Army Warfare League Results: 2nd Series

Note: This is NOT an Elimination Bracket

Día Dúit, apologies for the delayed post but there has been a lot happening with the AWL in the past few days (change of host etc.) but we’re happy to tell you that the Week 3 times will be out very soon. Anyway, for the results of Week 2 please read on..

Pretzels v. Sky Republic

Victor: Pretzels


Shadow Troops v. Watex Warriors

Victor: Shadow Troops


Underground Mafias Army v. Water Penguins

Victor: Underground Mafias Army


Ice Warriors v. Global Defenders

Victor: Ice Warriors


Chaos v. Frost Squad

Victor: Chaos


Army Republic v. Federation

Victor: TIE (Counts as 1 Win for Each)


Special Weapons & Tactics vs. Night Divers

Victor: Night Divers


Dolphins vs. Dark Champions

Victor: No-Show (Counts as 1 Loss for Each)


Nachos vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

Victor: Nachos


Dark Warriors vs. Metal Warriors

Victor: Dark Warriors


Water Vikings vs. Rangers of Yeti

Victor: Water Vikings


Hot Sauce Army vs. Fire Warriors

Victor: Hot Sauce Army


DIVISIONS: (X-Clinched Playoff Berth, Y-Clinched Division, Z-Clinched First-Round Bye)

Red Conference North

  1. Army Republic 2-0
  2. Dark Warriors 2-0
  3. Sky Republic 0-2
  4. Metal Warriors 0-2

Red Conference Central

  1. Fire Warriors 1-1
  2. Rangers of Yeti 1-1
  3. Chaos 1-1
  4. Hot Sauce Army 1-1

Red Conference South

  1. Pretzels 2-0
  2. Watex Warriors 1-1
  3. Global Defenders 0-2
  4. Special Weapons & Tactics 0-2

Blue Conference North

  1. Nachos 2-0
  2. Water Vikings 2-0
  3. Rebel Penguin Federation 1-1
  4. Dark Champions 0-2

Blue Conference Central

  1. The Federation 2-0
  2. Dolphins 0-2
  3. Night Divers 1-1
  4. Ice Warriors 1-1

Blue Conference South

  1. Shadow Troops 2-0
  2. Frost Squad 0-2
  3. Underground Mafias Army 1-1
  4. Water Penguins 0-2


-█Lucario564█[★CPAC Snack Manager/Associate Producer★]

11 Responses

  1. FIRST!


  2. Second. U-mad-bro


  3. Third. And hai XD


  4. can you space the results?


  5. Its 1-1 Sky Repub lost to PCP and won to Frost Sqaud


  6. Republic*


  7. Actually Fari, both armies didn’t show


  8. HSA DEAD!


    FW DEAD!


    AR QUIT!

    Awesome tournament guise!!!!!


  9. Yay we won the last match :mrgreen: Nachos ftw xD


  10. Are you talking about the Washington Nationals in 2012?


  11. I think we all know who the winner is going to be now.


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