The End for the Metal Warriors

MOUNTAIN — Just as the Hot Sauce Army was declared dead on June 5, 2013, the Metal Warriors have been dead for exactly a week now.  Their last active day being May 30, 2013.

Metal Warriors, the first Croatian army ever to be known in the history of this community, was shut down by creator and leader Lenco on May 30, 2013.  The army was created on July 22, 2010, being only a mere two months away from celebrating three years of success as the only known Croatian-based army.

The army has been featured in many top tens here at CPAC, mostly for reaching the rank of sixth or lower.  Despite their lack of events, their sizes were astonishing and they were an army loved by many.  MW first became known after being featured in a top ten at SMAC, which gave them a huge boost, and lead them to further opportunities.  Soon the army would be receiving global attention (in the community), and they would participate in multiple tournaments hosted by various news sites.

Here you can find the full post made by Lenco:

Here, after 3 years, that day finally came. The day of the death of Metal Warriors. We already kinda died, but it was not anything big. This is permanent.

We started off as a very small and weak army, then we Became stronger and stronger, and U.S. leaders Became better and experienced. We did something unthinkable, an army from Croatia in Which there are not so many Club Penguin players Became one of the most famous and strongest Armies in the entire Club Penguin Warfare. There were always Those Who criticised us and made fun of us, but that only made us stronger. We showed that even we are small, we can do alot. Not just that we showed the world that we can do it, but we made them to know that we exist because lets be honest 90% of troops from other Armies never heard of our country before we came around.

Unfortunately, bridge players from Croatia got bored with Club Penguin warfare and that’s the reason why I am closing Metal Warriors. I am glad I introduced Club Penguin Warfare to English players because it was totally unknown to them. I hope you will join some other army and continue your carrier in the Club Penguin Armies.

If anyone wishes some day to really recreate this legendary army, they will have to ask for my permission first.

Thank You for all memories and Numerous wins in these three years! We won on many tourneys, we even won the title of the best medium army of 2012 and I got the title of a legend and the best medium army leader of the 2012th

Till next time …

As seen by the writing, it appeared to be a very difficult post for Lenco to publish.  They were scheduled to have a training session on the nineteenth, but nobody had showed up (possibly resulting in the demise of the army).  Below there is a picture of their very last event, although these are not major army sizes, they still hold the potential to fluctuate into something bigger.

Personally I would like the army to see another generation reborn, this time lead by a well known American or European leader.  It’d be interesting to see how well the army would do, or how far they could make it.  As armies continue to progress into summer, the Metal Warriors have decided to end their final chapter in a legendary book.  Unfortunately there was no one online for an interview.

What do YOU think?  Will the MW create a second generation?  Let us know in the comments below!

~Vice President, Mchappy

22 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:


  2. Nice post


  3. There’ll be a 2nd gen this summer probably.


  4. MW always will be a great army. RIP MW.


  5. RIP MW you made history.


  6. 3 armies have died within one week.


  7. Awww bye MW. It was the only army based on a country not USA, UK or AUS. R.I.P, we will miss you


  8. The Metal Warriors were a good army, R.I.P




  10. Thank you everybody and especially thank you McHappy for doing the post!


  11. Look guys, the news is back.


  12. Big shame, we’ve lost the best non-british/american army in history. They reached the top 5 and set records alike. Almost everyone in this army was Croatian and they somehow recruited so many Croatians, despite them being based on English servers. I congratulate all of the leaders involved in this army, especially Lenco who should be considered for legend status for doing such a hard task. With limited resources and no Croatian place to recruit, he bought a Croatian army into the top five.

    They will be remembered for this.


  13. I don’t know you hah


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