Battle of Bubblegum- Disruption of Bots

Bubblegum, now ACP Empire- As ACP and The Federation log on for their second battle of the war, their event is disrupted just minutes into the start.

At around 19:28 GMT both armies started logging onto Bubblegum and at around 19:30 GMT, when the battle was scheduled to officially start the bots entered the room. The bots appeared for a few seconds and then disappeared for another few and then finally came back.



The bots seem to be controlled be user named ‘Thirteen37’. Both armies came to the decision to move rooms from the Berg to the Pool, where they were to carry out the rest of their battle. However, unsurprisingly, the bots showed up. After a few minutes in the Pool both armies again decided to move room. This time, inspired by a recent CPAC Post which included this idea, the battle was to be moved to the EPF Room where bots cannot get access into due to their young CP Age.


EPF Room

This room change affected Federations sizes the most. They dropped to maxing about 7, while ACP maxed around 17 compared to the Berg where Federation averaged 8. They continued their fighting in the EPF Room until about 19:45 GMT when they moved to the Docks, only to find that the Bots followed them there.



ACPs size dropped to maxing 12 while Federation maxed 7. Jessie, Qwerty’s sister, said ‘You guys are stupid, you know nothing about what’s going on with the bots’ and when asked if her brother owned the bots at today’s event she replied, ‘No, It’s Mattg. I deleted my brothers bots’. Qwerty has been the main suspect recently of the whole bot scandal. After about 22 minutes into the event Kingufunks, Federation Leader, surrendered giving ACP the victory and Bubblegum.



13 Responses

  1. 1 mistake, Sierra Tango is the Nato Phonetic Alphabet, not morse code which is like ._…___…..__…_. Otherwise, good post


  2. Last para removed<3


  3. admins, you need to update the ‘Live Updates’ now. It’s outdated.


  4. But… ACP won!


  5. I own the bots program, And its pretty funny to see u think that its qwerty


  6. I actually kind of find the whole bots thing both frustrating and hilarious.


  7. I’m Numberguy678. Actually I think it’s Talan Haze. He has the same items as the bots O_O


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