Funks surrendered Bubblegum to ACP.

June 5th, Ice Shelf- The final battle of the war, ACP went onto Ice Shelf with the odds against them. Before the battle, all the owners were offline or had to go due to personal lives and it was up to Cas and Monsoon, A couple of mod ranks, to lead the battle. The size was 15-20 with opponents being 9 bots operated by someone. The won Ice Shelf with no opposition from the Federation at all.

Both armies are fighting IW this weekend with ACP having a PB and the Feds for the tournament.

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  1. 2nd and good post.


  2. 3rd and nice post.


  3. A new one shall begin!


  4. You also left out the raid of Ice Shelf a day before the war (since you counted Federation’s raid, in which ACP kicked butt once I logged on).


  5. The poll is outdated, and nice post!


  6. whos federation they sound dumb


  7. STOP

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